The best places of Qatar

Have traveled a lot for finding some awesome places in Qatar....Here are pictures of some of the best places........ :)


but its much better if you can give us a brief description and the place so that we can visit as well. Thanks for posting

excellent photography...but the places look like as in 15th century :)

Very nice!

Nice man....tell us where exactly are these places us zikreet ya,the others?

The small fort like structure is Zubarrah. And there are lots of Mangroves around.

And I can see the Zekreet film city too.

where is it..please?

looks very nice might go and check those places myself...

where is these mangroves? like to go there!


Yeah just like the others, hope there was a caption at each picture to where this is. It's nice to discover different places and it's a matter how you take a picture of the place to make it really memorable in your case nice shots! =) I'd ride camels for once, just for experience. hahaha

jz. jz.

nice pics man...

could anyone tell the location of these photos... obviously it is inside qatar... :)

jz. jz.

would hav been nice to know where xactly these places are in qatar...

It would be very good if the places are marked on a map...

wow... Qatar is very beautiful??? in those....

wud like 2 know were those places r!!! excellent photos... gud work...


Where is that green place?

wow Really nice photos. Thanks for sharing.

Why aren't there any humans in the best places in Qatar except that little kid in one of them.

well i could give the description first and all photos had to be uploaded there ws no option for giving each pic a caption and discription :)...

and thanks for the valuable comments :)

excellent photography!!!! by the way i am sure that mangrove photos are from the purple island just after al khor housing community

well thnx....and nope...the mangroves are not from

purple island.....

its from dakhira........natural reserve..:)

..u did a great job dude! HOPE U CAN TAKE ME THERE and witness this all beautiful places in QATAR! unique!

whr is d location of 6th and 7th pics?

well....6TH and 7th picz are taken from

dakhira natural reserve....

its after al khor..and its hard to reach that place

u need to drive a lil ...offroad :)

1st pic-Purple island [aftr al khor]

2nd pic-Zubara fort

3rd pic- on the way to dakhira ..:D

4th pic- Al gariah

5th pic -Zekreet

6th pic- Dakhira natural reserve...

7th pic- Dakhira natural reserve

8th pic- Dakhira natural reserve

9th pic- Zekreet

10th pic- Zekreet

11th pic- Zekreet

12th pic- Ras abrook[after dukhan]

13th pic-Ras abrook

14,15,16th pic- Zekreet film city

17th pic- dakhira

18th pic-AL khor


all places I visited except Film City. Becoz, I don't have 4WD.

All pictures are really nice and excellent..

Where is it Dakhira ??

Nice photos. Thanks for explaining where each one is. I just have one question, what is Purple Island? Is it actually an island? Do you need a boat to get there?

you can reach the film city with sedan, been there before with Nissan Tiida with the help of mobile GPS

really the best pics i have seen from qatar apart from corniche

Con- Dakhira is birth place of Shakira !!

Very nice place. I have to visit these places on December. Do we need to pre-arrange the visit to Dhakira Natural Reserve?

To follow up on some of the comments:

1) You do not need to arrange to go to Dakhira Reserve. If no 4x4, park up and walk to see the mangroves.

2) I would not advise anyone to go to film city without a 4x4. The route is more rock than sand. It will damage a sedan/saloon as the suspension is not designed to take that sort of punishment!

great pictures...

awaken the tourism board

Beautiful pics! Thanks for listing the locations as well.

thank you all...for the comments :)

i think that mangrove in ALKHOR. Fantastic

very nice photo and really there is many amazing place in qatar

Excellent.. Dakhira Natural reserve looks great..

..:)...fkkin awesum picz my dear brother...:)..luv all of dem.!!

I love to travel.....and some of the place u visit....

u didn't put "Fuwairid's Pic" here....dear...have u been there...Haris....

well best of luck to you....and wishing you for your next trip and expecting more picture and new place....

nice snaps.. there are more places to explore in Qatar

very very good photography :) i am amazed to see these places :)

You’re indeed a gifted photographer and appreciated a lot those photos you have shared

Marvelous c',)

all ur snaps are breathtaking...i love it! now who says DOHA is a boring country...all they have to do is explore it!

Fantabulous..... I've been to almost all of the places & believe me, all of these are worth visiting. Thanks for sharing... You had excellent shots there :-)

muthe u rokk

i joined 2day nd dis is de 1st post

proud of u mhan...

by the way dint u bring dis album 2 class

mabrook! this is truly amazing! bravo!

art of beauty.. wow..

betty shall be stalked : LM

fill in the blanks..betty

i wanna see it by me eyes...Enchanting to behold though!

close ur eyes and see....says love machine

u'r gettin hot! LMAO

Very nice pic

Where these places located? Give location and direction how to go.

Thank you for the photos, they were stunning!

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Where are the pics ? provide link

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