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Share advice about how to be more environmentally friendly, or news about what Qatar is doing to be more green.

  1. Climate change so stark!

    Five years ago when I came in Qatar it was nearly 6 months cool including four freezing months. Things were getting hotter each year. This year there had been hardly four freezing days. Isnt the climate change so dramatic?

  2. Whats the weight of a Human Soul ?

    t was Dr. Duncan MacDougall of Haverhill, Massachusetts who attempted to weigh the human soul. In 1907, he placed 6 dying patients on a homemade scale, which also acted as a bed for the patients. He then recorded their weights before and after death. According to Dr.

  3. Air Quality Indoors

    Having been here for just five weeks today, I am already noticing some respiratory symptoms in my husband and myself. I understand that the air quality is poor here in Qatar for a multitude of reasons.