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Share advice about how to be more environmentally friendly, or news about what Qatar is doing to be more green.

  1. NEW YEAR Resolution ! ! !

    HEY Guys Lets share our New Year Resolution. I would like to be the most wealtiest and powerful, knowledgable in the new year 2013.

    Whats your New Year Resolution ?

    [TO Mods: Why am i unable to upload pics in the forum ? ]

  2. Noise Pollution

    Hello Qlifers,How y'all doing? Please what can be done about the activity of a construction company that doesnt care about the health of individuals who live close to their work site.

  3. FULL Forms

    1.) GOOGLE: globel organization of oriented
    group language of earth..

    2.) YAHOO: yet another hierarchical officious

    3.) WINDOW: Wide interactive network develpment for office work sollution.

  4. Activists deported

    Qatar deports activists after climate talks protest

    (Reuters) - Two activists were deported from Qatar on Thursday after calling for more leadership on tackling climate change from the Gulf state, which is hosting U.N. talks in Doha, their campaign group said.

  5. That's Faith

    Once,all villagers decided to pray for rain,on the day of prayer all the people gathered but only one boy came with an umbrella...