Best and Worst Private Schools in Qatar

As we are starting the new school year I would like to invite all of you who have children in private schools to give your assesment and comments about that school.

I have a very bad experince till now with:


I think it's one of the worst international schools.
-When you register your child they are nice and organised.
-When the year started they are terribly bad, you have to wait in portocabin with bad A.C..
-Students uniform is not ready till now
-One cashier is taking money for books without any lines or arrangment for almost 1000 students.
- No one is available to answer you about your inquiries.
- Even that they are pretending that it's International school with British Curriculum,Fathers are not allowed to fitch their children boys or girls with a reasone that it's girls school they have to be free inside the school away from the men, what a British International Curriculum.
- Even there is no hint of these restrictions or neglicting to give information in their booklet for admission.

- The school principal don't have answers for any question except if you want to complain email to the head of Taleb Group about your concerns, as if she don't have any role in their school or just to refer you to somebody who is not available.
Overall this is an example of failed international schools in private education.
If any one have good experience with that school or other school please till us.


Today CAMBRIDGE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL for GIRLS premises was quiter and more organised than yesterday.
they allowed all parents to enter school to finish their payments,transport coordination and books collection which decreased the stress of parents who like to stabilize their children so they can leave them and focus in their jobs with peace of mind.
Every parent who is going to school is going for the welfare of his child.
We are in 21st. century not in 16th.,in seconds you can know and watch what is going on thousands of miles away from you.
Education should consider new concepts.


it is not a matter which school is best or worse, it is a matter which school have space for your kid/s.

I think Cambridge schools have manegment troubles and disorientation as their principal was changed and most of thier teachers.

their problem is lack of knowledge and coordinate work

if they will stay in this path they will deteriorate fast.

today 80% of parents were unhappy of school performance

Thank god my daughters' not going there then!

I taught physics and IT in that school 2003 and 2004. The exams (IGCSE and GCSE) were all monitored from England. The grades were submitted by us teachers and either accepted or not. All my student's grades were accepted. But since I am not there anymore, what can you expect? (Joke) Another info, the school was managed by GEMS, a worldwide Indian Education Organization with strict requirements for staff and facilities. The management now is in the hands of the Taleb Group. They have no idea about education.

please MagicDragon give me advice about which school I could transfer my child to who have international degree and average fees around 20-25 QR,with implemented system and clear vision.

do schools do degrees?


"Everything in this book may be wrong." Illusions: The Adventures of The Reluctant Messiah by Richard Bach

SN, the Cambridge School received the exam papers from Cambridge University (CIE = Cambridge International Education). For this purpose the Cambridge School Doha had to be registered as a Cambridge Examination Center. The students had to take the exams. The teachers annotated and graded the exams. The moderators in England agreed or disagreed with the grades. The final grade was IGCSE or GCSE, and O-Level, AS-Level and A-Level according to England and New Wales. In other words our grades had to be in compliance with the standards of the British Curriculum. However, schools can also lose the status of a Cambridge Examination Center.

manta, mushkilla. Some International Schools are accredited by international associations, for example the American School of Doha. Others have the IB exams like Al Jazeera Academy or Qatar Academy. Others are "Under the Supervision of the Education Ministry", meaning that they can chose a curriculum. The ministry only checks for certificates of the teachers. The Council for Secondary Education tries to set standards now, but I guess, it'll take some time, and their standards apply to "Independent Schools". So, you see, it's a big mess. The school I'm currently in follows the curriculum of New York State. But: it is solely up to the individual teacher how much of it he/she implies in the teaching process. It's mostly only paperwork. As a father of two kids, Grade 10 and 12 in the American System I can tell you that it doesn't matter which school you choose. If your children want to learn, they can do it everywhere. There will always be good teachers around making up for the lacking facilities or structures. All graduates from the American Academy School have been accepted Universities in Dubai, Lebanon, Jordan and, of course, in Doha.

Yes, and no, Alex. To be accepted in the US they have to do SAT or SAT2, according to what colleges or Universities require and TOEFL if English is not their mother tongue. They also want the records of the grades 9, 10, 11, and 12. They should basically be straight A's.

Well you talk about so many schools, i have been to the schools in Pakistan which did not have the american standards or british standards but still i got the highest degree from USA in due time with highest grades (among top 1%). I just was a good student.

USA institutions do not accept any other degree except from their own accredated institutions. If considering US dont worry too much about schools for childres but still they should be good. Even dont worry about the BSc degree too much but still it should be from a good school.

Which ever school the children are whenever they want to go for the higher education in USA they have to go through exams like GRE,GMAT.TOEFL plus their BS gredes matter a lot. It cannot be waived for advanced degree.

adnan, you say what I said: if a child really wants to learn he or she can learn in a bush school in the heart of Africa.

Manta this school is not any more accredited by GEMS Education Group

it means that they are not supervised or monitored by some one who can evaluate and direct them to high standards, if they lost their accreditation and they become like that better to remove your kids from there soon.

"Everything in this book may be wrong." Illusions: The Adventures of The Reluctant Messiah by Richard Bach

MD they do not have to be straight A's! As long as their SAT score meet that particular uni's requirements and they have some extracurricular activities on their belts.

They speak english right? They will only need to take a test to prove it.

Maryum : Umm Hasan bint Abdullah Alshabrawishi

Princess, if the university has the choice, they will take those who have the better grades. Please don't let my children know what you think. Okay?

No they do need good grades along with good scores to get admitted in a good institution. I mean that uptill B- is even considred a good enough grade (the last limit)but one needs to have good no of A grades as well in mjority of subjects. Luck counts as well.

perhaps things have changed! I did not get a 4.0 in highschool however I was accepted into yale!

It just depends what their major is MD. But I won't tell if you won't ;).

Maryum : Umm Hasan bint Abdullah Alshabrawishi

Thanks, habiba, habibti.

My daughter attended Al maha Girls primary school for a couple of weeks this year and i was appaled by the level of the managements knowledge of what is exactly happe

ning there or what they intend to happen. Firstly they charge extotionate fees for my daughters books, then i find out they had to stop selling them I tried to buy a u niform but they were not avaiable. Also i saw 2 differnt principals in the same number of weeks. I sent my daughter there because last year my friends daughter was in year 7 and she was very impressed with the education that was delivered there and the commitment by the head taecher. i can only say what happened, and would not recommend anyone send their kidss there

"this year, cambridge school have been invited new teachers from england"

This happens in all schools every year - what can they do? It is the management and owners that should be held to account.

"Deaths in the Bible. God - 2,270,365

not including the victims of Noah's flood, Sodom and Gomorrah, or the

many plagues, famines, fiery serpents, etc because no specific numbers

were given. Satan - 10."

"this year, cambridge school have been invited new teachers from england"

This happens every time there is a thread about education. What can they do? The people who make these errors could try to learn some English grammar and be held to account.

I just cut'n'pasted spider's words - I knew what he/she meant - it's rude and unethical to correct spelling and grammar when directly quoting someone - although I should have added a (sic) after the "been".

Pedantry over :)

"Deaths in the Bible. God - 2,270,365

not including the victims of Noah's flood, Sodom and Gomorrah, or the

many plagues, famines, fiery serpents, etc because no specific numbers

were given. Satan - 10."

Did you think about learning Arabic before coming to Qatar? If you cannot read or write correct Arabic than you have no right to tell people to correct their english. If English is their second language than why do you expect them to be fluent in it? or if you have problems with locals and their language than you should go back to your country where you will be paid quarter of the salary here and you have to pay heavy taxes.

Always check the managment of the school you are intended to join. either for yourself as a teacher or for your children. The recent activity started by the local schools is that they hire foreign trained staff. offer them attractive salaries. ask them to re-establish their mismanaged school. When in one year, school established again, they ask you to leave because they dont need you now. They can have four philipinos in your salary. or they will cut down your salary to the minimum and will ask you to sign a contract for at least 2 years. Prefer to join embassy schools or schools which have a good reputation for more than 10 years.

This is reality of Doha Qatar. It is happening in most part of Qatar and almost every organization, in Doha. Forget about standards.

which of the three people you quoted in your last post were you addressing specifically?

"Deaths in the Bible. God - 2,270,365

not including the victims of Noah's flood, Sodom and Gomorrah, or the

many plagues, famines, fiery serpents, etc because no specific numbers

were given. Satan - 10."

I was telling this to the hippo.

my sister and i are comming to doha with our parents and we are looking for a good american curriculm school. Can somebody give me a advice of which school is good?

check out It is the only accredited american curriculum school in Doha.

It doesn't really matter about which school your kids go to, as long as they can manage to study properly, then it will be alright

My husband has a job offer in property in Doha. I have 2 girls, that between the age of 7 and 15 years. I am hoping to either enroll them at Compass International School or at the Cambridge school. I am not hearing nice things about Cambridge tho'. Any recommendations?

The type of school depends on where you are coming from and which type of education you want your children to have.

ASD is great for american curriculum

Doha college for British (if you're coming from the UK)

Qatar international school and Compass are well respected British schools (Compass offers Dutch system too I believe)

I've heard good things about Park house which is also British. I have heard many horror stories though about other schools in Doha.

Be careful

I go to ASD, it's really nice and organized, everything is like that all year, there are places for everything. We have a American Curriculum. The work is kind of tough if ur not used to it, but you'll learn alot. The whole thing has been reslly good so far.



I'm coming to live in Doha, am qualified and have been teaching for 17 years. I teach Maths & English (British curriculum) from KS2 - GCSE. Do you think there would be opportunities for me to teach Home Ed?

Dear fellows ,iwant to share my experience with all of you may be giving a right course to your kind decesions! " I shifted to Qatar in 2011, i found this place very cool and calm and more peaceful. people are also great. I started searching a school for my kids in 2011 from quality and cost prespective as well. i found each ad every school has made a very good / attractive/ color ful internet site which touches the hearts and the high costs / fees are putting extra polishing on it. when we see all schools with these kind of illusions then the fee structure is the only parameter which shoows the quality of education. more fee good educatio less fee poor education. i do agree with few fellows , if your child has potenial to study , he can easiliy study and sky is the only limit. i found number of students from indian , pakistani schhols they are hitting the target is the world and number of students they are still confused since they dont have grip and strong footing on the subjects. now the story is worst , the new myth has been stated on the nae of british curricula and cambridge stream , the islamic studies is in arabic ( understood, this is not for the student, they dont have arabic as native language) so the wastage of time , arabis is only advance ( so those they want to learn arabic from basics this window is closed), french and another subject qatar history. rest subjects are science, social studies, ict, english and mathermatics. thersefore only 50 percent of the total time is given to these subjects and rest of the time is given to te subject whch are aliegn to most of the students due to language barrier. i met personnaly with school managements, but no help . either they dont understand or they dotn want to understand. i beileave , in schooling we prepare a generations , but in these schools we are focusing on machines. this is the time to take the decesion for the schooling of your children. otherwise time will not come again. there is no need to impress yourself with high fee structure. just go , visit and penetrate in their system and find out the right answer , listen to your heart and decide. I am sure , openin a school , education is the best bussiness overhere but worst for humanity now. Many thanks.

as a newbie in Doha I can honestly say that its not about good and bad initially. Its about which school can take your child or children and if they are half good enough for the short term until you manage to find place in a decent school. Coming from a teachers point of view, as well as a specialist who has work and coached many teachers, my experience is that as long as the teaching and learning is the focus of the school, and there is sufficient assessment for learning. I am still to find a place for my daughter and with this tremendous problem that Doha has at the moment for good schools, you would think that new ones would be opening up all the time. Schools dont need students at the moment so standards will slide.

Hi everyone,

can anyone of u suggest me a good islamic school where islamic studies is also taught in english.presently most of schools r doing islamic studies in arabic so its hard for us, non arabs ,to understand n teach our children.yah my kids r going to cambridge school mamoura..

I do believe that the law states that Islamic studies in schools has to be taught in Arabic....Icould be wrong in this though............does anyone else know?

Dear Adey ,request you to please narrate the law with reference. you are discussing here. i went in cambridge scheme 30 years back where islamic studies were taught to kids in english or arabic coz concept was to teach students not to confuse. character building subjects were offered to non muslim children at that time, where basic values were discussed to students. so this was win win concept. b

Now the quality of education is questionable. Dear Jenny i am seriously thinking on the same course to switch the school for my kids. All other schools are following the track as they are teaching islamic studies in english, qatar hisyory is in english and basic arabic for all non arabic students. but in this cambridge school they are not istening to anyone. this is killing time.

i am searching the same, i will help you out if i will find a good school. Respectfully requesting you provide the information if you find. i am really worried bcz of the schhol and behaviour of their management. i did a detail meeting wih principal divid thrope i think either he is not intrested or having no powers to resolvd this geniune problem. Mainly the schhol management is weak in other areas as well.iam seriiusly searching school for my kids.

Hi smartmachine,surely i'll provide information if if i te same time we cant jst pick n put te kids to another school without knowing properly abt that school,jst wondering what to do ......

What about doha academy n al maha academy?n also newton n qatar international school?does any one know about te above schools?plzzz

I will let you know. Doha academey is good as far as i heard. Not having any feedback on Almaha. ONe of my friend shifted kids in newton international school , and one has moved to newton british school, i can say anything till i visit and meet the facuality. unfortunetly most of the parents are focused on fee structure as the indicator of quality of education and extra curricular activities. For me the the thinking skills , reasoning and clarity of concept in each and every subject on top. let see. i am sure with the positive intent things will be better.

Thanks smartmachine for te quick response.lets hope for te best.

Many thanks. Positively we will reach at a positive destination.

Does anyone know how well the TNG ( The next generation school) is doing?

I just reviewed this via website. This is a new school i think. We have to visit first and meet teachers and management to decide. Regards.

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