Negative Filipino Values

“Bahala Na”
This trait means leaving everything to chance or “letting the circumstances take care of itself”. It implies fatalism under the pretext of trusting in Divine providence. By saying “bahala na”, a person resigns himself to luck as he believes the end-result depends ultimately on fate. It is a Filipino’s way of avoiding rationalization or good reason. It is the same as saying, “Que sera sera (whatever will be, will be)”.

The Filipino’s “bahala na” attitude is everywhere and with everyone. It could apply on big or small circumstances. For instance, a student who suddenly feels lazy to do his homework will just say “bahala na”. In this case, he resigns himself to whatever could happen in class the next day.

This negative Filipino trait tends to be the cause of laziness by so many people. A lot of poor people resign themselves to the kind of life they have thinking that it is what God meant for them to have and He will take care of their needs. Their belief is that life finds a solution for itself.

“Ningas Kugon”
Filipinos are fond of starting a project with so much enthusiasm. This enthusiasm is so contagious that it spreads like wildfire. At the first sign of problem or difficulty, this enthusiasm is consumed as fast as it has spread. This is the quintessential Filipino trait “ningas kugon” meaning “grassfire”.
This trait is the reason for the Filipino’s “show-off” attitude; why so many projects are left unfinished and government officials corrupt.

“Crab Mentality”
The picture is this: when you put several crabs in a crate, they will all try to climb out in order to break free. You’ll observe that when one gets a bit ahead, the other crabs will pull him down. A lot of Filipinos are like these crabs. Whenever one sees another progressing in their own field, others become resentful and instead of seeing the achievement of that person, they will try to highlight everything negative about him in an effort to bring him down or tarnish if not lessen the person’s newly-acquired good image. It is an unhealthy competition in a way.
Instead of doing things that could help one to develop and become better than his competitors, Filipinos devote so much of their time gossiping and back-biting. It is their way of deviating people’s attention on their inadequacy by focusing on other people’s faults.

This means resisting all efforts to a reconciliation. Because of the Filipino “amor propio” or ego-defensiveness, it is very difficult for them to surrender their pride. It is noticeable that most Filipinos find it difficult to say the word “sorry”. It’s better for them to act tough (”matigas”) rather than say sorry because to do the same is to sacrifice their precious pride.

Mañana or “Bukas na”
This is the Filipino habit of leaving for tomorrow what they can do today. Most Filipinos have this habit of postponing their actions for a later time thus reducing accomplishments. Filipinos are fond of saying “bukas na lang” (I’ll do it tomorrow) due to laziness. As a result, the work they produce is crammed. This arises from an indolent mentality that a problem will go away by itself.

“Kanya-kanya“(to each his own)
This is the Filipino self-centeredness and lack of regard for others. This happens when most people are similarly situated such us in a calamity and in instances where family is involved as “blood is thicker than water”.
In instances however when the others sis not meet the same fate, the Filipino helpfulness comes out. If one is able to help another without danger to himself and his family, they will readily extend a helping hand.

A reference to the many-sided star fruit, the term is applied to someone who changes allegiance for personal convenience. The allusion is that the person is not only double-faced, but multiple-faced. This was evident in the Marcos downfall where his cronies and enemies turned against him and embraced the Aquino government. These people are said to be “balimbing”.


first hand or a hand me down post without references?

oh Dracula, ur such a terrifying blood-sucking Dracula!

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 God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.&q

Get lost and find another topic bro.

Unless you're filipino!


No one lady is ugly, the drink it's not enough!"

don't get upset...he is just trying to up his posting points by copying and pasting crap he's found on the net and hoping to get a rise out of people. If it weren't so sad it might actually be funny.

am I disturbing to you? Yes, I'll run along and and find another topic that has some merit...oh wait...I'm already posting on those...just here on your thread as filler since that is all you're posting.

You got yours 3 cheap points.



No one lady is ugly, the drink it's not enough!"

all i can say is that filipinos are sugar babies.

and i know someone who is a genuine sugar baby himself.


not to downplay his post.. actually the good sides of those traits you can't appreciate unless you've lived a filipino kind of life.. the philippines is a beautiful land.. and its imperfectness can be overshadowed by her humble people scattered all over the world..

although I have been known as Hawk Eye in certain circles. But VIPER sounds good too...thanks.



Oh my, hi Alexa!


No one lady is ugly, the drink it's not enough!"

Good afternoon po Senior Citizen.

I know what you're talking about...when I was in my twenties my best friend was Philippino and we always had eachother's back...good people.

The filipinos are damn good ppl.

With good and bad values.

Like us: me, you any ppl.

We can change the title: Negative xxxxxx Values .

It's working for any expatriates ppl.




No one lady is ugly, the drink it's not enough!"

do you have to post crap that you know is going to start something and then not have the balls to defend it...don't start none won't be none.

galit ka ba sa lahing iyong pinanggalingan at kailangan mo pang ipangalandakan ang mga hindi magandang ugali mo na ginagawa mo? heheheehe

AT IKAW NA RING ANG NAGSABI NA ..."Instead of doing things that could help one to develop and become better than his competitors, Filipinos devote so much of their time gossiping and back-biting. It is their way of deviating people’s attention on their inadequacy by focusing on other people’s faults...



You starting to get on "our" nerves...REALLY :-/


hmmmm...I wonder why?????


Do you thing you're the single one with P.M.S.(a low zinc to copper ratio) disease?


No one lady is ugly, the drink it's not enough!"

Ok then I'll go with VIPER II...but I'm not changing my handle or my avatar no matter what.

he takes the first place in my list as the MOST Annoying QLer of the day.

Wait till the FilExpat Group logs in...


when in the hell am i going to meet that back seat rider of yours :/




perhaps you already have...hmmmmm.

what to do yani...



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and Azi i tell you what to do open the window and jump down.




I meant that perhaps you have already met my pillion (back seat) rider.

SO you could cushion my FALL...


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well, you were so right dracula..change the title to the "negative xxxxx attitudes"

and true, we filipinos really have those traits...

as if the rest of the world doesn't have even one of those traits...

hhmmm i wonder which of those traits YOU DO HAVE...


an old issue, but lets say we make a comment on that.

"Bahala Na"

this is not different to the context of "inshaallah", wherein one resides his faith to god's way. This phrase is incomplete for when most of filipinos uttered it the following words come along, "Bahala Na... si lord!" (meaning let god do decide or just take care of it), not just circumstances i believe, for it's what they've been brought up with, believing fully with god's providence. It's only negative when one does not take actions along with it. Well god does not tell he'll be doing things 100%, we also need to do our share.

if "bahala na" is that negative, then "inshaallah" would mean negative, or only do people think it is?



are true but not "most". All Pinoys have experienced to practice such traits once-in-a-while but as everybody says, not only us but people in the world have suck kind of attitude, one way or the other.

These traits make us what we are and you'll be surprised to see so many Filipinos who are the opposite of these traits.

Anyway, you lost a lovely lady today that goes by the name Azilana, you annoyed her. But I'll be a good lawyer of yours if you want to win her back! Lol!!!!

"Don't let a little dispute injure a great friendship"

"dgoodrebel is not plastic"

LOL, it must be dig an old post day :)... but anyway, there's a positive and negative side in everyone, regardless of nationality... :)

Only filipino politician have that characteristic and some filex member.


Life is short...300 meter before roundabout!

go to compose, type my name and then UNBLOCK USER. I am still blocked! (sorry for the hijacked)

"Don't let a little dispute injure a great friendship"

"dgoodrebel is not plastic"

Always put off today what can be ignored again tomorrow!!!

I love the European way (especially Spain) where they have a laid back attitude.

I will hoist that up the flag pole and see who salutes it!!

this is true, filipinos do possess these negative values but why dwell on the negatives when we also have a lot of positive values like... ahhh... uhhmm...let me see.. huh..eermn...well...bukas na lang ok?

"Anyway, you lost a lovely lady today"...

Hahahahaha....24/05/2008 - 12:52pm

The greatest part of our happiness depends on our dispositions, not in our circumstances.To succeed, we must first believe that we can. Sooner or later, those who win are those who think they can. But for those who beleive in these traits “Bahala Na”,“Ningas Kugon”,“Crab Mentality”,and others, will surely fall...

I beg to disagree that "bahala na" creates one a lazy Filipino.

Like any other, I found our people to be hard working, persistent who keep on holding on to their dreams and know that only by "walk your talk" we get things/dreams done.

If you may look deeper into you (f u r a Fil youself), you may realized that the phrase "bahala na" could just be also some kind of unconscious expression popular on your mind that you just simply blurt out just to wisk off some kind of fear/frustration/excitement deep in you but the real truth is your consciousness remains strong to pursue, to persist to make things happen.

Hey man! You know better! that is if you are Filipino. Or just wanted to hit marks/points? We would never be all over the world working like horses if we just simply let things happen thru "bahala na".

Talking negatives couldbe constructive but these could be like a self-fulfilling prophecy and creates negative energy around us.


a href="" target="_blank"> -

Let us observe closely...

Do these crabs below really intends to pull the crabs ahead of them down? Dont you think that the crabs down just simply wanted to climb up with the only way they could without any intention of pulling anyone down on their way? Just so happen maybe that the way is blocked by a slow crawling crab or just... KASI NAMAN HAHARANG HARANG SA DAAN, ALAM NA HIRAP NA NGANG HIRAP UMAKYAT E. Kidding but really... i could see some point here. I just wanted to change the old sentiment on climbing crabs which has long been associated with PINOYs!

Going back to the old stuff you mentioned (for the sake of argument), this very attitude is prevalent everywhere. Stop putting on the S _ _ T on our face Drac! Criessake!


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Thanks, my dear Azzy.




Isn't TOO LATE for REACTIONs??? I really think that this is going OVERBOARD...

Unless you guys are so bored and Dracula is the closest one available to crucify for this topic/thread.

This is going on for days's really irritating to see/read these kind of posts.

did not see the date! Lol!!!

"Don't let a little dispute injure a great friendship"

"dgoodrebel is not plastic"



ok, boss..

I "don't let a little dispute injure a great friendship"




You can't have a light without a dark to stick it in!

Never thought that reactions has prescription period. Likewise, And never thought that reactions means crucifixion. What's all blogging meant for then? I thought you guys wanted some philosophical/intellectual conversations around here....?

Irritating? which one?


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"I thought you guys wanted some philosophical/intellectual conversations around here....?"



"Stop putting on the S _ _ T on our face Drac!"



"philosophical/intellectual" conversation, indeed!

blue is right... i see people still commenting on posts..2 years ago...

with the post graded as "A" composition, i could only think that drac might be a filipino to be able to

errily know things like that...

we pinoys just have to sit back and check on the above traits which we have practised lately hahahahaha...

from ganging up on Dracula again as this is not the first time someone dug up an old topic and "cricified" good old draccy here. He made this a year ago so the QL folks would get to know him...HE SUCCEEDED ALRIGHT :P

No...No one said there's an EXPIRY DATE for ANYONE to comment on an OLD TOPIC. Unless we want some trolls coming on board and start a racial bashing again towards the PINOYS. Coz when someone starts bashing, we go up and starts hitting back...that's what's irritating.

I apologize if I hurt your feelings (or anyone else)...but if you happened to be around in QL as long as I'll understand what I mean.

in my opinion, filipinos are not so much of a good breed of people. yes majority of them are catholics and are conservative in a way. but generally, theyre morals are not high, theyre undisciplined and not very hardworking. :(

it's just like in that article written that was post here days ago written by a filipino professional.

thanks for sharing with my sentiment bub!

But indeed, if you think a conversation iw worth talking defending, etc. why not deal on it, ya? You get new ideas, new interpretation, new understanding. You should not kill a very trying topic or conversation.

Move on...


a href="" target="_blank"> -

that so called "good breed" of people you refer to senyorita are already extinct.

what remains are only those breed of people with "good intentions" and the bad one's too.

whether you're filipino or not, what matters is not the kind of breed you belong but how that "good"ness on you can be prolong.


Indeed Avishai....


a href="" target="_blank"> -

do we need to have a sort of pedigree to be a good one?

you copy & pasted that comment(from the filipino professional,you said) or it's your opinon as well?

I would respect your level of understanding of my people. I hope i would have the chance to get to know the greatness of the people of the Virgin Islands.

Freedom of speech in QL truly exists!


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"blueray said the other Blue crashed! ...

So i have to find make another Blue!"




a href="" target="_blank"> -

hmmmm well...from the looks of it, the show business in philippines favor half-breed filipinos and filipinas..

you know what my point is. oh and if you are..dont be offended with the "breed" connotation.

and about that article, i would quote and and unquote if i did copy paste a sentence from any article that's not of mine.

i, happen to have that skill of reading something and make my own sentence out of what i read as i explain it. you know like back in school the teacher would make the class read something and then he calls you to stand and explain what youve read? like that.

senorita, "but generally, theyre morals are not high, theyre undisciplined and not very hardworking"...

sorry for copying that without asking permission from you....

undisciplined and not very hardworking???

hhmmmmmmmm TELL TO THAT TO THE WORLD....

this country knows that we are not very hardworking senorita, that's why they're hiring us....LOLZ

morals not high... being sanctimonious aye???

but then again, that's yer opinion...

Azi, actually, i made my pitiful post(QL mixed emos) on that, me being new to QL finds it irritating too albeit funny at times about this bashing attitude when something negative comes up about a person's nationality and gender.. and if i did mention / specify that we filipinos do it a lot... i'd get a good spanking for that am sure...

blueray, virgin island people are just fine. thank you very much.

ok senyorita.. how does your kind of breed fares well vis-a-vis Filipinos?

Interesting conversation.


a href="" target="_blank"> -

from other QLers/trolls posting similar thoughts like Seny0rita...

GOOD LUCK!!! :-)

but this is just some kind of ordinary conversation which i hope to do in person with Senyorita, is she dont mind. Good topic for some intelectual/racial intercourse.

what do you think Senyorita?

QL is too restricted.


a href="" target="_blank"> -

to all you fellows out there, let me just say are unsung heroes for defending the philippine nation against people with views like me, my intent was not to even make you fellows amped with i dont know..bad vibes? but oh well..kudos for that! really.

blueray, wow u actually went to look in my profile for this? you are very dedicated with your fireback queries that u actually research. :) thanks for viewing me.

bubble, "this country"? qatar? "that's why they're hiring us"? really? well, some of us know that really..filipinos are better than the other 3rd world nationalities, number one reason is because filipinos are better english writers and speakers, and most of them who have college degrees are willing to go abroad for a cheap salary compared to if they hire the whites for your position. sorry for copying and pasting that without your generous consent.

@team azi, the topic was first of all "negative filipino values". i didnt post that first comment on a thread that says "filipino's are awesome!"..coz if so, then i'd be dumb to go in a thread where filipinos with great pride are making besos with eachother, giving eachother pat on the back for being great citizens of the world. just have me have freedom of thought and speech, yeah? my first post was not meant for any of you here in particular. chill, yeah? and yes bluray, it is a good topic. im half filipina..that doesnt automatically say i love being a filipino..and that im going to stand by it and defend it...i mean come on, reality bites..filipinos don't even want to be in the philippines because of obvious reasons that i guess you all here already know.

we go for cheaper compensation for what we really should be having yeah true, nothing's wrong with that? (actually it makes us heroic hahaha)

choosing DEGREE OVER FAMILY? a BIG no!

cant help it if we belong to the THIRD WORLD.

and they hire us over the "whites" coz they know that the we function better and toil harder than them...

am not really sure if i have the strength to take on yer satires...PEACE senorita...

***bubbly might go back to bed after a night's mighty toiling saving people...and not getting enough credit for it...*** (YAWN)

Not really a huge research. I should see where Senyorita came from who has a peek on the value of the Filipino people. Can not just simply fire on one person after a just a little peek.

Never cease to wonder how racist feels being one. Happy? Happier? Feeling of dominance? Abominable human nature... who cant accept the reality that some colored ordinary looking people like Filipinos can be fare better in a hundred one ways. Colored tiny educated better English writers and speakers? Thank you for admitting.


a href="" target="_blank"> -

I am at the peak of temptation firing all the truckful load of S _ _ T to Drax you know for displaying the dirty laundry on the street but then... i can still give him credit for that in opening up a kind of intercourse that could somehow tell the world that some of us beg to disagree on the general mindset for the Filipino people of some privileged racist.

See some point? Just hoist up the Filipino flag and move on.


a href="" target="_blank"> -

DUH longer sleepy from that... it's a confirmation of....hehehehehe

oh well, talk about negativism..

quite untrue, but again it may just apply on the likes of you,in that i guess you already know.

but for a typical pinoy, there's no place like home.


in any thread, when i give serious comments like that and like not just giving dracula kudos for posting a funny photo, i always speak from experience and im cautious to always put, "in my opinion". for example, i wouldnt go in a forum like this but instead of filipinos-- say, pakistans, and i wouldnt say there the exact thing i said here. simply because i wouldnt give any hard pov of them when its based from almost nothing of my knowledge or experience. thats just unfair and dumb. what i say here is based on what i have observed back in the philippines.

in the end, you fellows are filipinos who put pride in being filipinos. i have nothing against that. peace. and chill.

I hope you didn't get personal on generalizing the Filipino based on experience / observation in the Philippines because a rags to riches story in the Philippines may give you a kick on the ... neck for saying Filipinos are lazy after hearing how he made his first million/billion... and a Filipino saint may visit you from heaven and give you another pinch on the ear for generalizing the low moral values of the Philippines. My dead teacher may also give you a lesson that like your fingers, not all are the same in size and length.

you may also consider that after coming back from the Virgin Islands, i can also post in QL the general negative traits of her people. But i wouldnt do that. Let me borrow your quote: It is "that's just unfair and dumb".

Fish Senyorita.... peace1


a href="" target="_blank"> -

were handed down by the spaniards to make us bow to their religion.thats not my opinion,that was my grandmothers,mother who bless her soul,passed away trillion of years ago.

i admit it really unnerves me that as a filipino,i have possessed those traits and then some.

it all boils down to the admitting and changinig yourself for the better.btw,im half filipino and half japanese so the trait of harakiri was also passed on to me.

oh, u didnt just do that!

that's all you can say? like, "oh back in the phillipines we have rich people, you know, who started from scratch, you you see filipinos, in general are not lazy-- because you know they succeeded!" that's what you have to say for backing up your point (whatever it is). come on, even the richest families or people back there are not even full-blooded filipinos!

wake up..if filipinos, in general, arent really lazy or hard working, we would have made industries thus making more businesses and companies, hence not having the filipino people go abroad for work but have the work available in the country!? think about this, you preaching sarcastic nice lady..japan, a country with it's natural resources is nothing compared to the philippiines, so rich? why do you think? how about korea? no? take this for example, a country like swiss who has no cocoa, is world renowned for exporting well made chocolate bars? well yeah for some like qatar, the natural resources is so overwhelming that this helped them get to where they are and becoming to be now. in a country like philippines, this is not the case but if the people really want it..change can happen! it's not impossible, japan did it after WWII! they were so poor they wouldnt have left over food in their plates back then, like the filipinos are accustomed to do. it's not the resources, its not the luck..what do you think? don't quote one filipino's success, say manny pacquiao's...and go telling me filipino's are great citizens of the world. i did not say theyr the worst..i didnt say theyre bad breed, i didnt say "you, blueray being a filipino is lazy!" why on earth are you still in my hair? i have relatives in PI, me saying that...did i mean my aunt in manila is lazy? my goodness, can i explain just don't seem to get it, do you?

i did say something about the values being low, based from the high graft and corruption in the country, as just being one of the many examples i can state. now also let me clarify that, when i say this..i dont mean it's only the filipinos who are like this! but the forum was about the filipinos' negative sides..yeah, traits. so there. you still don't get where im coming from, do you? you still think im JUST trashtalking the philippines coz you think i hardly know about it??

oh my..and what, your cursing me with this so-called saint that will pinch me whatever or your teacher rising from dead just so he could preach me whatever..well, since when were the dead and the gods on your side just coz youre such a patriot? girl, please....

the nerve of you to say that i was bad for generalizing when here you are judging me? have you heard of the word hypocrite? you dont have to answer that. just coz ure so patriotic don't make you any better than me.

ive done many travels in my life and have observed the people, the culture, the system in these i just have different variations of opinion on the philippines, however sweet or sourly sour it can neither rude or unjust. if you had something u dont like about you, arent u compelled to think it out loud at one point at one time? thats just what i did. does that make me evil? widen your wisdom.

youre gonna have to live in virgin islands for about half your entire life like i did living in the philippines, by then..yeah..maybe you can post your opinions of the people there here in QL! till then, just be fair and smart not to talk about anything but the good sides of the filipinos, apparently that's all youre passionate about.

ive covered pretty much everything, don't be rebutting with something ive already tried to clarify or you writting lame sentences about saints or your dead (rip)teacher rising from the dead, i want to believe youre more matured than that.

oh and yeah..i was personal, and..peace be unto you too.

Just wondering why are you so upset Senyora....

Dont get too excited pouring out all your disappointment about the Filipino people. So much exclamation points. You are beginning to sound like a former Filipino who dropped his/her nationality for a better national identity like a US citizenship.

Why am i still on your hair is because i am just responding to your comments and you are still here. Guess you would also admit that this is such a good intercourse worth talking about and you got me to get this conversation going.

Hmmmm.. i hope i can really understnd your chilly spicy disenchantmentt about us Filipinos. Something must have really pissed you off while you are in the Philippines.

And you were saying you have an aunt in the Phils... and until now i "still dont know where you came from and that i thought i hadly know about it"... hmmm.. i guess i know now better. You quoted: "wake up..if filipinos, in general, arent really lazy or hard working, we would have made industries thus making more businesses and companies," WE? This makes sense now how you know the negatives of the Filipinos by heart. This could be another thread soon i guess soon.

But at least now you are NOT generalizing the Filipino people. Sensible. I have reviewed my ccomments but i didnt find me saying you are BAD for generalizing the Filipino peole but you could create am impression. I would never be better than you or anyone, that is not for me say.

Anyways, for whatever reasons of discenchatments you got or OUR RACE, i would remain standing tall for the Filipino people, may sound outdated and hypocrite for you but let it be. Maybe i would be the last man standing for the Filipino people or anybody there...? Smiles...



a href="" target="_blank"> -

i knew it..youre just going to post a lame rebuttal of what ive written, you know like that thing when your teacher will rise from the dead. youre funny. you have been misquoting me since the beginning. this is what i said in my orinigal post "theyre not hardworking and undisciplined"..why are you still taunting me, did i say, "blueray being a filipino is not hardworking and undiscplined"? im getting tired of explaining myself to you. you make big a deal out of the wrong things. for example, what are you saying that now im NOT generalizing and that it's sensible? uh...err, what?? where did that come from? and now why is WE a big deal? don't begin to even think of the answer to that, because well it's just, uhhh...this is just not going to be a meaningful interaction of cultures and views with the way you answer.

come on, youre asking me why im upset with your sarcasm (not you), let me quote you eh?, "and a Filipino saint may visit you from heaven and give you another pinch on the ear for generalizing the low moral values of the Philippines. My dead teacher may also give you a lesson that like your fingers, not all are the same in size and length."...for a minute there i felt like i was arguing with a highschooler. i was not being excited of my disappointments of the PI--i was simply stating my points of why i have come to say filipinos are undisciplined, blueray, i was putting exclamation points to stress to you my points in the hopes that you will get them. you didnt. sigh.

okay, this would have been an interesting stimulating discussion if i was talking with an intellectual, open-minded, sensible person. IT WOULD HAVE BEEN NOT A PROBLEM WITH ME TO BE STAND CORRECTED BY A PATRIOTIC FILIPINO if he or she gave hard facts and intellectual points to rebutt me, but youre just typing youself away with how this man got rich, how your dead teacher is mad, and how you as a filipino can stand and represent them well. i was not talking about you or the filipinos in doha. clearly youre just trying to provoke me with no substancy. yes, you got me..and im done with you. again, peace be to you too.

Why not dear could you be so sensitive after all the comments you did you to the filipino people? But anyways... just an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. As in .... good words begets good words and everyone can always get a dose of their own medicine.

Learn the lesson well.



a href="" target="_blank"> -

dracula, did i forgot to deliver your blood today? hence, this thread? :D.. who guided you copy pasting these traits? :P

[img_assist|nid=12867|link=none|align=left|width=|height=0]Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.

24/05/2008 - 12:52pm

eeek.. that long??? i forgot to supply your blood back then.. so soweee.. :D

[img_assist|nid=12867|link=none|align=left|width=|height=0]Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood., blueray, i was not feeling so sensitive. i was just really upset with your uber lameness.

eye for an eye you say? get real, this is a forum!

with that i meant-- next time, if you have an opposing idea with another's post, don't just attack or negate his/her view with lameness or something like your teacher rising from the dead or curse that person that your saint will rise from somwehere and pinch him/her in the ear coz what he/she said didnt sound or read nice to you. really, it's annoying. it's like me having an arguement at the school backyard.

so long.

...been awhile., 'sup with this, drac? :)


call me ONE.

You can't teach experience...

And what's the origin of the island's name?

what do you mean vegas..the people? the place? culture is very diverse and yet generally the people are warm and respectful citizens. crimes are not high..quite peaceful.

like the beaches in PI, the beaches in VI are exceptional too. st croix is amazing!

You can't teach experience...


no, its not coz the people there are virgins..

UK or US?


call me ONE.

Say thanks for that. You obviously don't know us at all. Let me explain why our culture says we do these things.

Never justify yourself to anybody.

Apologies to Drac.

I will hoist that up the flag pole and see who salutes it!!

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