Fastest Internet Ever

Fastest Internet Ever


When did they install it in your house?!

last Thursday...its very powerful

which area do you live in ?!

I have the black box in my house , they came and installed , but they didnt come second time to activate it , can you tell me how it works ? with the installation

Interesting.. Why does it not say Q-tel but?

to my understanding they will call you again for connection.


Also the test location is less than 50 miles away from Stockholm. When did Doha shift that close to Stockholm? The Date is also a horrible giveaway. Nice try.

Bs. I called the guy from QTEL he said they have completed 80% at the moment for first time visits. 20% to go in 2-3 weeks. Ive been waiting for 3 months.

maybe using a VPN??



Check with to get your internet speed and not

As mentioned by deepb check the date which is 2010 and there was no fiber during those days and the is used

why waste time to post such nonsense

what is Bredband2?

i think its not breadband but bread and jam...:)

Will Qtel come and install the Black Box by them selves or do we need to Apply for the Connection?

but it's not funny either? :/

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