where can i buy malunggay leaves / moringa leaves?
By tekie • 5 years 1 month ago.

Please PM me.. than

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By donald_duc168• 5 years 1 month ago.

nobody sells Malunggay here in Qatar, though you can find a lot of Malunggay tree if you drive around....

By Victoria5518• 5 years 1 month ago.

sorry to dissapoint you dear, no malungay here in Middle East. it is very tasty indeed.. :)

By anonymous• 5 years 1 month ago.

Malungay is available here in doha, i'll get some for you if you want...

By tekie• 5 years 1 month ago.

hi danzelle.. pls tell me where? thanks so much...

By totoymola• 5 years 1 month ago.

hi tekie....try to go in industrial, i got malungay from there.but you need to wash it good because it is very dusty.