McDonalds Despicable Me Toys

I am looking for Despicable Me Toys in Doha, and as usual cant find in any store, (may be i missed some store or..) anyone know where can i buy them in Doha, (apart from Amazon). Please advice.

Recently McDonalds had Despicable Me Toys with kids meal, if anyone have it and wanna give it or sell it please let me know.



Mc gave some toys when i bought kids meal...lemme see if tat toys are still there.

I will quitely flick those toys frm my kid and give u....:)

I searched the whole house yesterday, but dont know where my kid has thrown tat toys...will continue my search mission today again and will let you know the outcome...:)

Though i hav found some Ben10 toys...will tat do ? :)

thanks Rizks, hmmm no for Ben10 :-) as my kids are not much into it.... however appreciate your efforts for searching.

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