Family Life in Qatar

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  1. babysitting

    good morning everybody, i am living at murra, al aziziya. Both myself and my wife are working currently. And, i am looking for a babysitting near my area who can really look after my 10 month old baby. if anyone of you have any option or idea please let me know or call me on 55411062.

  2. British or French school

    We are a British family who happen to also speak French. Our 3 year old daughter has been offered a school place in August 2015 in one of the UK international schools in Qatar. There is also a likelihood that she will be offered a place in a French school.

  3. Viva Bahyria and dogs

    Hi.. hopefully we have now secured an apartment in Viva Bahyria with our furry friend. Can anyone tell me if we are allowed to walk on the beach with our dog on a lead? thank you