chinese prostitutes

can anyone tell me .why chinese prostitutes are allowed in a strict country to hang around fat ,middle aged western men who have loving families at home , who dont even know that the husband ,father are they have to have special visas from the qatary goverment for prostitution..


They are usually using a tourist visa, but apparently there are some people are behind them.

shocking , something needs to be done to clean doha up with these filthy woman

might I ask why you place all the blame on the prostitutes? Seems to me that if you REALLY look at the problem, its the men and their lack of self respect or respect for their families that is the problem. The women are working to support themselves in whatever manner they can (NOT that I agree with what they are doing, but come on, if there wasn't a market for it, it would all cease immediately!) Put the blame where it should be placed...

Grant me the senility to forget the people I never liked,the good fortune to run into the ones I do,and the eyesight to tell the difference.

yes your right , yjese middle aged western men are to blame ..i know of one thats doing that ..his wife found out , she divorced him ,hes still with his prostitute ..and they look pathetic together

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No, imrie...not just middle aged western men..ALL men who act like that are to blame. It doesn't matter what nationality or religion they are...if they act upon their lusts, then they are guilty of making prostitution thrive.

I have to say that the lady who divorced her husband due to the prostitute, did the right thing. No telling what she could have caught from that person!! Her exhusband deserves to live with that other woman...time will tell how long THAT lasts...fate has a way of paying back all the wrongs we do to others...usually many times over.

Grant me the senility to forget the people I never liked,the good fortune to run into the ones I do,and the eyesight to tell the difference.

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Grant me the senility to forget the people I never liked,the good fortune to run into the ones I do,and the eyesight to tell the difference.

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Grant me the senility to forget the people I never liked,the good fortune to run into the ones I do,and the eyesight to tell the difference.

eh? Chinese prostitutes? WoW news to me.. Ignorance is bliss I suppose.


Brazilian Jujitsu in Qatar

rid of all women that hang out with or are married to fat, middle aged men? So it must be OK for the cool dudes to have prostitutes?

It sounds like to me that your fat, middle age husband left you for someone that is not fat and middle aged.

Prostitution should be legalize for both genders.

Whoever seeks to set one race against another seeks to enslave all races.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

1882-1945, Thirty-second President of the USA

if hookers ever do a world tour i'm guessing doha is the last stop prior to retirement. some look so tired and worn out.

I saw two today in a supermarket! My God! He couldn't even blame alcohol for paying for THAT! OMG! They were revolting.........

Chinese takeaway!

Got to agree with Scarlett.. the moronic men should take some of the blame..

Flan: You're right. there are some real "dogs" around..However, Love is blind... even momentarily..

These girls often frequent the Sheraton bars where the manager and security allow them in after accepting payments. These men are just as bad as the fat middle aged men who use them. The police turn a blind eye till someone complains. It is the oldest profession in the world and will always be around. They come in on work visas and can pay up to QR20,000 for them

Spose as the saying goes..when ones poking the fire don't look at the mantelpiece...but even so!

trouble is that there's probably not much of a fire in that fireplace..

Chinese products seems to take the whole market everywhere . I would say " Double standards " are followed here also .

OUCH .. sorry

prostitutes are everywhere,..what's new.. :(

Ok.. I'm avoiding the Sheraton's bar(s) just in case.

/Erm... and how does paulsimon know so much detail about the world's oldest profession here?


Don't want no drama,

No, no drama, no, no, no, no drama

Dont let ur hubbies browse out... ;0 get him done @ home am sure he'll neva be able to get out and find some one else... lolz...

Sorry. Firstly, why pay good money for an ugly one ?

Secondly, You can't do away with it completely, but you can take steps to lessen it.

all women look alike with the petticoats over their head.

Grant me the senility to forget the people I never liked,the good fortune to run into the ones I do,and the eyesight to tell the difference.

cuteydog - I agree with what you've said, except for this part - "These people are not killing anybody they are earning money to feed their families most of the time. Turn a blind eye, because whatever is quoted on here, will not change anything the WORLD over!"

- While I sympathize with the plight of most of these women and while it cannot be practically eradicated, but it can be lesssened.

- They are killing innocent partners by the diseases they transmit but you are right in that the root of the problem is the demand for which there is the supply.

Yes, you can argue that this has been going on since time immemorial but it is because society has become permissive that it has become "accepted" and we simply live with it. But we will state our views and make a change within our own little circle of influence. The effect will go further that we can see in our lifetime. Therefore, we are not sycophants who flatter others to win favour for our own benefit. We think and care further than that.

Note: there are many who are struggling to live and support their families back home via this means and that's very sad but there are also many who get used to the easy money and all the material possessions it brings. There are MANY on either of the 2 sides.

But on 2nd thoughts ... Is it your real intention to persuade the masses that prostitution is here to stay (even in countries with religious laws, high moral code and enforcement) so get used to it and provide condoms for the "service providers" as you don't see things changing anytime soon and these women need to be protected but some govts are against the distribution of these condoms because it appears to encourage these activities so we need to put pressure on these govts?

/Boy! That was one helluva long question...


Don't want no drama,

No, no drama, no, no, no, no drama

cuteydog its not something we should turn a blind eye to. Prostitution is one of the main reasons for human trafficking in this day and age.

Not only that but it aids in the spread of std's and many other things.

Yea demand is an issue but then again so is having a readily available supply.


Brazilian Jujitsu in Qatar

I will correct you, not all the prostitutes are Chinese and secondly not all Chinese are prostitutes, I have a Taiwanese wife who cannot even go to the supermarket without some arab asking her how much she wants, so get you facts right.

I know many people all over the world who are married/living with or dating partners from different ethnic backgrounds. When you see someone, whether overweight or not, with someone different why is it that you assume the guy is married and he is with a prostitute? Talk about a closed uneducated mind! Get a grip and a life!

There are very few 'prostitutes' in Qatar in relation to the number of people here, and has been stated, banning something does not make it go away, it just drives the problem further underground making it easier for the traffickers to exploit these poor unfortunate women.

I think you are getting a bit carried away here. most of us can tell the difference between a prostitute and other ladies.

Noone said that Qatar only has Chinese prositutes.

lastly, give me a break about "poor unfortunate women'. Prostitution is a curse on the society and something should be done about it. Prostitutes and the idiots who frequent them should both be deported.

Taste Like Chicken Smell like Fish!!!

The Venezuelan Sensation!!!

Qatarblue that's nuts, if you put pressure on prostitution enough yes it will go underground but it wont become easier for the traffickers. It will force them to either move to a place with more accommodating conditions or move to some other vice.


Brazilian Jujitsu in Qatar

well, go out and shoot all the pros.. so that the hubby will become a good boy.

btw,,Do you cut your feet to fit the sandal?? OR you look for a one which fits you?. just curious


Every society is judged by how

it treats it's least fortunates.

If the police raided all the hotels where these ladies frequent and just checked their sponsors also where they were supposed to work they could clear up the place in one night.

Managers should be charged with running brothels and the security of being pimps.

"A man may fight for many things.His country,his friends,his principles,the glistening tear on the cheek of a golden child.

But personally,I'd mud wrestle my own mother for a ton of cash, an amusing clock and a sackful of porn."


You look rather Suave and Debonaire in your black trunks..

Its a hard life for us men, with the persistent loneliness..


MR Paul Thanks...What a video. Reminds of the days a few year ago in Abu Dhabi when where ever you went either in Dubai or Abu Dhabi you were not far away from the ladies of the night.

As the report in the video says that they were from all nationalities, from India, to ethopia, from moldova to Serbia, from Russia to Kazakhstan and ofcourse from China. Compared to the UAE Qatar is much nicer place for going out. Then there were clubs where you could go for a drink without being hassled bu ladies offering their massage services. Even ladies from UK were seen only with the flithy rich locals.

But it is sad either way if they here to make a better life or if they are just absuing the relax regulation and are intoxicated with making easy money as successful business women..



because you wives deny us husbands of 53x. We want it daily not monthly.... lolz

This thread is about if these women, chinese, flipino what ever are doing this for betterment of their lives out of desperation or as a deliberate succeful business..



if it is true that you're speaking from experience, and that you're hurting from being left behind for a whore, this is really not a place for you to vent, shooting all the chinese ladies, and prostitutes, and fat middle aged western men.

all these name calling and fingerpointing will not help you. go seek counseling from someone wiser, get emotional support from your community and family.

go to after the divorce or Advice for the Brokenhearted

Aahh! Can someone please explain 'no money no honey' please?!

If you have no money then you can not buy any honey(females 53x organ)

No Money no Honey could be explained as saying that if you want to be stung by a bee then you want to spend some money to get honey..



Maybe imrie husband prefer "chinese delicacy", lol

What comes around, goes around....

OMG! My 3 year old is saying that recently and I did wonder where she'd got it from! Shes back at school tomorrow I'm sure the teachers will be quite shocked!

Supernurse,what she is saying? She prefer chinese delicacy??????? OMG!!!!!

What comes around, goes around....

imrie's profile says he's male!

I hope not but she's partial to noodles!


Mr. Paul. The link was good very informative. I have visited dubai but I dont that much.


Not all chinese, philipinos or malaysians are prostitutes. Just some bad fish in the society thats all. Dont forget to see others with same respect as you wanted them to see you.


I have never heard of a Malaysian prostitute. At least not until now.


Brazilian Jujitsu in Qatar

Who would have thought that there is even prostitutes in Qatar. While the one ruling the countries are Arabs and Muslims. Amazing!

Some say, hotels are the one paying or managing these prostitutes to entertain men. Because a lot of foreign and local people coming to their hotels and country.

Last time i heard, not only chinese, there's even koreans, lebanese, filipina in the the business.

newkidontheblock.. may be you know more some of



it doesn't matter who rules a certain country,.. prostitution is everywhere, that's a fact.. or better say, it's almost everywhere...

MJ you are absolutely correct.. its everywhere, one of the oldest proffesion.



looks this is turning into another slanging match here, better get out...

Chinese delicacy I like that too SN..



glad to know someone agrees..

get over yourself, man. you do need serious professional counseling.

prostitution is the oldest profession in the world, and there are lots in any country in this world. pick any country and there would be prostitutes. stop pinpointing on certain nationalities.

Chinese Dolls ....!!

Ohh CHARAN's favorite topic, We mizz him....:(

lol rizks, speak for yourself.. :P

last nite i saw 3 chinese doll near Center :))


And u were the Bloody BROKER ...:)

right said Om Maui



It never ceases to amaze me how naive people are to the world they live in. Of course there are prostitutes here. There are prostitutes everywhere in the world. Why? Because there's a demand for them.

The question is how to deal with the issue. Do you crack down on it completely and end up pushing it "underground" which puts the ladies at even more risk? Or do you regulate it to an extent and help protect them?

It seems that Qatar is happy to just let the practice, without regulating it or pushing it underground.

ok then. but, it suprised me how much they get paid huh! 600 for this korean woman early 30's. damn! :D and can only have 1 round. LOL.

lol UKeng....

He hav it almost daily....:)

Its a normal routine for him to himself healthy n FIT ...:)

Pajju I thought we sent you to the Zoo.. What were you doing at the Centre.. looking for a massage again. I thought you just had one last



oouch Rizk... I never said that?



I'm confused by this thread.

Perhaps the poster is a bit naive, but I have to ask - why write:

"why chinese prostitutes are allowed in a strict country to hang around fat ,middle aged western men who have loving families at home"?

Firstly, are you saying that the other prostitutes of other nationalities should be allowed in, and only the Chinese ones banned?

And should only Western men (the fat, middle asged ones described above) be banned from using them?

Most of the hookers here are actually Syrian, Moroccan, Kuwaiti and Bahraini, but they blend in and don't seem so obvious to the general population.

Is it in some way okay that the Qatari guys lavish their whores with alcohol, handbags and hotel rooms, whereas the western guys just pay them a few hundred riyals for a few hours work?

Why the double standard? Or is it just naivete? can get it for free....just find a group of pi$$ed up western women..they won't even charge!

yep....and not even a Riyal spent!

for that note. i think fubar's post is also well said.

It's better than taking a second wife to the home. And make society much safer for other ladies.

Get over with it. It's every where and in any ethnics.

SuperNurse please don't give out inside information.. Otherwise everone wil be

Pissed up western women are They need taking care



You devil... Your secret is now out..Hordes of males will now be descending on these hotles..


u mean the Ladies restroom or a Chinese Doll ??

The problem increase, now those guys that did not know where to go, or what to do have all the info.

Qatarliving the place to search all the info before hit the road!!!

The Venezuelan Sensation!!!

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Pajju get a chinese doll cook. :)


Every society is judged by how

it treats it's least fortunates.

My hubby, buddy and I went to "The Waterhole" for a New Years Party and we discovered the ladies of the night.

My hubby & buddy were even propositioned by them. Aside from that as I watched them go about their business one of them caught my eye as she was reject by another man. The despair & weariness I saw in eyes made me feel so damn sorry for her, I know Im naive but I felt like giving her 100 riyal and telling her to go home. Some of them are bouyant others look timid, my hubby even felt sorry for her.

ive heard about waterhole and it's expensive. :D

but is it true about the rumors that the babes there are a FOX?! Tall, skinny women very hot mozza. OMGosh! I should've come with the guys. But i don't have a coat to wear :( i heard it was formal for men that night. my other colleague went home and sad bec. he didn't wear formal. Geesh!

a FOX? very hot mozza? Wtf?

where is this place where you can find chinese prostitute? can any tell...? you avoid.....hehehe..

WTH is dat??


by doing less, we can gain more .... :)


discussion here is getting dirtier every minute,...better hit the sack... :/

"Is it in some way okay that the Qatari guys lavish their whores with alcohol, handbags and hotel rooms, whereas the western guys just pay them a few hundred riyals for a few hours work?

Why the double standard? Or is it just naivete?"

Well Said.

my boyfriend is in qatar and told me that hookers are illegal over there and you dont see women in the bars? Is this true?

your comments would help, thank you!

angel123 you better get over here soon girl and see for your self. I am not sure which bars that your b/f is visiting.. There are plenty here, yes they maybe illegal, but the oldest proffession in the world is thrieving in Qatar as the rest of the middleast..ciao..



i no its the oldest profession - but im well travelled myself and found it hard to believe that there arent any in qatar!?!

hes hanging out in the ramada mostly do you know it?

Sorry another question lol! do the bars have women in them hangin of westerns?

There were some chinese take aways in Ramada last thursday.

do the hookers just walk in or are they with men already?

angel123.. picking up hookers is easy as If you read most the threads here they are refered to as Chinise dolls. Yes they are in the bars. Then one that can not make it to the bars for what ever reason are hanging about in the carpark, the authorities are just turning a blank eye to this problem. Yes they can walk in alone and out with men..

Ramada is the one of the notorious places for picking up these kinda women, followed by Sheraton etc..



123 lol...very good! ok so ive been told a load of crap then lol!

my boyfriends in big trouble now - just kidding! i had to look into it cos i thought it very strange that he said no women in bars, i knew there would be, i thought it was a weird thing to say! im not they are actaully full of hookers??!! GREAT!!! guess ill need to go get me a man whore lol!!!

Eve Eve

Well I believe in Karma so if a man is with a Prostitute he will get Aids and not survive long, the problem here is husbands are infecting their wives. I believe you do the wrong thing you pay for it but in this case its often passed to other their spouses. I have heard of children being born with Aids and the wives never knew they were given aids by their husband, how sad. It seemed Qatar became more open bars and prostitutes when we got the American base here, just seemed like they were trying to keep the foreignors happy. Bahrain is called the Whorehouse of Saudi. I often see the Asian prostitutes flying in from Bahrain. The govt. her knows they are here and turning a blind eye to the problem.

Can I ask if you have been refused by them? Is that why you feel so strongly about them.There must be a reason behind this as it's not something man complain about.I've heard my husband joke about it,but I don't think it has any effect on our daily lives. If you want to do something about them,go out and meet with them.You can teach them about religion,(that's if you are religious)safe sex or even give them the money they need for their families back home.I don't know where you lived in the UK,but we have them there too!By the way,My Husband..Thin,nerdy westerner.

Angel123 "i had to look into it cos i thought it very strange that he said no women in bars, i knew there would be, i thought it was a weird thing to say! im not they are actaully full of hookers??!!"

Well, maybe from his perspective, there really are "no women in bars" as in he notices so many hookers there and it appears that no decent women like his girlfriend are there. ;0) Very few pubs, not much choice.


Don't want no drama,

No, no drama, no, no, no, no drama

.... your daughters, sisters, wives and mothers from being raped...

think deeply, and would understand, how....

so prostitution is okay now? is that what youre saying tomsware?

tomsware sorry mate but you argument dont get it.. whats the pros got do with the anyone getting man..



exactly, i didnt get it as well..

Tomsware.. people have been raping for centuries now, despite of availability of prostitutes..

. : I've Got Attitude : .

think deeply you will understand lol ;)


... i guess, you won't understand...

so, its better i quit..coz i can't make you understood...

hasta la vista...

lollllll sonammmmm, good one

lol cuteydog u must have been paying so much then :))))))


...profession of human history, after agriculture...

enough is enought !

gotta go ....

looooollll, okay sorry, my bad.. and watch ur language kiddo

cutydog Yes Miss tell her that you is a Northen



ooops sonam lollllll

lolllll ukeng, thanks..:)

Oh.. Angel123, I re read your post "my boyfriend is in qatar and told me that hookers are illegal over there and you dont see women in the bars? Is this true?"

Aah.. bs and my earlier giving him the "benefit of the doubt" interpretation does not apply. Do let us know how he weasels outta this one.


Don't want no drama,

No, no drama, no, no, no, no drama

now that's pissing me off, so watch your language, im still respecting you, lassy girl..


heyy sonam where r u going sharky, there's a meal for us :))

Yeah, actually, what does "my bad" mean? I see it used very often - in the context or to say "I'm bad / naughty / wrong in this instance" ... but what exactly does "my bad" mean???


Don't want no drama,

No, no drama, no, no, no, no drama

it mean my fault eagle

Hmmm.. ok. Thanks, Queen Rania.

Nitey nite! Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite. ;0)


Don't want no drama,

No, no drama, no, no, no, no drama

nit nite eagle

then you must be selling too much lollllllllllllllll


Its the Gangsta style of saying my mistake... ;p

. : I've Got Attitude : .

lol yes jinxy, right

come on you girls I think you both are cool chicks..just a few word misinterperet thats all.. You both are some of the niciest people on QL. The Queen Rania and our Cutydog supermum come super teacher come northern



absolutely nigga... umm.. that didnt sound well... ;p

. : I've Got Attitude : .

ukeng, you see i didnt say anything wrong. i think she havent had her treat yet, she's been violent :P

Rania my dear just leave it..



nite nite


im cool im very cool :)

hey supernurse, what's up? you bored?

Hey Super where have you been Matron?



bored of petty squabbling on someone elses thread!

I'm looking after the incarcerated community tonight and tomorrow! Wahey!


Saxa85 spare a thought for the the chinese dolls in the cold..if you have any old coats for them, please leave by diary queen..



lol ukeng..

lol ukeng..

how can you say that Saxal85..are you talking from



Yes ok agree they may be able to afford it..But the weather is dampning their work. So maybe a little help will be appreciated. How can they overcome the down turn in profits due to the cold weather ..



oh seriously come on!!! lolll

you now worry about them being cold??

I think I will go and get them some hot soup and coffee from Diary queen.. They do have to work hard in this weather while we all are enjoying the comfort of our sofa'



lolll, oh you very thoughtful

you make it sound like world hunger people !!!!!!!!!

But its cold Saxal85 at least they need a hot soup and cuddle to let them know that we



like working with people with special

good nite from me too..



nite nite guyz

voodoo dolls, no chineese dolls :)

Chinese doll... hhhmmm.... where can I get one??

Cheers all


Heard your wife left you,

How upset you must be.

But don't fret about it...

She moved in with me.

Maybe they just do it on the side???

Who knows...

You can't teach experience...

Chinese doll....

Mornings At Bed, Sleeping alone....

Nights At Bed, Sleeping with someone...:)

HHHmmm...... you have a Chinese doll too Riskz??



Heard your wife left you,

How upset you must be.

But don't fret about it...

She moved in with me.

Man is not naturally monogamous.

Sexual relations between consenting adults would naturally be free of restriction...

Capitalism has taken this freedom of sexual union away, and by using religion and moral codes gone against what is natural.

The family, is merely an economic unit, that suits the Capitalist system.

However the basic drive to reproduce still exists, and so Capitalism sells sex back to us, and makes a nice profit from it.

If a person freely makes a living from selling sex, what is wrong with that?

If someone is forced to do it against their will, as with anything else it is totally unnacceptable.

Those who freely make their living from selling sex, are individuals the same as you and I, and deserve the same respect.


Is a logical response beyond your capabilities?

The prime reason of prostitution in a country is poverty and government allowance. Well Qatar is an expensive place. We have seen lot of hike in accomadation and other commodities in the past couple of years. But it has never lead to prostitution by the local lady.

I won't be surprised if prostitution is practiced in a country due to very strong financial crisis. But what surprises me is why it started here if the reason is not poverty. In my opinion there are some reasons like business (money making), making a rich man happier (coz their rates are normally high), show off that the country is advanced and allows freedom, promoting tourism etc.

No Idea! Nice food though...

Those fat middle aged western guys who chase the Chinese hookers have a really good disguise. They look like young Qatari guys and drive expensive cars!

I'd be happy to bet that the hookers are here in Qatar (as they are all over the Gulf states) not primarily because of the expats but because of the local men.

Suzy Wong has to be better than the family goat at least.

I think you're gay and jealous of the competition and fat western men don't like you.

i think i missed the discussion...

a very interesting topic :)

People have different views on the subject of


Funny ....every time I see Chinese hookers trolling their services near Ramada they 99.9% of the time go off with young Qatari men in flash motors.

The working girls are here because the demand for them and their services comes from wealthy Arabs - not the majority of expats. But we are easier to blame, I guess.

I may be middle aged, but, I resent being called fat. You must have seen me on an off day!

so what's your view regarding prostitution Chinita?

In one way or another...

You can't teach experience...

Simple Economics 101.. dear. Where there are demands, sure there are supplies. Like Baharain, Qatar thrives on these services providers to balance out social lives. And these fat gents cases, these are tips of the icebergs. The demands lies on these thousands of short terms workers, who like you and me just cannot live without it. One of these days, you will expect a glass case in our mall with these china dolls in it..just like what they did in Thailand...peace

all about supply and demand lol


Don't get angry with me! I'm only typing what you are thinking!

Chinese pros?? WTF!!!!! how the heck can you generalise one nationality like that. I dont think there is even one Chinese pro among them, they just look like them and hail from another country.


- Listen to Many...Speak to a Few -

old post ? heh :)

Doesnt matter if they're Chinese or not.... Pro's are pro's wherever you go. Its up to the guys (and its not just middle aged men.... its every group) to decide if they're going to cheat or not. Simple.

But, there should be some cleanup overall... If you look at Waterhole at Sheraton.... thats what the entire place is. Its basically a brothel. Sheraton knows it very well. They try.. for one week, they are not allowed (even stopped at the main entrance of Sheraton) just for being Chinese. Then it stops (chances are because it makes less money for the bar then) and they are all coming back in.

And, where do they go with their 'friends' that have been picked up? The parking lot actually... Yup.. they go to the parking lot... have their fun - the guy goes and they waltz right back in again.

Clearly I've shared too much info but thats how it is.

Its unfortunate because it creates a pretty bad picture of the hotel itself on one of their establishments.


why chinese prostitutes are allowed in a strict country to hang around fat ,middle aged western men who have loving families at home , who dont even know that the husband ,father are they have to have special visas from the qatary goverment for prostitution..

How about skinny, young western men who have loving families at home , who dont even know that the husband ,father are cheats ???

This is getting ridiculous.

If you have a problem with a fat ,middle aged western man who has a loving family at home , who dont even know that the husband ,father are cheats, .... you should speak to him!!!! not post here???!?!?


yeah brin, you've shared too much info. hmm..i don't feel good about sheraton now.

they come as tourists then they go to clubs or hang out around ramada looking for prospect "clients"... i heard they're very professional though, wouldn't let men kiss them on the mouth... just plain humping and only "one time" per fee... hookers with manners :D

Thanks for sticking up for us fat ,middle aged western men who have loving families at home ....

We need to be loved too :)

support you!

handle letting in the ugly ones....

due to this issue... all our visa requests for such nationality are denied / rejected...

Are Chineese ladies allowed on Maid Visa?



most probably...

hmmm.. maybe someone works for Sheraton that read this thread.... as of last week, Sheraton banned, yet again, chinese women from visiting the hotel.

Its unfortunate for those of them that are actual legit visitors... but, I find it humourous nonetheless.


Wher they are available? or any girl?

in fact after this post the presence of fat ,middle aged western mens increased in the sheraton hotel of 30% ahahah collateral effect!

Most of them are family wrecker.

It is 11 months this topic is open and passing the comments so....... people interest is more.... in that.... what a good members....

"Helping HANDS r better than praying LIPS"

I don't know why people are discussing so much about mid fat man and chinese prostitutes.

Who knows that you will be fat man in one day and anyway you will become old also.

You know old cow likes to eat young grass.

Prostitutes - No one wants to be prostitutes. It is just happened to them by luck. Don't look down them.

They are allowed to enter country. So they will come.

After mid fat man and prostitutes are win win situation.

who knows young guys are hanging with them.

they should boost their prices for the upcoming soccer match with the poms and brazilians.