Finding a runaway housemaid

Has anyone caught a runaway housemaid? How was it done?
I had sponsored a Phillipino woman as a housemaid a few years ago. A few weeks ago she run away and now is in hiding in Doha. She was seen by one of her relatives in the souqs a few weeks ago so she is still here. My wife recently discovered some gold jewelry went missing along with a lot of money. After she ran away, I reported the housemaid's disappearance to CID and surrendered her passport to them. They accepted my report. Where does that leave me? Do I need to continue searching for her myself or just leave the ball in their court?

Is it possible to start our own search for her? We have a few leads of where she might be and who she is with. Could other, more experienced folk give me suggestions?

Thanks. Bae DaeBok


Don't make it into a vendetta or turn it into an obsession.

You can start frequenting the souqs where maids hang out, especially on Friday. You can publish her picture in the newspapers, inform her embassy, maybe even hire someone to hang out in these places until they see her and call the police.

If you are going to sponsor another maid you need a clearance letter from CID so that you can start procedures to sponsor another maid. If not just make sure that you are not actively her sponsor.

In other Gulf countries like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait they have periodic dragnets to arrest people who have overstayed their visas, residence permit and are AWOL from their employers.

It is painful to find out that someone who's been with you under one roof has betrayed your trust but these things happen. Makes you wiser.

Time to move on.

Good luck.


Am I walking into nazi Germany in the 1940s here.


I don't care uf I end up earning £100,000 a year I will never employ another person my dirty work and complain about it when it goes wrong.

Did you seriously employ someone to dust around your valuables?

Get a grip.

I think I will drop my trade and experience and become a cleaner.

And I will gladly rob you blind.

I can't believe I am reading this.

It reminds me of 1960s Alabama.

This is a common case for maids who works out here in abroad, you can never satisfy them as they want more and they are very demanding.

But on the other hand, this is a typical accusation from the sponsors to any maids, whatever their nationality is, that she stole some jewelries, money, etc! They may be ungrateful, but inventing something just to put them in trouble is not really necessary!

I did have a real bad experience with them but all I do is, I stopped having one! you can't even depend them with your kids! you're better of hiring houseboy once or twice a week instead as they don't really gossip or spread rumors about you!

Just keep dancing, it will do you good!!!


Call it intuition but you seem like a genuinly nice person.

I, we had a nanny [in the UK] because we were both enthraled with our jobs.

And we were VERY lucky to have someone that our children loved.

While I have worked away I paid to have my laundry done ,BUT I NEVER LEFT MONEY IN MY POCKETS.

This is 2007, hire help yes, it is good ecomomy all round.

But OMG.

Ah ur maid run away no problem get a new one chill :D

JBH .... you say

"I don't care uf I end up earning £100,000 a year I will never employ another person my dirty work (presume you mean house cleaner) and complain about it when it goes wrong"

but in your next posting you say how you hired a nanny to look after your kids as you were "enthraled with your jobs".

Seems like you were more concerned about your materialistic belongings rather than your kids. Haven't you ever read about how kids can be mistreated by nanny's and babysitters, they too have broken the trust given by their employers... big time!! Would you then blame the employer for hiring someone to look after the kids? Also, what's to say a nanny wouldn't steal your valuable anyhows?

Do you have your head buried in the sand while living in the Middle East. It is very common here for people to have housemaids, houseboys etc. Not at all like Nazi Germany ... where on earth did you pull that one from?????

Are you saying if you have a housemaid you are like a nazi german?

What's this Nazi business and racist America stuff? You're way too harsh.

People everywhere hire domestic help. Sometimes the domestic help is straight and loyal other times not. Homes are full of valuables not just cash and jewelry that are inviting to acquaintances, people coming in on day jobs (painters, builders, plumbers, carpet cleaners...).

Give the guy a break!

JBH- housemaids, houseboys are all normal here. People come here specifically for those jobs.

that must have been horrid to happen to you! I know someone who this happened too a while ago, luckily my friends husband had got jobs elsewhere for all the maids family so when the maid did run away they knew where to find them she ended up being deported!! I think this is would what scare me the most about having a house maid! we have a cleaner come in twice a week and he does an amazing job and hes so honest and trustworthy! You poor thing i guess all you can do is keep looking for her.

And when u find her tell her YOU ARE FIRED :p

I take no personal sides on this one.

But like always there is a hidden cause for this kind of behavior.

Lets all assume the sponsor did treat his maid with dignity, care and respect at all times.


She extended her "Out in town too long and found herself a part time close companion" and decided that the little pleasures of the flesh are more important and does not know how to return back to her duties because of the embarrassment or fear of her being send to jail for being AWOL a couple of hours?


She just got fed up with her job, treatment, the salary and her impoverish conditions?

Who knows what really happen?

Only god and the law. The law is going to held her responsible for her actions and believe whatever you said.

My recomendation to you:

If you find her deport her and move on with your life. Throwing her in jail is not going to solve anything, If you really have a good heart. All the trunk cards are in your favor not hers

The statement of missing jewelry:

Lets not forget the Jewelry issue. Did you inventory and recorded your values with documentation to prove ownership? If you haven't, don't get caught with a false statement. Specially after few days later you discover you had some missing jewelry. Expect justice to act, where is deserve, not what you wish in anger. I will find her and ask her, if she really stole your property? Track it down to where is at and identify each jewelry, since is your hard earn money, then deport her with a bad conduct.

To continue searching fro her in Doha? Is up to your desire in how fast you want to close this case. Since the law is already involved, that is just one more burden for the system to worry about.

But best for all History of bad treatment and abuse for maids is common in this region and don't forget to read the owners manual for your washer and dryer machine if you have any and be bless my friend.

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery

None but ourselves can free our minds..

She for sure have a reason why she run away.........!Im sure if you treat her so good she still around..Its none of my business but if your agry and disappointed of what ever happen between u and your housemaid.Its really you and her knows the truth...!Move on...if you happen to find her the best thing to do is deported her...Problem is solve....!Good luck!!!!!!!!

Sorry what you have gone through, but do you really think handing over her passport is going to achieve anything.

I agree with RED_POPE, throwing her in jail is not going to solve you think she deserves this type of punishment? Do you know how terrible the conditions are in prison?

Being Asian she will be treated like dirt, and this will possibly ruin her life.

Have you considered why she suddenly ran off the way she did?

i have been thinking about getting a maid for ages but these stories always discourage me. taking jewellery and money is inexcusable!


I was over emotional and rude.

And I appologise.

I just reminded me of a runaway slave wanted poster.

Again, I appologise.

I can't help but notice that every time there's a thread with controversial issue, people seem to read and comment to other people's reply rather than replying to the original topic, sometimes it goes off topic ---> just like now... sorry...

To answer your question, yes, go to the Philippine embassy or call them 4831585 and ask them for help / opinion.

I am thinking that one way to garner loyalty from your maid is to treat her with didnity and respect and don't pay the lowest wage you possibly can.

I am not saying you paid her poorly but I always like to think that if people prepare your food every day it might be good idea to pay her well and treat her with respect, otherwise you never know what will end up in there.

when ever I see a maid being treated poorly over here I always like to imagine her secretly adding extras to her "masters" food. It makes me feel better.


Don't f@@k with the cook.

Whatever reason she left I'm sure it was for a good reason, and if she took your jewelry I'm sure it's because she needed it more than you do.

I feel your scorn and I accept it-Jon Stewart

Bae DaeBok, I honestly don't know how to help you anymore than you have already done. But at least you have one thing on your side. Now that you have officially filed a report and handed over her passport, you are no longer responsible for what she does (criminally speaking...if she chooses to do so).

Housemaids are very common in the middle east, and frankly I do not believe that it is slavery. Any insinuation otherwise is ignorant. Many western expats; the 'new' ones that is (people that have only just recently moved from their countries of origin for the first time) sometimes have a hard time adapting to the 'type' of life many expats here live.

Whilst it is true that you hear some horror stories about housemaids being mistreated by their employers, I honestly do not think that Bae DaeBok is at fault here. Over the many years I have lived in the middle east I have NEVER heard of a western family mistreating housemaids or houseboys etc. Never!

When someone insinuates that hiring a housemaid is akin to slavery, should really look at the big picture. (JBH I know you've apologised, this is meant for anyone else that might think something similar). It costs ALOT to sponsor a maid. You pay a huge sum of money to the agency involved, then you have to pay medical, tickets home and living expenses for the person you hire. After forking out that you still have to meet the minimum requirement (now by law if you hire a lady from the philippines) to pay a minimum of 400$ USD per month.

Some are lucky and find a hardworking honest person; others no....that is just life. But bearing in mind that as a sponsor you are responsible for the person sponsored and lets face it you have a stranger in your house, looking after your kids and/or property; if they misbehave....well you don't really have a leg to stand on.

In moscow the salary for a housemaid was 800$ a month. And you want to what? I always treated her with respect, gave her extra days off to run errands if she needed to and attend interviews (as we were moving), never made her feel like a 'maid' and you know what it got me? soon as she had no need for me, she left me standing; even after she promised me that she would stay until our moving date.

Anyone that has a job here, whatever the job entails, is expected to be honest. I am kind hearted person, by I will never tolerate dishonesty.

Bae DaeBok, I'm sorry this happened to you.

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." Mahatma Gandhi

It's one thing to confront the maid, but to take her passport away and have her potentially locked away is in my eyes cruel.

They have it hard enough as it is....I'm sorry but if I was in their shoes would probably do the same. It's so easy to say what is right and wrong when money isn't an issue, but the majority of these maids are desperate and will do anything to survive.

"if she took your jewelry I'm sure it's because she needed it more than you do."

Wow. What if she needed a DVD player, a 19" PC Monitor, a lamp, silver cutlery... Why not clean up the whole house!

What are you going to do? Let it stress you out and cry about it, or just say. Humph she must have needed it more than I do. Once you've reported it to the police, not much else you can do.

I feel your scorn and I accept it-Jon Stewart

So we get upset and sympathize with a QL member when his wife's purse including money, IDs and everything else is stolen from the trolley at Carrefour but we're cruel for trying to put things straight? What's wrong with you people!

Nothing is more admirable and respectable than a hard working honest person.

If you're such do-gooders and want to help these poor and disadvantaged people why don't you pretend to hire them for household chores and let them rip you off to your hearts' content?

you people blow my mind. I can't believe you are making excuses for this person. Bottom line is she is a theif. She took things that did not belong to her. Now you think he is suppose to worry about what will happen her. Give me a break! I wonder how you would feel if someone you trusted and lived in your home for several years turned around and ripped you off???

Charlene, what a sad world it would be if we all accused people of nothing we know anything about. You haven’t heard her side and your calling her a thief??? Thats a little harsh. have a good point, takes two hands to clap..and i believe in karma..either it's bad or good..

cheers !!!

How sure are you that she's a thief?

In my experience knowing all the troubles that maids has to deal with, it's either they get maltreated by their employer or they get accused of something they didn't do when their Bosses are annoyed with them, they have no sympathy whatsoever when they are angry! So they tend to think to revenge to this person and all they can think is to do bad things to her.

Who amongst you! haven't done any sins cast the first stone!

I'm not saying I sympathized this maid as they are all nuisance, I just stop hiring one. but to be humane, if you don't like them just release them and good luck if you find a nice person next time. "Karma" will bring all the good things and the bad things you do, it may not happen immediately but eventually!!!

Just keep dancing, it will do you good!!!

she is a part of an international team of housemaid thieves praying on idle expat's, who prefer to sit around doing very little and want to be waited on. I think we all should lock away our valuables as this is not and will not be an isolated incident.

Not that i am condoning her alleged behavior, but we should remember. What they see in your house, could feed their families for years.

Ps. check your valuables as she could have been in your house whilst you have been on line

Just keep dancing, it will do you good!!!

response, I am considerate and a caring person who tells it as it is. How many Brits have housemaids in the UK? As having a housemaid seems to be a fashion accessory and not a necessity. It is interesting to be called racist……that’s a first!

Now the police have her passport she is totally F**cked. Well done for that lets hope she didnt have any family because she wont be seeing them for a long time.

Having a housemaid is slavery on $400 a month that is 200 pounds, forget about the sponsoring part that is still only about £1000 pounds may be more all in.

Could you get someone in England or America to work full time for £200 pounds a month. I doubt it with minimum wage at over 5 pounds an hour.

By hiring a maid you are perpetuating human trafficing and modern day slavery. If you and your partner both work then obviously a maid is needed, one of my friends have a maid for that very reason. But if one of you is at home all day basically you are saying you can't be bothered to do the houswork or look after the kids and then take advantage of the fact by hiring a cheap (even at 200 pound) maid.

Therefore perhaps depriving a child of her mother.

However I have no doubt what so ever that Westerners treat their maids like Princeses compared to thir Arab cousins.


Having a home help, not a problem in my oppinion.

But I can't get past the complacancy.

Th nanny we had in the UK came about because my wife was discussing having to leave her job with a coleague, this was before the baby was born.

The coleague said that she used to be a nanny for one of our friends and would rather do it for us than her current job.

We knew her well so everyone was a winner.


We never left money or jewelry lying about.

And if we had I would have considered it our fault if it had gone.

I'm sorry but that is just inviting trouble, especially when employing a very low income stranger.

I shudder to think where she is now, for all we know she could have been put up to it by someone manipulaive and evil.

I gather she is out there somewhere with no passport, at whose mercy?

She would have been better off hanging out at the Souks all day handing over the passport and saying Adios. Now this girl has a VERY REAL possiblility of spending a very long time in JAIL !!!! thats not a very nice thought.

And for what, who wears gold Jewelry and more, its so tacky.

I genuinly would not be able to sleep at night knowing this girl is out there in a foreign country with no money (well maybe a few Ryals from the gold ugh jewelry) In a Muslim country !!!.

JBH in England I think having a maid is a different matter, wages freedom of movement no sponsor. Ability to leave when you want no passport confiscations and not being thousands of miles from home.

I would not feel so bad about it there, if I could afford it which I doubt I could. Here It just doesn't feel right.

With any luck she will get away with only 20 lashings and 5 years behind bars. Sometimes maids or should I say slave workers, disappear for good after they have been accused of a crime, never to be seen by their families again. Do you really think someone deserves to have their life destroyed over jewellery? And don’t give me this crap about how they should have thought about that before they committed the crime.

Exactly. If she is willing to risk that for some gold jewellry and to get away from her sponsors, obviously she is in a situation none of us can imagine.

I feel your scorn and I accept it-Jon Stewart

This girl is now in serious trouble, she may have had problems but clearly didnt feel able to tell her sponsor. So any thing said about the sponsor being nice is probably shite.

If you are here as a maid the last thing you would willingly do is STEAL unless you are really desperate. The girl must have know the consequences and right now she is in serious trouble.

This is a terrible situation and quite frankly unless the my maid had killed my kid there is no way I would ever hand her over to the authorities.

Even if that night you packed her bags and took her to the airport AND brought her ticket I BET you would still be better off financially than if you hired the same in England or the states.

Personally I would have the money waiting for just an occasion, so it costs me a few hundred quid. At least every night I don't have to picture a poor scared girl in prison for the duration, in a muslim country where women at the best of times are treated like second class citizens.

This is really bad. And a tenner says she finds the Gold down the back of the Sofa and who keeps large amounts of money around the house. HELLO cash point !!

Why its not like you need it, she was only getting paid 13 dollars A DAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Right now that is 7 quid !!!!

I wish I kept large amounts of money around the house. I could use some right now. :P Pearl is expensive.

I feel your scorn and I accept it-Jon Stewart


Can't lose.

i have house boy coming 3 times a week..both of us not home because we are working. So this boy cleaning my place with every room open, my laptops on the table my jewelry and cameras at bedroom.

But he never steal it? he is very honest..or is just me so clumsy by letting everything open.

tell me what shall i do?

r7 r7

it just depends if the person is trustworthy or not.. My cleaning guy has the keys to the house as well cant get any worse :P but hes a goodfella hes been here since ages....

Frst of all,There is always two sides of stories here ok..

Why not keep your money in the bank if its a large amount of money or in a safe deposit box.Clearly is just an aligations.And the golds why not keep in the safe place.........!!!


Guys come into my place clean give em keys out all day come back clean flat stuff still there, its not worth their while to steal, they know what would happen to them why risk it.

Just because they are poor doesnt make them any less honest

i always treat people with trust..i always positive when i see people..and they noticed. So they wont betray me..

But people can always be so greedy. My first maid is asian who dress so nice and have more expensive phone than me.

In the beginnig she convinced me that she also a secretary during the day, so i didnt say anything. So she do her job without me saying things but then i found all the cleaning stuff in the floor. I asked her in the phone why she left it behind. And she sid because its been 3 hours already. and its finish, she will finish it another day. eh eh funny!

She always want 2 month in advance time i did pay 2 months in advance plus another 2 months so it's 4 month, because i have to leave to my country

She called me to indonesia and said i didnt pay her salary.

Guys always ask for receipt!!!!! eh ehe he


It is about leaving temptation.

And some low life could bully them into getting things for them.

If it is not in sight they can't take it.

But in general with the penalty so high here, the bad ones will be a very small and rather stupid bunch.

I tend to trust till that trust is broken. Misguided, who knows probably.

Clearly I will be robbed tomorrow car stolen and be deported for drunkeness or posting on here. Oh bugger.

But I would probably pay for that girls ticket home, but now she is in the nether world.

Did someone say Karma

I used the word "Karma" for people to realize and think many times before making such a decision that is likely to bounce back! Good or Bad! there is "Karma!"

Just keep dancing, it will do you good!!!

sorry guys, cant help but comment on the kiara's penguin and aviduser's spidie..really entertains me..

(sorry if i did not post a sensible comment here)..

[img_assist|nid=12924|title=|desc=love, respect and humility...|link=none|align=center|width=180|height=118]

I know of a national bragging about not wanting to pay his slaves (housemaid/driver), so he told the driver to fetch something from a room. The maid was in the room so when the driver went in the room the national locked the door and called the police. They were charged with illicit relations and jailed then deported.

And he was bragging about it like he was proud of screwing these poor people out of their little wage.

One of the most heartless things I've heard someone doing here.

I know you just wants point! he! he! he!

That Spidie is one of my Buddy and we like to dance all the time!

Just keep dancing, it will do you good!!!

Just mentioned this to my Fiancee, she said even if the girl nicked her engagement ring and WE knew she nicked it. We still wouldnt take her to the police, purely becasue her fate would be too terrible to imagine, the prisons here are pure hell holes filled with people too poor to get out.

This whole incident is truely terrible.

On a lighter note here is spidie


It says in the original opst;

"She was seen by one of her relatives in the souqs a few weeks ago so she is still here."

You could use her relatives to make contact.

Try and do a deal to get, at least some, of your things back and give her her passport back.

For an individual to get a housemaid, he has to hire from abroad (nepal, Indonesia, India, Philippines, etc) because if he/she hires from here, the prospective employee demands too high salary with benefits.

Once the lucky lady gets chosen from a catalogue (more of a mug shots)of applicants sent by the the local agencies, the prospective coughs out maximum QAR4500 - 5,000 to pay for the visa, documents processing, plane tickets, medicals, iqama processing, the whole ENCHELADA!!!

The lucky lady back in her country would be notified that she got an employer. YEAHEY!!! So, she undergoes medical exam to determine if she's fit to work and prepare the placement fee to pay the agency WHO HELPED HER find the job. So, she would borrow from the loanshark, or pawn/sell the family's property thinking that they could redeem it in a couple months or so. she won't even bother to read the contract as she was so excited she's going abroad!

So, she comes to Doha, Qatar and finds out that she would get QAR 800 - 1,000 per month. No day offs and tied to the contract for 2 years. Lucky her if she got a westerner for an employer because generally, they are very good employers, treat their househelp like families. Majority of the sponsors are of arab nationalities or the locals and I can assure you, most are treated like animals.


What you are is what you have been, and what you will be is what you do now. - Buddha

than maids by their local masters. If any of you have Al Jazeera I advise you watch a prog at the WKend called "maids for sale" after watching that and manage to keep a dry eye, (i didn't) then chat about maids. The film is powerful and tragic. Azi is right they can't even read the contracts. The film is well recommended. It may open some peoples eyes others will still love to thow them to the wolves

My first sponsor owns a recruitment agency here in Doha. He never mistreated his househelps and would you believe he has one Filipina lady who stayed with his family for 15 years until to this very day.

And the stories that these ladies tell me about their employers would make you want to go after these people and hit them in the head (of course I couldn't, or else I could've been deported

My point is, there must be a reason why your KADAMA ran away, baedaebok. I'm not saying you treated her badly, I know you would never do anything of such. I also know deep inside you're worried of what ever happened to her and what will become of her, no passpost or money in an arab state such as Qatar.

Don't worry, usually these runaway would go to our Philippine Embassy for help. Just check/call the embassy for information.

What you are is what you have been, and what you will be is what you do now. - Buddha


You are a nice person.

I don't think I would like to make such a commitment to a person.

What if it doesn't work out for me and I have to return home?

What would happen to the home help?

Azzi is right try the Philippine Embassy they ussually go there.

But please have pity on this girl...

While reading this thread my hear is totally broken, i think i wouldnt be able to sleep just thinking about this girl.



Most of the sponsors who couldn't take their KADAMA with them to their home country have the options of:

* Send the KADAMA back home to their country;

* Find another employer/sponsor who would be willing to take over the sponsorship. They will then notify the agency (here in Doha) to process the sponsor transfer.

* If there's no one she could transfer her sponsorship to, you need to go back to the agnecy (here in Doha) to help you find her another sponsor. The agency would love that as they would charge the new sponsor

My first sponsor would definitely be upset with me if he finds out I'm telling these


What you are is what you have been, and what you will be is what you do now. - Buddha

The point is even if she DID steal jewellery, how low can you get giving her passport away to the CID. You’re basically taking away her life. If she is caught, all I can say is god help her. It's not like she killed someone.

I know a couple of people who have got on the wrong side of the law in Doha, for ridiculous petty things, and the charges were absurd. Two of them sat in cells for 2 days and they said it was the most tragic thing they have ever witnessed. Yah go Doha! Oh and they were westerners. Can you imagine how the Asians would be treated in jail :(

Wish there was something I could do to stop this disgusting treatment...any ideas?

Tell me if the horse starts loving grass than what the hell will the horse eat. an employer is never interested in ur personal life all he need is good work from you.what went wrong here btwn the maid and baeda they know better.well she run away might be some reason may be strong reason who knows beada didnot clear anything here just that she got away and she stole few things. so i prefer leave it to them.well all u know 5 fingers are never equal.she did steal and thats a crime :)

the money. And if she does go to the embassy she won't be able to leave because the sponsor has reported her.

The girl is now caught in a catch 22, she is pretty much stuffed unless, the sponsor retracts the allegation, gets the passport back and then gives it to the embassy along with contact details.

That is the only chance this girl now has of any freedom, they could say it was all a terrible mis-understanding.

Although I doubt CID are gonna give the passport back.

Well done for this you pretty much have blood on your hands congratulations.

Karma's a bitch.

You guys are ignorant of the due process. If this maid is caught the sponsor will be called to the police station and asked if he wants to press charges. If he does then she is put in jail to await trial unless someone bails her out.

If the sponsor declines to press charges she is released back to his sponsorship/responsibility at which point the sponsor can choose to send her back home or keep her. She is not automatically imprisoned, put on trial and convicted as you obviously and wrongly assume.

I think the ultimate responsibility lies with the governments of the Philippines, Indonesia and the handful of other maid exporting countries that treat their citizens as a source of hard currency more than anything else.

And for your info, azilana7037, our next door neighbors are very easygoing and nice people with 2 cute and polite kids. She had Fridays off and was well cared for. Their Filippina maid ran away for absolutely no reason. Do not assume these maids are angels because you hear some horror stories. I had a Filippina maid and caught her stealing from us towards the end of her contract. I took back our property, let her keep the dishwashing liquid, detergent, soap, creams, etc, that she'd been hoarding before returning to Manila and ordered a limousine to take her to the airport.

My current Filippina maid was making almost hour-long phone calls to Manila. You know what my wife said? "Forget it." And, yes, we treat her extremely decently and remember all the occasions; Christmas, Easter, her birthday.

As for your statement, "Lucky her if she got a westerner for an employer because generally, they are very good employers, treat their househelp like families. Majority of the sponsors are of arab nationalities or the locals and I can assure you, most are treated like animals."

Thank you. At least I, for one, know what you think of (most of) us native Arabic speakers.

I assure you most Arab sponsors aren't so bad. Go wag the finger at your government.

I'm not garnering support (why do I feel like cutesrk's lurking here somewhere...hehehe)for the lady.

If she really stole those jewelries, THERE must be a reason too...


What you are is what you have been, and what you will be is what you do now. - Buddha

Yes, the reason is she's an ungrateful thief if it's the way baedaebok describes it and I tend to believe him; his avatar doesn't look like that of an abusive Arab.

She could've left without stealing.

There's always a reason, if you want, for murder, robbery, rape, vandalism. The perp can plead insanity or an abused childhood. Blame the victim.

If you don't like what I'm saying as e46M3 then I'm cutesrk and anyone else you wish.


1. How do you know for a fact that she is an "ungrateful thief"?

2. Do you really believe the crime being so bad that she deserves her passport taken away..ummmm...that’s called having no rights as a human being.

3. How do you know that the sponsor gets to decide what happens to her now that he has given away her passport to the CID? The law is quite tough in Qatar, I don't think it's as simple as that.

It's called human compassion and yeah everyone makes mistakes.

azilana7037 he is not cutesrk's. This guy knows how to put a sentence together and is not an idiot.

who said Arabs are cruel? No way!

Let's re-read the orig post here:

"We have a few leads of where she might be and who she is with"

You guys still on the debate?

Mr. baedebok is missing in action, he may found her runaway maid? He got the leads to find her, He knows whom she live with!

Then cheers! :)

I'm sorry if you found my previous posts above highly offensive as I can assure you that it wasn't the aim. I have no intention to offend you or any Arab nationality as I also enjoy their friendship and hospitality.

But as a point of clarification, what I meant in my previous post is the sponsors I had the honor of meeting because of these kadamas I knew then. I"M NOT GENERALIZING ANYTHING AT ALL. You somehow misunderstood me...

Another thing is, my views is based from what I knew 2 years ago (between the mid-February to April 2005). Some things and people change along the years and maybe these househelps nowadays are abusive than the lot I met before.

So, no need to get your feathers ruffled, dearie.

Again, my apologies...


What you are is what you have been, and what you will be is what you do now. - Buddha

I wasn't referring to you as way

I didn't know your post would come first before mine did. You see, Cutesrk used the phrase "garner support" when he (where is he anyway? As if I didn't thought I was siding with gypsy in another thread he started.

Chill,man...don't stay out in the sun too long, the heat's having an effect on you now.


What you are is what you have been, and what you will be is what you do now. - Buddha

1. Read the whole sentence, it ends with "if it's the way baedaebok describes it and I tend to believe him; his avatar doesn't look like that of an abusive Arab."

2. Who said her passport was taken away? We keep all the passports in our home, including the maid's, in one safe place. It's reachable in case of an emergency and not under guard.

3. I was in that situation. Our eldest son was 6 at the time. Often he'd come down at night awakened by a nightmare and repeating "there's a man in the house... I saw him." One night my wife and I were out separately and I came home and caught the maid and her whatever he is in the act. The guy was an Indian gate security man where we live. I called his boss who came on the double and he called the police. They took them both away to Capital Police and we followed. I was asked if I wanted to press charges and said no. I took her back home and 48 hours later she was on her way back to Manila. That's how I know.

And you know what, we are working parents who have 2 little kids and we love them very much. Some of these experiences we've had with Filippina maids haven't tainted our view of Filippinos in general. We see them as decent and hardworking people and that's why we continue to rely on them, not to raise our kids but just to help out at home. When the recruitment agency told us to tear up our last maid's contract and not honor it I ignored them.

She's cared for better than her contract conditions and so are her kids. But she's definitely not allowed to make 50 something peak time minute phone calls to Manila at my expense!

Treat people as you wish to be treated.

I didn't said or even hinted it...not me, e46M3. YOU DID. You TWISTED what I said and made a very abrupt conclusion out of it. I suggest you better read it again, my friend.

And if you're baiting for a debate or a lively discussion about something which is outof the main topic, buddy I'm not biting.

I can comment on your post about your maid and your neighbor's helper, why not but I WOULDN'T. Why? Because I don't know you, your previous and current kadama. It's your opinion and conclusion about them, I respect that and let it be.

So, chill and let's go back to the topic now, shall we???


What you are is what you have been, and what you will be is what you do now. - Buddha

Your wife is an angel, dearie for allowing your help to use your phone that long. Even my ear aches for using the phone for 15 minutes but 50 minutes???

I guess, you have to sit down and talk to her about it. If she's really a b*&*&ch (your helper), get her to use her own mobile to pay for her own telephone calls.

To tell you honestly, I'm kind of upset whenever I overhear my people talk (in our language) how they take advantage of their employers generosity. I can tell them a piece of my mind but like I said, they have their reasons (irrational or just out of stupidity, it's their reason)


What you are is what you have been, and what you will be is what you do now. - Buddha

"Majority of the sponsors are of arab nationalities or the locals and I can assure you, most are treated like animals."

Your words. That says Arabs are cruel, and worse. I'm not twisting anything. It's your bitter opinion about Arab sponsors of maids.

I don't need your judgment on me or my neighbor or the many people we know who have live-in house help. Just tend to your flock.

And all this is on topic.

Who gives a damn. Theres so many of 'em she's probably hookin' now.

They're the cheapest asians they are the pilipinas. That was the conventional wisdom in my time back there. All the way to the nightclubs of Tokyo and Hong Kong, pilipinas everywhere. Who sez the philipppines doesn't have natural resources.

You bangin yours e46, r2d2 or whatever yer name is?

I suggest you READ my posts concluded it, not me. I said I could comment but I wouldn't...who said about judging? You're taking it on a personal level, my friend. I assure you I am not a judgemental person as you think I am.

Hmmm....tend to my flock? Likewise to you too, my friend. Good night and have a nice weekend... ;-)


What you are is what you have been, and what you will be is what you do now. - Buddha

You guys just misunderstood each others comments. I believe!

There are so many Arabs employers of kindhearted. e.i. My parents in law has a housemaid and they treated her well like a family members i saw it w/ my two eyes.

On the other hand, alot of maltreated housemaid case was reported, the reasons why they want to impose labor laws on housemaids in Qatar.

-Oh No! no way! never E46M3 is cutersk...i think Azzy didn't mean like that too(i'm sure!)



Why don't you say something useful for once, sandie?

Why do you purposefully humiliate a whole nation?

And what do you have against hookers anyway? Competing for the same turf?

I don't recall seeing Filippinas in the strip clubs of LA and Washington, D.C. Just "good ole" local, homegrown talent.

Later, JBH

Kissin' pilipina butt M16 ya loose cannon. Aint ya?

You're almost funny. I don't know if you're insane or need to be released back into the jungle.

As far as I'm concerned you don't exist in this thread anymore.

Scared ya, huh?


I told ya ta get that lil man offa my screen. Or is that u with somethin shoved up where the sun dont shine?

I think ur housemaid is sooo abusive because you show her much kindness. You should put on her limit w/ her calls and charge her more than her limit. That way she will learn to behave herself and control her calls. Hat's off to you because you dont generalize all filipina. Made me respect you more! Good night!

Good night too Azzy!

Talk later, Apple.

sandie just need attention and thats what u guys are doing SIMPLY IGNORE HIM got a big wide mouth will spit out anything he/she just need the jaw to get fixed with 1 big blow and he/she will be fake. Just a fake id and loose canon he/she is :D sandie listen i got some words for u

See That Thumb On Ur Hand Stick It Up Ur A$$ And Start To Dance

have fun and enjoy it :P

1. I have yet to hear her sorry story....have you? An what.? I could have an avatar as ‘irhabi’ (terrorist in Arabic) but I’m not Arab would you so be easily fooled?

2.baedaebok says that he’d handed the passport to CID in his original post so your comment in redundant.

3. Aren’t you very generous contacting the ‘Indian’ security guard’s boss? Since when does one’s manager have any right to interfere in one’s sexual activity (regardless of whether it is inappropriate or not) could have easily reprimanded him yourself. If in any other ‘normal’ country the boss/police would be like...’so what? We have more important things to deal with!” Obviously you-don’t have any compassion for human’s need for interaction and contact given so many of the slave workers are away from family and friends. This further underlies you are either a ‘moral guardian’ or more likely devoid of empathy.

Furthermore you seem to be over-confident in the ability of the local Police in dealing with matters in a fair manner. I look forward to when you collide with a local (when’s it not our fault) and see the response.....oh perhaps you are a local and are blinded? If not, well I can’t understand your naivety.

I can’t comment or defend 50 min calls to Manila but the overall treatment of slave workers here is beyond contempt in Qatar.

If your maid ran away and you didnt report to the police you sure are going to be in trouble. But if you report to the police and surrender the maids passoprt you are called heartless.

Which one would be preferred by everyone?

"If your number one goal is to make sure that everyone likes and approves of you, then you risk sacrificing your uniqueness and, therefore, your excellence."


I think the point there was the fact that he was in his house uninvited.

And the child being minded had been saying there was a strange man in the house.

It would have upset me.

But I have to admit to sometimes going where I shouldn't really be when some er. "compfort" is on offer.

so the logic followed in this thread is 'guilty until proven innocent' or 'guilty until further proven guilty'?

GOd alone knows where this girl is and in what state but most have already passed the preliminary judgement hearing one side of the story. some justice.

good going.hope the real court hears her story when they get her.will there be justice?

happy heart

drive safe because someone is waiting for you at home

ajama hello plz can i be your friend

You're still new at AJ so give me a break with your Western double-standard idealism.

If you're ever in trouble with the cops here the first person to be called is someone in your management. That's because of something called "sponsorship".

In any other country what the security man did is called "unlawful" entry. And I'd do it again and again and agin. A stranger in my house with little children around. Yeah I'm going to have compassion for his libido! Do you even have kids? I doubt it.

Of course baedaebok has to surrender her passport to CID, he's bound to do it by law.

You're still new. You'll learn as you go along.

i think i saw the housemaid u are looking for guys.... inside the QUBE dancing w/ spiderman and a small penguin...hehehehehe!!! cheer up guys! things getting tensed and too serious down here... PEACE

Matter of a fact I do have children.

So if the law told you to jump off the roof you would do it? Come on have you ever heard of common sense.

Shame on me for giving a damn about slave workers...

The law doesn't tell you to kill yourself. The law says if you are the sponsor of someone you are responsible for their actions, debts overstepping of the law. That includes absconding and theft.

There are those of us who need to have live-in house help. Some people abuse their maids, drivers and cooks. They take them with them to restaurants and make them stand and watch from afar as they stuff themselves.

There are those who take them to the supermarkets to push the trolley and grab items from the shelves and put them in the trolley.

And I've seen them at Children's Emergency where the mother leads the way and the maid carries the child into the Emergency at the single moment in time when the child needs the mother most.

That's inexcusable and despicable. I always see it and I always say it.

But there are also those who treat their live-in help decently and with compassion. Treat others as you wish to be treated.

But in the end it's an employer/employee relationship. And I'll be damned if I let anyone abuse my trust or pose a threat to my home and children.

I was the first person to respond to baedaebok's post. I told him to move on.

I've said enough on this topic. Now it's time to take the family to the beach.

rfc rfc

bae daebok, you must go to the embassy of the country from where she come from ad ask advice/opinion for that matter..and try to checked yourselves man, why she left?mostly the housemates runaway for maltreatment, i am not saying that was the case,its only you and him knows it,,binging him in jail will not solved the case. be kind,if you find her out,deport him the better,for the mean time move on,,,your heart is full of vengeance,,,,unwind yourself along corniche breath with see breeze....good luck

I really do not understand how Nazi Germany can be related to this subject.

I will be thankful and glad if omeone can give me an explanation.

thank you this case a bit of a Nazi justice wil be required...just to make sure she wont do it again.

Dear dreamer......

first of all i think she decided to work in this country for a better money.

second, probably she dont have the education to do any other job...moreover can you tell me how she can get 20000 pesos (400$) back in the Philippines as a maid???

Open you eyes.....and your mind too.

i am with you owen.

no comment.

you are a lovely honest good girl.......but not wise enough.

Yeah, pay her a couple of million like the Enron guys got, that kept them honest.

Don't be in a hurry to condemn because he doesn't do what you do or think as you think or as fast. There was a time when you didn't know what you know today.

And if you were a real "man" you would give up half your bourgois wages for the poor people

Don't be in a hurry to condemn because he doesn't do what you do or think as you think or as fast. There was a time when you didn't know what you know today.

are you from Californicate? If!! she stole anything then she is a thief "full stop".

Don't be in a hurry to condemn because he doesn't do what you do or think as you think or as fast. There was a time when you didn't know what you know today.

Hi, I dont mean to sound so rude but I feel you deserve it, first of all who the hell leaves money and gold laying around the house, second of all your the one to blame for putting too much trust into a stranger, I mean at the end of the day she's not here to make friends with you, she's here for the money, ad when she finds an oppurtunity to steal she will steal because you gave her that oppurtunity, honestly i feel so sorry for her, she's going to get caught eventually, she's gonna get slapped around a little,jailed then deported because of your complaint to the CID. I feel sorry for your maid

Somebody please send his maid back to baedaebok!!!! it's been going on for days!!! he needs her to clean up his money lying around his house!!!aaahhhhhrrrrrggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!

Just keep dancing, it will do you good!!!

We get an upadate, perhaps if the original poster could tell us when the embassy contacts them. Then we can know that a QL poster hasn't sent a person to rot in jail. That would be nice.

Once again I implore anyone who hire maids or are thinking of hiring maids to watch AL jazeera English over the Wk end, they are showing a programme called Witness, this week the story is called "maid for sale"

It is heartbreaking and would make anyone think twice about hiring or keeping a maid.

Please watch it then see if afterwards you can not have pity on these poor girls.

and what time is this prgramme going to be aired.

Check out the schedule:

The practice of employers retaining the passports of their employees is against international law and should not be allowed in any circumstances.

I was under the impression it is now outlawed even in Qatar, although if so then this law is obviously being widely disregarded.

A passport is the property of the person it is issued to and the issuing state. Any person with a passport should always, I repeat always, keep it in his/her personal possession.

I cannot emphasize this enough.

If your passport is being withheld by your employer, you are within your rights to demand it back and, if refused, make a complaint against the person or company responsible.

It is time the expat workers in Middle East had some human rights.

The current sponsorship system is so outdated it will inevitably fall, and the sooner the better. Right now, we are all if not in slavery at least in bonded employment and any real competition is stifled.

I look forward to the time when workforce is retained not by virtual coercion but by creating conditions that support staying.

Frst of all ,why judge her,when you dnt even know her!there is always two side of stories here?Your just one sided person?You should be open minded person when it comes to open discussions...Dnt judge the book by its cover !

Thanks for the advice. I posted the original message 3 days ago and, as of today, there are 114 replies. I'm not AWOL but I didn't expect so much replies. It's taking almost an hour to read through them and reply. I guess it is a hot topic. Are there any actual housemaids or nannies reading this? If so, what do they think?

So many issues to address...where to start?

A. Why did she ran?

(1) It is a long story but we had heard different stories from different people (her cousin, aunts, and some friends) that she was "Out in town too long and found herself a part time close companion" (as Red Pope put it). In hindsight, it was mistake but, at the time, it seemed like a good idea. I planned a meeting between our housemaid and three people who were accusing her (a neighbour, her 1st boyfriend, and an ex-friend). The day after I told her about this upcoming meeting, she ran. I guess she felt emabarrased and shame. Also,

(2) Her salary - the sensitive issue! I paid her almost at the market rate: QR700 (second year raised to QR800). She probably felt that this was not high enough. I believe in paying at (or near) the market rate (QR600, but I've heard that the Phillipino Embassy (recently) will only allow maids here who are guaranteed QR1200). I believe in "charity" and "you get what you pay for" but the market rate needs to be respected. If it is not respected and a few people pay a lot more, the majority of maids will hear of this and feel bad, harass their sponsors, etc. The whole situation will be worse than if they had enver found out. I give to my own charities and I doubt that giving her an extra QR300-400 per month would have changed her. Hiring someone is not a form of charity.

(3) Our treatment - This is a subjective issue. Nice is subjective but I think we treated her nicely. At first, we gave her Friday and Saturday off until she started coming back too late on Sunday morning, so we let her off only Friday. In terms of food, clothes, hygenic items, etc., she got whatever she asked for. We bought her health insurance and took her out to restaurants when we went (admittedly, not all the time). I never shouted at her and probably was too lenient with her. This leniency blew up in my face because she took advantage of us. Admittedly, I was in my office during the day so I don't know how my wife treated her. I know that she was stricter. One thing I regret not doing is sitting down with her once a week and asking her about how she felt about living with us. We did that only when there was a problem which is not a good idea. We treated her like family. At first, we invited to dine with my family but she bowed out a few months later. I did keep her passport in my office. If I not taken her passport and she ran, I would have been screwed. If the police had caught her working somewhere, I would be fined a lot. Now, I'm scot-free. We carried our own child everywhere and only used the maid when we went out.

(4) Disparity of wealth - She saw what we had and possibly felt jealous or bad about it. Her husband and two kids in the Philpines are quite poor. I've seen their home in pictures and I am deeply humbled by what I see. Her son does have a medical condition which requires expensive vitamins. We are pretty frugal but, compared to her, not frugal enough. For example, when we bought a new 4WD, she probably felt bad. She could have fed her family on just 10% of what we spent on a car.

B. Was she falsely accused? Actually, my wife said her jewelly was missing. She identified the necklace and other things that are now missing. She only noticed after she bought a necklace that she wanted to use with the missing pendent. Two other possible areas: we left our cell phone recharing in the main house (no maids quaters). At the time, we were surprised when the cell phone Hala card values disappeared quickly. I hardly use the cell phone and usually leave it at home. Also, my wallet seemed to be empty a lot after I put money in it (from the past night). These are not definite so I can't use them with the police but I am moving forward ont he jewerlly theft.

C. Why did she steal? SHe stole because she doesn't think ahead. SHe did other foolish things like apologize to her neighbour about some crime by SMS. Now this neighbour can use this message as proof that she had done that crime.

D. Where is she now? She is somewhere in Doha. Her aunt saw her a few weeks ago in the souqs area with another Phillipina. I don't where she is now but I've heard is living with her boyfriend. The Phillipino Embassy, CID, and the police station in my area have all been notified of her crimes. A friend has a picture of the Phillipino man who the neighbour thinks is the maid's 2nd boyfriend (the man who she was living with but may have moved for fear of discovery).

Actually, she did use our house last summer to sleep with her boyfriend. She admitted this to our neighbour (whose house she used for a similar reason last December).

If she was only interested in money, then she should have stayed with her weekend part-time jobs instead of running after boys and the night-life. She had not reported family problems back home.

E. My recommendations

(1) Always sit down with your maid each week to ask how she is doing. Be strict but make her feel wanted and comfortable.

(2) Keep back a security deposit of QR2000 or so. Of course, it will be returned.

Nothing new has happened with our runaway maid. Nobody has heard from her.

My wife and I went down to the police station yesterday to issue a report about the theft. The police did chastice me for leaving jewellry & money laying around (and not in a safe, as all my maid-hiring expat friends do). They said they will start looking for her. They have "informants" on the street who look like average people but are trained to observe people and notice people who look like runaway maids. Once they catch her, they will notify me. Then, she will be tried in a court where the judge will determine her sentence based on the two crimes: theft and running away. To think that she could have avoided all this by just sitting down and saying she wanted to return to the Phillipines (instead of just disappearing and hiding and taking all that stuff with her).

And, yes, Scorpio, I am moving on. I have better things to do than spend all day thinking about how to find this maid or have a pity party about it. My work is getting pretty busy so I need to keep up to date. Actually, I went down to the beach with my daughter kast Friday morning for some daddy-daughter quality time.

And try and create a better life for herself nd now she is facing jail for petty theft. Things really turned out good for this girl. I stand by every commment I made about this situation.

What on earth were you doing sitting her down and discussing her private life. When she was out of the house what she did in her time was none of your business.

My Fiancee thinks your name is Korean can you confirm you are a Korean National.

Hi Aviduser, I think you misread some of that, I don't think Bae was sitting down and discussing his maid's personal life with her.

I think he was saying that he *should* have done that, well, maybe not the more 'personal' elements of her life, but he was saying that he should have sat down every now and again to have a chat with the maid to see if everything was okay and to check whether the maid had any problems.

I don't see what's wrong with that, because a maid being really far away from home, if she has problems she should be able to talk to her employers. Maybe if he had sat down and chatted to the maid about how she was finding life and whether she had any problems, the problems could have been nipped in the bud and resolved before they got to the stage where the maid did what she did.

And again I think you misread, when you said that what she was doing out of the house and in her own time was none of her employer's business.

Bae said that the maid was conducting her personal relations in his home, so it is his business, if his maid is sneaking around and bringing unknown men back to his home, where his wife and children are, then I'd say that's every bit of his business.


Well said.

It dun't really matter.

I have a couple of question for you Baedaebok.

Are you going to proceed to charge her legaly, incarceration etc, etc, once you find her?

Reading your statement, you seem to be a pretty fair person, You just had your personal and family novelty abuse a bit.

3- Don't forget to writte your house rules clearly and notorized your contract with the next maid. This companies that sponsor maids are based only in the state laws and not the household rules. Don't depend on the state laws everytime. Make your own when dealing with foreigners working for you.

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery

None but ourselves can free our minds..

Sorry guy's butthis is out of the topic, just want to ask where can we hire a maid here in Qatar? is there any agency here that we can contact?


I would suggest the following next time you hire a maid. Usually I let my wife do this (girl talk):

1. On the househelp's first day, before showing her room (in the case of living-in), talk to her about her responsibilities and the house rules that you set for her. These are things like her off-days, what time she is expected to return home on her days off, laundry day, ironing day, so forth....

2. Teach them how to handle money. For many, this is the first time they will handle such amount of money. Teach or suggest to them how to budget their money (how much to send home and how much to keep for themselves). So they do not try to live miserably here just to send a big amount back home. This tendency to be over frugal leads to loneliness, self-pity and ultimately they run away or do something bad.

3. Keep and lock your precious items in a safe or in your room. Let's face it. Money and jewelry are always a temptation and people have different tolerance to temptations of getting a quick buck.

4. A good time to talk to them each month is before you give their monthly salary. They will listen to you more in anticipation of their salary.

These are just suggestions.

1. You have no right holding anyone's passport. Do you realize or care that this is exploiting human rights?

2. The way you talk about your treatment towards her sounds like you own her. This is the attitude by many "masters".... you have paid all this money to sponsor someone and bring them over, so you own them yes? Giving her 1 day off a week for 700 riyals a month is slavery...why is it that no one cares about this?....only the damn jewelry!!

3. 700 riyals a month....what more can I wonder why she had no respect for you or your family…..I don't know anyone that would.

I have a part-time nanny and pay her 500 a week...I'll tell you one thing....she treats us with so much respect...vice versa that I needn't lock up anything and feel safe leaving my child with her, night or day! How can you put a price on your child's safety?

This money goes towards her children's education back they can actually have a future.

Check the housemaid sponsoring agency down at Sofitel. The fee is reasonable: it covers the return airfare, getting a 2-yr housemaid visa, and a finder's charge for the agency. It's on the ground floor of Sofitel, in the row of shops off to one side. It's the one with the desk with papers all over them. They have a catalogue with info about each housemaid: picture, age, religion, and marital status. Unfortunately, when I was there, experience and references are not included so you don't know what you are getting (in that sense). References are key! Next time we get a maid, we will only accept a housemaid with good expat references that we can verify and trust.

I'm not Korean nor Asian. It's just a cute username that I picked up when I lived in Korea. Given the flurry of issues that have come up about my housemaid discussion, I dare not provide anymore clues as to who I am (other than I am a resident of Qatar, living in Doha). Who knows...maybe some of my coworkers are reading this!

I may be sitting in the room next to you...LOL..wouldn't that be a blast!

Good luck with finding a new maid, hope this one works out for you :)

Thanx for the info baedabok

I had a part-time maid and treated her with love and respect. I gave her 100Qr and the day off for her birthday every year and 500QR bonus for each Christmas. I thought that would insure loyalty. HAHA She did end up stealing--not from me, but from my 11 year old son! Rather that make a big fuss over 500QR, I simply fired her. I told her other employers (my friends) as well. They fired her too. I believe she needed the money more than me--her husband had passed away a couple of months before and she had 4 children back in the Phillipines. I thought the loss of several part-time jobs was punishment enough and did not report her. I have a new maid now who I believe is very loyal, but at the same time I am much more careful as well.

I don't understand .... this thread was started by you in April of this year, but today you have posted a thread:

Bringing my own housemaid from abroad: tourist visa or housemaid visa at first?

By baedaebok on Mon, 10/09/2007 - 2:48pm

I'm planning to bring my own housemaid from abroad to Qatar. What visa should I bring her with? Should I apply for a housemaid visa BEFORE she comes? OR.....should she come into Qatar on a tourist visa and I make a housemaid visa afterwards?

I don't understand .....

I'm looking for another housemaid. My wife wants to start working so we need a lady for childcare. I've found a lady abroad so I'm now finding the correct channels to bring her here and get her sponsored. I want this done nice and proper so we can feel confident that we have found a winner.

I'm hoping not to get burnt again.

But I promise to find another topic to write about -- I'll move on!

I am new in this forum and will be in Doha very soon. How is the procedure to hire a maid (papers etc) if we want to hire the maid already live in Doha (not make them come from the other country) ? Thank you.

I dont understand why some ppl trust on these maids. Why do they tell them about the money and jewelry. Let them do what they are hired for. I dont think they have any concern with cash or jewelry. 2ndly, mark some limit for them as well. Crossing limit should be treated legally and as deserved. Then, i dont think anyone will run away with something important

Do you think maid who lives in your house does not know here you keep your things?

To find a maid - it is a gamble.

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