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Haha, that's funny! But don't keep it to yourself - let us all laugh:)

  1. Over-speed??? NEVER

    There was a hearing going on in a Court on a accident:-

    Judge: what is the proof that you were not over speeding???

    Man: My LORD, I was going to my father-in-law's house to bring back my WIFE.

    Judge: CASE DISMISSED :D :D :D :D 

  2. Bluetooth Husbands

    Major of the Husbands are BLUETOOTH.....

    Always connected to wife when she is around...


    The moment wife is away... THEY AUTOMATICALLY START SEARCHING NEW DEVICES :) :) :) :D :D :D

  3. Video: How to steal a cow in 60 seconds

    If anyone still needed proof that reality is often much more unbelievable than our imagination, this video may just do the trick.

    I have watched it a couple of times now and am still in disbelief…

    The perfect crime in under 60 seconds!

  4. Going to get married?

    A letter to my bride-to-be bestie…..

    A dear friend of mine is getting married. And as she recounts tales of her last minute wedding shopping woes, I reminisce back to my own  pre- wedding topsy- turvydom.

  5. How to make a surgeon?


    1 slightly demented, partially egotistical, aspiring, alpha human

    3-4 fully demented, megalomaniacal, brilliant surgeons/ consultants/ mentors

    826 surgical tomes (assorted)

  6. Going to get your wisdom tooth removed?

    A friend called me last evening; he had a facial infection thanks to his sneaky wisdom tooth/ third molar. The poor chap’s face was swollen and he looked like he had been in a car crash. He could barely open his mouth and was running a fever. The darned thing hadn’t even erupted.