Apple Tree Nursery

Hi everyone, we'd like to introduce ourselves. We are Maeve and Michelle and we've just opened Apple Tree Nursery in the al Waab / al Rayan area ( near Villaggio and Aspire). 

Maeve and I are both mothers to young children and have lived in the Middle East for a number of years.  I am a fully trained nursery nurse and nursery teacher with over 13 years experience and Maeve is fully qualified within the business field. 

We have a fully qualified and experienced english speaking team and a beautiful bright and spacious premises with a variety of indoor and outdoor play areas.

We follow the British Curriculum  and use the Letterland Literacy program, a British program widely used in Ireland 

Our commitment to high standards is reflected in our Health and Safety Policy, and our high adult:child ratios. 

We believe that play is the work of the child and that is why at Apple Tree Nursery we have invested in beautiful toys and learning materials from the U.K., Europe and the U.S.  to stimulate your child as she plays.

Our opening hours are from 7a.m. until 2p.m from Sunday to Thursday, and we remain open during the Summer.

You can call us on 4812147 or e-mail us on for more information.


if you kindly place this in the classifieds section rather than in forums.

There is no charge for classifieds.



thanks but I'm glad it here because I would have missed it if it was in the classifieds. I think these adverts are useful in the forum because thats what people are looking for!(New Nurseries that is).

sure others would say that about cars, or flats or many other items.

It's not my site so it's up to Qatari.

The other one had posted over 20 times on other threads and was getting on my nerves.

yeah I agree but nurseries are abit different as they usually go by word of mouth etc having said that the other one was pssing me off too lol

Kids obviously have a perceived higher value than cars, flats or electronic items and I certainly find the Nursery threads great as we're still trying to find the right nursery for our little one! I think CESK and Appletree have it right as they are introductions and advice and don't appear to be blatant advertising, or are particularly (and obviously) biased towards their own establishments, rather just share their knowledge which gives you comfort in their skills as carers, which is probably the best advertising you could get! Stepone is useful, but very irritating!!!

I would have missed it too if it was posted in the classified. Thnx for posting it in here, it's a good info to all parents out there who r searching for a good nursery for their little one.

i will go wth dweller ... not to clog the forum with classified stuffs. However appletree is new here ... as far as she not posting her nursery infos all over the place 20 times a day like stepone it should be OK.

Step One is annoying because they write on the forum like they have a kid there when we can all tell the screen name is "stepone."  


Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.

it is obvious that stepone is the owner of the nursery ...

No, be comfort I am not the owner. The owner is a Qatari with a name from ALKAWARI family. I have a son there and I find step one nursery is a unique one.and as I like this nursery very much I named me stepone. I want you to go to see the place by yourself every one visit it say we saw here things we have never seen in any nursery before and there are many western register there by one visit. I 'll tell you one thing. Is there any farm inside any nursery? That is one of many. If I want to make advertisement for the school itself there are many ways to do that such as using several username to talk about step one and don't use stepone as a username. I'm clear and I want every one to benefit. The winner who can register in that school not me.

I've been following some of these threads for a few days and honestly it's prompted me to register and have my say.......  Honestly stepone are you telling us you are not working at Step One?  You advertise that they employ native english speakers, when in fact you your self have very poor english.  Your profile page states you are a Headmistress???? I do agree that ads should be posted in the classified section, but  I do agree with several comments above that as Apple Tree are new it was an intro. and not an ad as such.  Further adverts from them should be posted in the correct sections. Stepone please do us all a favor, unless you have some interesting info. don't post, because quite frankly we've all had enough of you!!! Apple Tree sorry to hijack your thread....   

Hi,  I'm never said before that I'm an English teacher or even native English speakers and I believe that western English native speakers is the best for teach English in our schools as I believe that the Arab manager is better because they knows better the Arab needs and Arabic culture. My qualification is a master degree in computer based education and my bachelor degree also in education with +11 years experience in the education field and I'm an Arabic native speaker. I think this is a free discussion and I have my own opinion as you. Many parents from this forum went to step one and saw it and they sent a lot of private message to thank me. Finally, don't be afraid I can't push anyone to believe or follow my own opinion without trying.  one thing abot my job .. I'm here talking as a mother of two kids. Than you

Have any other parents seen or have their children go to step one? Maybe they would like to share their happiness with other parents that are looking for a good nursery for their little ones?

apparently the 'happy parents' sent stepone alot of of private messages Siobhan. 

yes, Its a shame they don't let everyone know! I'd be interested to hear their comments, a nursery with a farm especially interests me!

Hi, everybody 

Yes, I have a daughter there. Step one is a nice place with a large garden, big building and very large classes as you know the Qatari houses is too much big. it looks like a school not a nursery.That is the first different I notice by the first visit. I visit many nurseries before most of them in moderate or small buildings. Absolutely large green areas are the best healthy environment for our kids.


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i'm from bahrain live in qatar

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I went to see Stepone for my boys as a result of these adds and im glad it was posted as i rarely ever go to the classifieds...I also pm'd stepone for further info, as im consistenly looking for an appropriate nursery for my boys

Although its a new nursery, it has potential, and i was impressed with their little farm, of ducks goats pigeons birds etc, was very small but very essential for child development and they also have a small vegie patch for gardening which is excellent and their computer and cooking classes.

It seeems to have diverse activities for kids.. Although its new a needs a bit of work, its one nursery I am considering for my kids due to the diverse activites. 

One patrticular nursery which i wont mention had no sandpit as "it was too dirty for kids and they get dirty", load of bull. Kids thrive on not just learning their ABC"S and no'S, but practical getting their hands dirty.


Granted the advertising was a bit too much but if it wasnt constantly advertised im sure i would have missed it..


thanks Nadt ...

hello lovely novi, how are you dear?

Thats great to hear other comments and I feel from hearing from other parents it has encouraged me more than the constant sales pitch! Word of mouth and personal experiences is so much nicer to hear! Sounds great!

good Nadt ... trying hard not to 'strangle' my son for the next 2 weeks ...



LMAO Alexa .... i am feeling for u !!!!

yes lookliili..first thing i noticed is the space as most nurseries ive seen are very small and classrooms were small and this was the opposite. Iloved the vegie patch, small farm and sandpit....and i like the rpogram for cooking and computer classes...i havent seen other nurseries include this in their timetable. Also they teach arabic and english which is a bonus.

The other diff i found is that they are flexible and offered me three days trial without fees to see if my kids or myself like the place or not without pressure, and bus drop off/pick up was a bonus.


Honestly im not trying to advertise it but i went their three days ago and telling my experience/opinion here as people asked, otherwise i wouldnt have mentioned it.. 

lol novi and Alexa, pls take my kids too in that room, i would welcome some time

Hi there,  

Now, I can say sorry for every body but this is the result what I planed to from the beginning more and more discussion for your kids future that is only. (Not randomly as someone said). May be it was too much but I 'm sure that I have something special for your kids not for me as I mentioned I'm not the owner.  Fist of all, I'm a mother as you I like to put my son in the best school and I hope that for you all. Try then decide and it is up to you. This is parent turn goodbye.




I knew about step one nusery school from QL forums and the numerous advertisements by step one. I think it works well. Yesterday I went there to see the place, the first comfortable thing I noticed was the green area, their small farm, their large classes, the number of teachers and assistants comparing with the kids and the activities and care they give to the kids. Now, I have a son and a daughter there and they are very happy. You can conceder me one of the happy parents due to step one nursery school. This is not an advertisement, it is my own experience.

As I see that there doubts about happy parents in Step One nursery, I will repeat my reply from another subject. 


Hy to all! I just want to tell you that it would be better to visit Step one nursery before making this conflict here. I can only say "thank you" for the lady who is putting this advertise for this nursery, becouse it was my chance to find this nursery which is very close to my home and I really find very good. I was a little bit confused about so many adverts, but I just went to see their place and I really like it.


Becouse I had a bad experience with another nursery where they let my baby to cry all day long without doing nothing, I tried this nursery for a few days first, just going with my baby in different times of the day and everything was fine. They alowed me to join the class for a while, to check how my baby was coping with the other childs. For me this was very important, they didn't send me home like the others, saing that everything it will be fine.


So really, check the place before to put any bad advertise about this Step one nursery. Also I recomended to another family last week and after they visited it they put their sun in this nursery. Anyway, I will continue to recomand it.


PS. They do not have a wayting list yet, becouse they opened recently.

And by the way, the lady who is putting the adverts here works in this nursery and she also put her sun there (which is quite normal ..taking in considerfation that she is working there).   


Hi well I am kind new in Doha am for a year now,I am a mother of 1,3 old boy, and I would like to find a job that would meet with my qualefications ,I have University degree in modern languages(italian-English), if anybody knows where can I find a summer job?

Hi everyone...i just want to tell u that tots corner is bad...they dont really care for the kids as they should ,and they are fighting for position of teacher...everything is just about power!i dont want my daughter to be in that nursery now im looking for another nursery for her....

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