Swimming and Piano Lessons

Does anyone know where children can go to Swimming and Piano Lessons?


for swimming you can contact :

Anita Baldwin on 5833402 or email: stillkon@qatar.net.qa

for piano :

Ratih Kumar 5256065

Thank you for the information, please however if anyone knows of any private lessons whereby a swimming coach can come to our residence and teach my daughter (age 7) near Beverley Hills this would be much appreciated.

Hi Novita,


I was looking for a piano teacher as well, however, one who is qualified and teaches adalts. Would appreciate your help.

Hi, people!

We will give private lessons( violin & piano ) as well from september.

See you guys then!! 


dimtorch ... are you qualified to do exam from The Royal School of Music for piano?

sorry ... what i meant was royal college music of london. What i was trying to say will your student be able to attain a certificate from royal college music of London? I dont know how you do it ... when i back in Indonesia ... i went to piano lesson. And every year my teacher send me to exam theory and practical. I did up to Grade V theory and practical.


I would like to do the same with my son ... wonderin weather you would be able to do the same with your student?


you will find  variety of restaurant in Doha ... dont worry ...





hi, novita! finally you appeared again! i was looking for you. well, i dunno what the royal examis  but we graduated from the best universities for music in europe ( royal college of music london, univ.fuer musik und darstellende kunst wien ) and we are playing at prestigious stages..

the QF is looking for musicians who will teach at the music accademy in EC, so i guess that wouldn't be a problem. but again i dunno for sure.

i would like to teach in my free time. i am used to teaching university students (professional musicians) but in doha everything is open. let's see what kind of offer i will get from them..


anyway i hope there will be enough people who are interested in classical musical. by the way, how is the quality of restaurents? coz we love nice food!!!!!

Hi again!


this is the husband writing. :)Dear Novita77, what you mean is, surely, the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. They do those grade exams. Not the Royal College of Music (RCM).

The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music offers a variety of services to both UK-based and international students of any age. this includes all the syllabuses, printed materials, recorded media and the actual exams and diplomas.

And Yes we can teach these.


best wishes,





My younger daughter loves the piano. I would like her to continue with piano lessons. Could some one tell me the cost of piano lessons for a grade 3 student.

Also , anyone know how much guitar lessons cost? Is there a yamaha music school in Doha?






My friend's mom gives good piano lessons, I'll get u the info tomorrow for it. 


It's always the small things that make big differences.

there are no such as yamaha music school in Doha. I wish there is one ...   Back in Asia you can send you kid/s to Yamaha Music School on the group basic. So far in Doha i only can find piano lesson on one to one basis, which is i found it rather boring if the teacher can't make the class interesting.


i have no idea about guitar lesson ... but the international music school at the back of Lulu Centre offer the lesson. I am sure you can check on that ...



i must be confuse with all those term ... but yes if you can teach my kid when you get here i would like to put my 6 yrs old on the list


I take it you teach the theory music as well?


And in the meantime if you need to ask anything regarding your relocation just let me know.

Novita77, thank you or your offer of help. i am sure we'll have many questions until September. so thanks n advance!

I know that starting with Sep 08 the Qatar Academy music department will start to open its doors for students (Education City). I imagine they will be offering many kinds of instrumental tuition as well as theory lessons. We are hoping to get employment from them in addition to my work in the orchestra. Your 6 yr -old would be a prime candidate for this school. good age to begin! as soon as we know more we'll share here.


take care you all,



There actually is a music school behind the mall, its on the road that leads to

lulu hypermarket from the back. I think its called international mucis center or

something like that.  


It's always the small things that make big differences.

the international music school not offering Yamaha Music school, they only do Royal on one to one basis.

Oh sorry, i dint know that :/  


It's always the small things that make big differences.

Hi novita77, I'm also one of the musicians arriving in qatar at the end of august as member of the new Qatar National Symphonic Orchestra... In my explorer book i found The International centre for music where the students can take examinations under the Associated Board Royal Schools of Music. tel 5557976. As far as I know this board consists of 2-3 people or less and they come from London specifically to examine the students who are willing to take the exam.

Hi dimtorch... I guess I will meet you soon....

I know someone who can give swimming lessons from 3 years and older at levels: beginners, intermediate, advanced and competitive.

He is a certified swimming instructor for a long time and he can go to your place for the lessons. As long as their is a pool in your place there won't be any problem.

Please contact Bryan at 531 3889 from 2:30 pm onwards.

I'm a 16 year old here in Doha, looking for a part-time job during the summer holidays.

I provide guitar lessons - classical, acoustic, and electric.

Officially, I learnt classical guitar while back in Malaysia, but have also mastered acoustic and electric.

I'd be glad to teach anyone below the age of 18.

Experience-wise, I've been helping teach guitar at both secondary and primary levels at school.

I'm also open for events and performances.Have performed at school, and at the embassy.I've taken vocal lessons,and usually sing while playing.


Just send me a message here if anyone is interested.

- Lavinia.

my son going to start with Dimtorch in January :)

The internet showcases a variety of piano lessons located to your place. Try googleing..

Piano Teacher

Sorry, I've never seen a piano in a swimming pool.....is this a new hobby?????

Hi Lavinia

Iam interested for my daughter to have piano lessons. How do I get in touch with you.



Qmotion offers swimming classess for kids and adults. the new term Spring Term is about to start on the 19th of April till 18th of June. Please check us at our website. www.qmotion.com.qa.or call us 4426329. Cheers:)

hi notiva77,

I need your help for my 7 years old son who is much interested and talented in keyboard. I sent him 8 months back to key board class. i came to know from his teacher that he sounds well in that and he is doing many things with higher grade students. she asked me to put him for piano classes to qualify in royal board exams . do you know any teacher who can teach him piano for the exam and also keyboard

latha, i am sending you a PM with my son ex piano teacher number. Her name is Rati Kumar and she can assist your son to go for royal board exams.

latha, i cant send you a PM, i dont want to write Rati's number on here.

thanks notiva,

I spoke with ratin kumar . She is very far from city. I am staying in mugalina. I am searching some other persons who are in doha otherwise i will send to her . thanks for update.

so is there a Violin lessons ?

please send me his/her contact info if there is ?


"Does anyone know where children can go to Swimming and Piano Lessons?" I just try to imagine how a piano in the swimming pool would sound?

Can you help me to find music lessons for my 7 year old kid in Doha

belmahi, have you check music centre behind Lulu Hypermarkert on D ring road?

good day lavinia

i am above 18 years, so my response wont be a valid one . but still if u feel like teaching me guitar i will be happy. i had a guiatr teacher , but lack of time due to my work i was not able to cope up with his time .

please revert back orelse u can buzz on my cell 3016428 is my number.

learning guitar was my childhood dream but to many reason i was jest a dreamer

waitin for ur kind reply


swimming u can check azpire zone .................

per month 300 qrs only..........

I'm confused :(

Is there anyone in Doha, who will come to my villa and teach me how to play the piano as a beginner, and how much does it cost?


"Every adult of sound mind, should be able to choose to do whatever they want, as long as they cause no harm to others".

Hello shazbat. I have Doctor of Musical arts degree from St. Petersburg State Conservatory Russia (soloist diploma, pedagogy diploma on performing arts) I would like to teach you but i need to know some details about you. How old are you exactly? Are you focused to play classical music or jazz on piano? What kind of music do you like and listen often? Did you ever have any information about your earing, musical talent from a professional musician? And where is your place exactly? :)

Depending on your abilities, focus, earing, mettle for playing piano, i will prepare a special program and practice methods for you and if you conform it regularly, i can guarantee outstanding quality level in one year.

omesen@gmail.com (i'll be (hopefully 5th of July)


Mert Esen


I am looking for piano classes or any instumental class like key board, guitar classes for my 9 years old son near by hilal, or lulu hypermarket.. Also any dance or aerobics classes for myself near by... pls help... contact me on kkoppad@yahoo.com.




Can I know the venue where the classes are conducted. I stay near to lulu hyper. And also the cost..




By any chance do you know the new location of Music centre which was located Behind Lulu Hyper market? Yesterday when I went to check on Ballet classes they were close and a resient from that area told that they have moved.


nqatar, i dont event knows they moved. I havent been there for ages.


Hi, novita77 how are you? how's your son? as he doing good now in piano?.

I want to send my 7 yearl old daughter for piano.. i know you can help me to give the good teacher for her.

and also for my 4 year old daughter she wants karate, gynmastic or ballet can you give me info where i can send her.

thank you very much in advance...

ratih kumar number can i have? is she indian??

u can send me mail also eyesql@yahoo.com


hi how are you novita77 i'am a music teacher i'am from egypt i moved to qatar 3 weeks ago do you know any pleace needs music teacher i used to teach piano and i had my own music center in egypt i used to work with royal academy curriculm

can any one help me i'am looking for jop as a music teacher at any school my computer skills are very good and my english too and sure my piano skills i graduated from faculty of music at egypt 9 years befor i used to work as a music teacher at international school in egypt but now i moved to qatar because my husband is working here



I am interested in picking up the piano again. I have not had formal lessons in years.

I also don't have a piano!

What are my options for finding a piano to practice on, and also get piano lessons started again on a weekly basis?

there are no piano for rent, you need to buy one, either accoustic or the electric piano like clavinova.

The qualified piano teacher charging about 100 QR per half hour.

Does anyone know of any singing teachers that could teach adults? I have lessons at the moment and want to continue in Doha. Thanks.

Hello! You may visit our piano lessons anytime if you want to learn good and fast techniques in playing the piano.

Do you prepare the children for the ABRSM exams? Can you please give me your details, email address etc? I am relatively new in Doha and want to continue the piano lessons for my children.

mia amor how can you teach kids in doha piano lesson through US website ?

hi, how r u? have u find the piano teacher for ur daughter?

i'm a student in Stenden University Qatar, i'm a Chinese girl, i'm 19 years old, i have been play the piano over 8 years in China. if u still do not find the piano teacher, i really want to try. my English is not very good, but i think it will be fine to communicate with ur daughter. and if i get it job, i will try my best to teach ur daughter well. wait for ur answer.^_^

if u have get a piano teacher, please forgive me to disturb~

e-mail me: amonrayu@hotmail.com

Can someone recommend a good Violin teacher for my 12 yr old. She has been taking lessons from the International Music Center(near Lulu), we want to send her to a different instructor who would be charging a reasonable fee.

hey everyone I'm interested in learning piano but i don't know who to call or where to go so if u could help me out

thank u

dimtorch teaching violin, his wife teaching piano. Both of them are very popular musician in Doha ... Try to drop him PM if he have any slot for violin class.

alternatively email this lady : rati-kumar@hotmail.com , she was my son's first piano teacher.

Isn't it difficult for kids to swim and play the piano at the same time ??

is not impossible brit, when there is a will there is a way .... lol.

Hi everyone!

Anyone knows who is giving a voice lesson for adult? I'd really want to learn.

and voice training for adults?

if you have still not found a violin teacher, let me know.

Hi! I am also interested to attend to voice lesson. Please PM me if you find one. Still wanna learn if an adult like me still have a chance....lol!

Experience is a good teacher. Don't take it for granted. Instead learn from it.

Hellow People,

I am new to Doha and I am looking for a Tutor who can teach my daugters aged 10 and 12 key board and Guitar. I stay near LULU hyper. I would prefer a one on one tutor at my place.


Hi Sunil,

contact me on 3168332. I can guide you regarding keyboard and guitar classes

Hi I would like to know if there is a Piano Teacher for my son, who is 16 year old and my daughter, 10 year old, both of them are beginners, and maybe my nieces are interested in Piano lessons as well, so its gonna be 4 students,

I am finding one too. I'm actually singing opera(trying :P) and hoping to be better. So if there's someone please PM me..would appreciate it very much:) Thanks in advance.

Hi Novita, I came across ur information on QL. I am interested in piano lessons for my son and wanted a telephone number of dimtorch so that i can contact him/his wife for further information. Thanks in advance :)

You can also call Tel: 5525735, This is the number of my son's music teacher, he guided my son to pass the international examination last December with excellent results.

does the piano teacher come home or we need to go to the place .. ????

Ask the piano teacher Where he can come easily :P

please anybody who know where the place is . :}

Regards , aina

Hi Novita77,how are you?Is it possible for me to get dimtorch's wife number? I would like to ask her more details for the piano lesson. thank you!

Hello all can anybody let me know of any current info on piano teachers for our daughter 8 years old to be taught at home (daughters own piano) to progress to examination if possible. Many thanks Please email with rates and availability to cindielouisa at hotmal . com

Hello!My name is Nila,I`m a piano teacher.have Diploma Master of Music(Ukaraine,Donetsk Conservatory) and work`s experience for 14 years noew in different Music Academy and Institutes.Will glad to be your teacher.Please write me on this mail if you will be interesting.nila_razon@rambler.ruReagrds 

Hello Cindielouisa! My name is Nila,I`m a piano teacher.have Diploma Master of Music(Ukaraine,Donetsk Conservatory) and work`s experience for 14 years now in different Music Academy and Institutes(Ukraine Music College,Jordan Academy of music,Qatar Foundation.Will glad to be a teacher for your kid.Please write me on this mail if you will be interesting.nila_razon@rambler.ruReagrds

Hi Nila

Would like to discuss piano lessons for my two little girls.

Could you kindly email me joy_robbins@yahoo.com.au

Many thanks!


hi dimtorch,

im a new comer in doha, and i m looking for piano teacher to my sons.

are you still available? my kids used to have lesson in yamaha grade 13 certificate.

hi novita,

could you give me dimtorch number or email, i would like to ask him if he has time to teach my 2 sons piano lesson

Hi dimtorch, how much will you charge for the violin lessons? If you can please text me or give me a ring- 70129412. Thank you


This is a very specific offer for a family who would like to educate their children in the best possible way.

Me and my wife offer private education.

We are both from Poland, both 26 years old.

I am a graduate of Music Academy in Poland. I play jazz and classical piano and compose.I speak fluent english. I have studied in United States and Europe. My interests lay in true! history of the world and international politics.I am also a tennis and skiing coach.

My wife graduated from Brighton (UK) and Sorbonne (Paris). She studied literature, film and media and tought in a private school in Paris. She is fluent in english, french and esperanto.

If You are interested in educating Your children in a very wide, open minded way that includes sports, art, learning languages and understadning the world please write me an email for more information.

Since we are living our life in Poland and have naver done such a thing before please respond only with serious offers.

Best regards,



Is it possible for you to give some lessons in July and August 2012?

Must be difficult to play a piano whilst swimming :O(


I am looking for music lessons (violin, cello, piano) for my 6 year old twins and 7 year old. Also where to get or rent?? the instruments.

We recently moved to Doha and I really want to get things started.



Dear Antoinette,

My name is David. I`m a piano teacher and my wife is a violin teacher. I have Diploma Master of Music and my wife graduate Violin and Music Education for Child. If You are interested in educating Your children please write me an email if you will be interesting.


Best Regards


My name is David. I`m a piano teacher and my wife is a violin teacher. I have Diploma Master of Music and my wife graduate Violin and Music Education for Child. If You are interested in educating Your children please write me an email if you will be interesting.


Best Regards

Hi This Lyuda, Music teacher from Ukraine, Have Master Music Diploma , I can teach children Piano and Violin , if any one interested for educating children you can contact me on my email:


will be my pleasure to educate your children, you can contact me on my email ludamayba@hotmail.com

You can contact 4429-8520 look for Jey. This si @ Marriott hotel

Indywidually Piano and Violin lessons.

Pianist educated by world-class Tatiana Shebanova pianist, Violinist studied on Music Academy Education and Art.

Lessons with drive to student's home also.

We will be flexible to your timing. Preparing to ABRSM exams also (Grade 1-8).

If you want to start your passion with music send me a message:

pianoviolinTeach/-a-t-/gmail.com mob: 55640843

I am also looking for a piano teacher for my 5y old daughter. Location Al Thumama. mob. 70091247.

@jazzpianist are you still in Doha?

Hello. My name is YEYE and from South Korea. I have B.A degree with music and have been teaching piano and classic vocal music for 7 years. I can give lesson to anyone kid to adult. :D! If you are intetested in, please text me. 6616-5208 or isingerlove@gmail.com

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