Muslim baby Names.

Can anybody suggest me good muslim names both boys/girls with meanings as we are expecting this month.

Thanks for your consideration.


for boy Ali for girl muna
I belive Instead of Asking this way and confuse you self , you must have check out the RefrenceBook or Web , ( thouseond are available at Google ) or just visit ..... hope fully will get what you want. INshAllah Kair Regards
aban آبان 8th Persian month, angel of iron Aabdar آبدار Bright, like glass. Aabis آبص Lucky. Aadheen آدھین Obedient, submissive. Aafiya عافیه Good health; Bin Ayyub had this name; he was a narrator of Hadith Aali
Girl: Nadzmyrah Boy: Khalil
The best names to keep for the new born are the names of our ALLAH and prophets instead of looking for stylish and trendy names. I dont know how people search for good meaning with such stylish and trendy names. Not just the names of our phrophets are so beautiful but also i beleive nature and charector of them reflects on us.....
For Muslims name ... Hadith of our prophet says : Best names are the thanks of Allah and slaving to him Like Ahmad , Mouhamad , Mahmoud , Abdullah , Abdulkader, AlbdulAzim AbdulEilah …etc
for boy " SHAHEER" Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) name for girl: Fatima
for bou u can give the name below abdul salam abdul rahman abdul karim abdul latif abdul qader or hamza / moosa / ali / hassan / omar / yahyaa / amer / jaber / waleed / khaled /mohammed / etc for girels aisha / amna / ruqiya / jasneem / ebtesam / fatema / hoda / mariyam / johara / suraya / sohaila / jawaher / etc
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