New Philippine School in Doha

The 3rd Philippine DepEd Curriculum but the first of its kind in Qatar. For inquiries, please call 44129235 or visit the school at Al Jazira Al Arabiya St., just in front of Fire Department.


How far is it from Philippine School of Doha? Maybe you can consider my daughter. She'll be 3 years old on August. PSD is accepting this age for nursery.Do you have website so we can check?


Are you accepting now new applicants? my daughter is still in the Philippines and we are planning to bring her here before the school opening. She'll be in Grade 4 this school opening. What are the requirements? Thanks.

it's located along with Tadmur building. just before turning right from the main road if you're going to psd. the school has no signboard yet. website is still under construction but it will be on-line soon.

@kgbp_0828...yes, registration and enrollment has just started last 19th of this month. You may request for a reservation, it's free. just call the number stated above or visit the school.

nice to know that..since PSD has been crowded with students already..what's the name of the school?

I just gave a call to the number mentioned in the first post. The name of the school is Asian Integrated School.

I'll check this out tomorrow and inquire. I'll have 3 children who will study this coming school year. Nursery, Grade 1 and 2nd yr. high school.

Can you please clarify this. What I know is that this school is for Filipino Muslims only. Is this true Ahmad305?

@Pilo_111...NOPE!!! this is Asian integrated School and everybody is welcome. Curriculum is Philippine DepEd, but with infused singaporean method. Part of the subjects are Arabic which is beneficial for our children, Qatari Culture which is mandatory from the Supreme Education Council of Qatar. Islamic Studies, however is being offerred but for Muslim students only.

Ahmad, my question still not answered. Are you considering running 3 y/o (on August 10) for the nursery?

To: jackiegcalunodmd

for the meantime they are only offering up to grade 6 level.

AIS is up to elementary level only... i called them yesterday and made an inquiry about the schedule of fees... compared to PISQ it's cheaper.. my daughter (grade four in PISQ) has monthly tuition fee of 660 QR but AIS offers 515 QR only.. u can save 145 QR x 10 mos = 1,450 yeearly... good offer!!!! but the bus fee is 400 QR... PISQ is 300 QR only (two-way)...the problem is it's very far from my place in abu hamour :(

@tummyfire...yes, AIS offers Nursery, Kindergarten and Prep.

May I know the color and style of the student's uniform?

I requested an information through an e-mai, hope you can provide the information i am asking. Thanks.

a new choice of school for Filipinos

@Crispin Magaling...i'm sorry sir but i have no idea of the detailed design and color of the uniform. i'll ask the committee in-charge regarding this matter.

I might consider sending my son next year.


Thanks for the reply. I called in your office already and they said they will not accept my daughter because she'll be 3 y/o yet on august and you are accept those that will be 3 on June. Can you please confirm for me please.

Appreciate your assistance on this.

all i can say is AIS is a good option if you stay near its location in al-messila but in my case i have no choice but to keep my kids in PISQ as it is only 5 minutes away from house & office in abu hamour...even if i choose AIS considering their bus facilities, still i will be losing about 2,750 QR per year if i transfer my 2 kids there...

but my kids are high school, so its not an option. Still PISQ for them then.

where is the exact location of AIS? how much is the tuition fee for Grade 4?

The location is along Al Jazira Al Arabiya St., from the main road, you will see the building about 20 meters before turning right to PSD. Hopefully, the school's signboard will be installed next week. Grade 4 annual tuition fee is QR5,465.00

Hello everybody,i've been there this morning and gathered some of their brochures. I was told that they are already accredited with the DepEd in Phil.,the tuition fees are a lot cheaper compared to PSD,unfortunately they don't have a highschool yet but are planning to have it next year. So i guess my eldest son have to stay in PSD and his 2 brothers, we are already considering AIS,anyway the schools are very near with each other.If only PSD will have discounts for families who have more than 1 child studying in there school. But i think AIS would be a good choice.


the school's website is now viewable at this address:


Just want to check about the uniform and the Curricula..We'll be sending our 3 yo son to school, it'll be his first schooling year so we want him to enjoy it. Would AIS be a good choice?


The school has now a viewable website on this link:


I've checked their website, not all links are working...need to visit them i guess...thanks...

sandycheeks.... i suggest you choose the phil school nearest to your place... if you stay near the vicinity of bin omran... PSD or AIS is better option since they are just few meters away from each other... but if you stay near abu hamour area/matar qadim..i suggest you choose PISQ...

Good Afternoon PSD,

Allow me to introduce myself briefly I have graduated in Bachelor of Secondary Education at the University of Batangas last March 2007. In between my stints from my former employer, I still managed to earn 36 units in Masters of Physical Education in Integrated College of Physical Education and Sports.

Also, I worked at the University of Batangas, my Alma Mater for four years as PE teacher, Swimming Instructor, Dance Choreographer, and Cheer Leader coach in College. Also, I have three year experience as PE Teacher in Batangas State University in College.

I'm looking for a job as a Teacher.

This is my number (7402 9806)

Thank you very much.

God Be The Glory

Dear Sir/Madam:

I am Regan Paul A. Macalino, Filipino, holder of a Visit Visa in Qatar. I just like to inquire if you have a need for an additional member of your Admin Dept./Teaching force/ Admin Asst/Secretary team. If so, I am very much interested to join you and make a positive impact in your school.

Should you need to know more about me, please do contact me at my cell phone no. 77910570.

Thanks and God bless.

Regan Paul "Riggs" A. Macalino

Kindly tell me how much is PISQ's tuition fee?im planning to enroll my kids next school year.thanks a bunch

Is there any new Philippine school here in Qatar? aside to PSD,PISQ and AIS?

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