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I have been searching in GOOGLE regarding the rules of Qatar for a visit visa holder for delivery in Hamad Hospital, but the sad thing is that i cant find only abt delivery in it..........could someone tell me in details the formalities and rules...is husband required in qatar at the time of delivery, or is father just ok..????? .....and as am in visit visa, i dont hv a health card as such......

A quick response will be highly appreciated




de ja vu .... didnt u post this sometimes back. To go to Hamad Hospital you will need a health card in order to obtain a treatment. And in order to obtain a health card you will need a copy of your RP.


if you really want to deliver in Qatar ... i guess you will have to go private like Al  Ahli or doha Clinic. Youwont need a health card but might be ask for marriage certificate.  

wht abt the cost in Hamad or Al Ahli hospital..?

my friend delivered through c section in al ahli cost her over 13.000 QR with few days stayed.

and do u knw the cost for a normal delivery..???


I thnkyou for the quick response

dont take my word on that, but most hospital normally normal delivery is half of the C section.

thankyou so much......if you could please get me some details of Hamad hospital abt delivery, i would be very thankful to u........

i do dilivery here on visit visa in 2004 and they charged 1700 at that time,now about charges i.ve no idea

first of all you should make health card of your area health center and remember keep your visa copy during making the health card

hi there,


we're deliverying in about 1-2 weeks.


don't remember the exact cost (at al ahli) but a normal delivery with 2 days in hospital will be over 7,000 QAR.  episotomy adds to it.  epidural adds to it.


C section is almost double.


they will ask for your birth cert, your husbands, and marriage certificate.


good luck 



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I thnkyou very much for the response.......Do u knw abt Hamad hospital.....?////

as am on visit visa. i dont hv a health card.......will iget one health card inspite of being a visit visa holder..??........is husband required to be present here at the time of delivery...????

read bintekhalid post pls

if yuo dont have a health card you cant go to Hamad. As simple as that.

read my post pls


Did u hv a health card inspite of being a visit visa holder..?????

No ... u need a resident permit to obtain a health card.

so health card is not required.....u mght be having ur husband with u rght..??.......i hv my parents living here....my husband is in UAE......do u knw will he be required here at the time of my delivery..??....

They will not allow him to be with you at the time of delivery :(

I actually meant if he should be thr in qatar.....he is thr in UAE rght now..??.....will he be required to be present in qatar...??......or is my father just ok..???

I have a friend who had come to Qatar on a visit visa in 2006  and had to visit ( Hamad hospital) HMC emergency as she was having some pregnancy related problem. She did not have a RP or a health card.

She was admitted immediately at the hospital and ultimately had a cesarean section at HMC. However since she did not have a health card she had to pay for the hospital charges which came to around QR 13000 in total. The charges for normal delivery are ofcourse much lower.

She had come to Qatar to spend some time with her husband who had an RP in Qatar. I however do not know if u are able to avail of treatment if you are under fathers sponsorship.

I thnkyou very much for the response.......i need all the information about constraction company in qatar pla send me the name and phone no.

hiya, im having the same problem,im due to have a baby soon and my rp is taking forever. i did find a site for hamad hospital and it does say you can go if you are on a tourist visa if i remember correctly 1000 for delivery and 100 for each day stay. if i can find the site again i will send you the link. hope it works out well for you!

the site i mentioned aboive but i did find this and had some good info



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