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Share advice about how to be more environmentally friendly, or news about what Qatar is doing to be more green.

  1. which area is gud for family accomodation

    We are an Indian Family relocating to Qatar from Kuwait.We'r looking for a good family accomodation with 3 bed rooms villa/ appartment. Our budget is around 9-10.000 qed. Plz suggest which area would be apt to move as we hv 2 kids ages 9 n 3 who need company n space to play.

  2. German Cars

    Can anybody give me some advice where is a good place to repair a German car (VW).

    I tried Q-.... with bad experience.

    Thanks for your help.

  3. WOW :)

    Photographer Joe McNally Takes
    Photo From Top Of Burj Khalifa,
    World's Tallest Skyscraper, In Dubai.

    This is probably the most exciting
    feet photo you've ever seen.

  4. What are we breathing?

    Below is a small experiment done by my friend, he put ordinary paper tissue on the ac return grill and in only TWO DAYS, look at the particles stuck on the tissue!

    He doesn't live in the industrial area, he doesn't live near any petrol station or the highway!