Earthquake Today

Did anybody notice earthquake today 30th March 2012 between 5:30pm to 6:00pm in Qatar, followed by sandstorm & rain ? I felt so when I was in Aspire zone.


No. What actually made you feel like one ?
To be very precise between 5:40pm to 5:50pm
Were you sitting on ground or wailking ?
I think you must be mistaken. If it had occurred , then it would have been on the news and there would have been a dozen threads on QL :O)
I didn't notice it
These quakes are at UTC time close to one I felt First Magnitude mb 4.6 Region VERACRUZ, MEXICO Date time 2012-03-30 14:38:58.0 UTC Location 17.81 N ; 94.35 W Depth 174 km Distances 431 km E Puebla (pop 1,392,099 ; local time 08:38:58.7 2012-03-30) 26 km SE Minatitlán (pop 150,895 ; local time 08:38:58.7 2012-03-30) 29 km S Nanchital (pop 25,982 ; local time 08:38:58.7 2012-03-30) Global view Source parameters not yet reviewed by a seismologist More information at: USGS/NEIC Denver, USA Second Magnitude ML 2.6 Region EASTERN TURKEY Date time 2012-03-30 14:49:50.7 UTC Location 39.15 N ; 42.28 E Depth 10 km Distances 223 km SW Yerevan (pop 1,093,485 ; local time 19:49:50.7 2012-03-30) 120 km SE Erzurum (pop 420,691 ; local time 17:49:50.7 2012-03-30) 6 km N Bulanik (pop 31,430 ; local time 17:49:50.7 2012-03-30)
Perhaps you are right. I was with a friend and she said that "Earth moved for her" :O)
Perhaps you are right. I was with a friend and she said that "Earth moved for her" :O)
I was Watching TV at that Time, Didn't Noticed as well... All of a Sudden Windows started to Rattle, by Sand Storm/Heavy Winds & Then Rain, which is still pouring down over Doha and the Surroundings....
what you experienced .. your body swaying or what ? For how many seconds ... ?
... you felt hungry immediately after your discovery ?
u must have saw how much ur wife has spend in villagio....... and u felt happened to my husband all the time :-).... jokes apart...i dont think so....
Maybe a Landcruiser with an arab school boy passed through your street.. :-) :-(
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