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Share advice about how to be more environmentally friendly, or news about what Qatar is doing to be more green.

  1. Is Global Warming Real?

    When fossil fuels are bunt, CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) gets released into the atmosphere. Nature steps in with its role. Plant and ocean waters gather this CO2. Plants through the process of photosynthesis absorb the CO2 gases and release oxygen into the atmosphere.

  2. Eid with the Qatar Off Roaders

    Does the idea of camping along the beach side with some piping hot barbecue and a refreshing dip in the sea, sound captivating?

    Then, you should join the Qatar Off Roaders this Eid for, this is exactly how they are planning to spend their Eid holidays.

  3. Social Groups in Qatar

    I was looking for a some social groups in Qatar. Do you know or can you help to list out the number of groups in Qatar. Also if the group allows Indians ?

    Thank you in advance.


  4. Saw palmetto


    This is a health related topic.

    Does any one know/have contacts of herbal medicine shops which I can get Saw Palmetto extract in Qatar?