There is a survey is ongoing by NationalHuman rights and they may reach to every home. Please highlight the issues of Two year barn removal and Rent/Price hikes.


rent prices have nothing to do with human rights my friend. there are more important breaches of basic human rights around you... look at labour how they're treated :o(

being denied to see your family for 2 years, sharing one bathroom with 10 other labourers... seriously... and you complain about high rental prices. Shame on you!

You go thru their questionare, will come to know and can answer where you are interested.

A survey by the National Human Rights Committee....seriously?! And you mean the 2-year "ban" and not barn right?

Barn rent is cheap...

You highlight other issues you feel more relevant.

The Armish can build you a new barn in a day.

If we copied the Amish, then we could do away with Landcruiser and Nissan Tiidas - leading to a greener and friendlier Qatar.

Two year barn? Seriously? My friend sheeps will be sad :(

A great way of shearing ;o)

Lol at Brit.

Yeah, accommodation shearing for my friend sheeps ;)

how many years barn in qatar?

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