If husband and wife have same blood group, any problem to have babies. Please answer in detail.?
By anonymous • 7 years 1 day ago.

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By drmana• 7 years 19 hours ago.

No problem if same blood group.

Its the Rh status that is of concern. If father is Rh(+) and mother Rh(-), then there is chance of Rh incompatibility, that also in the second pregnancy. If such is case, there is Anti-D available which doctors will give to mother as soon as possible after delivery of first child so that no problem in future pregnancy. So, this is not a problem at all.

In some cases, the newborn of father with o(+)ve and mother a(+) or b(+) group develop jaundice at birth. but this is also mild and is curable. So its not a problem as well.

Hope this answers your query!

By anonymous• 7 years 19 hours ago.

Peoples are worring and thinking so much for nothing, this way people are getting mad

By anonymous• 7 years 20 hours ago.

No not at all, only if you married some one from your close relative there can be problem sometimes, there are chance to have handicapped babies. Marriages are not arranged according to blood test. Dont worry be happy.

By mintus• 7 years 21 hours ago.

Aslong as your not cousins, Oh wait thats fine here lol.

My Daddys brother is my father inlaw lol

By um Omar• 7 years 22 hours ago.
um Omar

My mom and dad are having O+ and all of us (my sisters brother and my self) having the same O+ and al hamdullelah.. all are fit and healthy..

it just not preferred to be + and - as you will have the "blue baby" but even this has a solution with an injection to the mother on her second baby.. not the first one as the first one will be very normal.. and as soon as the mother gets this injection before her delivery .. the baby will be very fit and healthy like my nephues.. as my brother is + and his wife is - (which is the unlikly)(vs if the husband is - and the wife is + then no problems.. )..

so dont worry having same blood group.. it is very good for you and your children..

By anonymous• 7 years 22 hours ago.

no problem even you have same blood group as long as you are not related with each other ( example: brothers, sisters, cousins etc.)

By goggybooboo• 7 years 22 hours ago.

as long as u r not first relatives..DON'T WORRY..my whole family me wife and my three kids are A+

have a happy life and enjoy it to its limits

By goggybooboo• 7 years 22 hours ago.

as long as u r not first relatives..DON'T WORRY..my whole family me wife and my three kids are A+

have a happy life and enjoy it to its limits

By stanleykannan• 7 years 23 hours ago.

Hi, I accept with "Binees" comment on this. Do not worry abt anything... nowadays medical science has improved to an unbelievable extent. Even for Rh & ABO incompatibility we have Immuno suppressive drugs... Have a good one !

By anonymous• 7 years 23 hours ago.

When you're pregnant, it's important to know whether your blood is Rhesus positive (Rh+) or Rhesus negative (Rh-). This will be checked from the blood sample that you give at your first antenatal appointment. If you're Rh-, it's important to know whether your partner is Rh- too. If he isn't, there's the possibility that your baby will have a blood group which is incompatible with yours, and this can cause problems.

You might want to start here to get answers:


By anonymous• 7 years 23 hours ago.

It's not the blood group, it's the rhesus-factor that can cause a problem!

By Sangeeta• 7 years 23 hours ago.

no problem at all , as long as u both have positive blood groups , if one of u has negative then u have to consult a doctor before having babies to give required Anti D medication then u still can have babies ....

Regards and best of luck.

But to confirm it,please ask a medical doctor !

By anonymous• 7 years 23 hours ago.

Yes - `Biness` is right - the problem that can arise from the incompatibility is that your baby could be jaundice at birth. If the mother and baby are discharged quickly after delivery, make sure to keep a close eye on your baby`s colour to confirm the baby doesn`t become jaundiced. If you have any doubt, have the baby checked as soon as possible to avoid any complications.

By anonymous• 7 years 23 hours ago.

hi dear i dont see any type of problim in this case as i,m o+ and my wife also o+ and more to make you happy i have two kids male and female both are o+ too to brother dont wory just enjoy the life with same blod group

By PipHacker• 7 years 23 hours ago.

My wife and my own blood group is same... U know what? We both have Ove (O-Negative) blood group which is very rare and not available every where but Alhamdullila we are parents of two sons...

Think Positive u,ll find everything automatically positive...

By binees• 7 years 23 hours ago.

No this should not be a problem.the problem arises if one partner has a negative group and the other positive.this is called Rh incompatibility.another rare condition called ABO incompatibility arises when mother is group O and the baby turns out to be any other group.both of u go to a laboratory and get your bld groups determined ifyou dont know that.all the best.....

By anonymous• 7 years 23 hours ago.

Genetic deformities have nothing to do with blood group, purely the dna make up of the two individuals. Obviously the closer you are related, the closer your genetic make up will be and therefore the higher the chance of having a child with a genetic problem. If there has been a lot of intermarriage within the same family over many generations this increases the risk.

By galloper48• 7 years 1 day ago.

Jazz better to go to a family doctor, to an OBGYN or better yet to the family physician for detailed explanations on this.

There are several posts on the internet that could give you some help in understanding this situation but the best response will come from a Dr not from a public forum.

Since you are looking for detailed answers better to go to a specialist or Dr in this regard!


By anonyalkult• 7 years 1 day ago.

You have got it mistaken. It is that husband and wife should not have the same blood line, that is they should not be brother and sister.

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