Any one is leaving and Has House Maid to transfer?

any one is leaving Qatar and has maid. I can provide her visa.


Hi if u like I have got my Italian friend who is looking for a job as house maid she is very cleaver cleaning and preparing Italian dishes only problem is English she is new in Doha just two months. But she is looking for a job but not live in maid!
It means she can work like nromal maid of philipine/ Sirilanka? Her expected salary and visa status?
She has visit visa so she need a sponsor. Do u need live in or live out maid? How much do u offer for salary?
can she work in Saudi Arabia I am looking for a housemaid from INDIA, if she can send me back to
so sorry I thought she is from INDIA and I read it like that I am looking for Indian or Sri lankain house maid if there is any one please contact me place of work Saudi Arabia
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