American Base

Hey all,

Anyone from the American Base???


I dont think any one will come forward.

Why wont they come forward? Are they not proud to be from American Base? lol...

Good morning...

What are you looking for??

Have a great day!


Well, i was searching for ma friend Richard from LA . he jus sent me a mail saying he would be coming ova on saturday . Still no trace of that! so thought if anyone could help me out!

Its aight! imma have to go there and check!

Hello again...

Yeah brother, this is the easiest way to look for a friend down there; as you & I know how secure is that place...

Anyway, wish your friend a safe trip and you have a good one...

God bless.

Hello Campbell,

I have read your comments and decided to write to you. I am looking for a Translator job in the american base in Qatar any help please I HOLD A MASTERS DEGREE IN ENGLISH AND and a Bachelor's degree in the same field. I speak english, french and arabic fluently.

can you please provide me with the mail address or the e-mail or the fax number of Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar.

how can I apply for a translator position?

many thanks in advance

Sincerely Yours,

CHMARKH Mustapha

131 rue khaled bnou Alwalid

lot Azzahra

26100 Berrechid


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