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Haha, that's funny! But don't keep it to yourself - let us all laugh:)

  1. vodafone and a logical question

    Am using vodafone monthly internet p@ck of 20 that gives 2 gb of data. Before i was using a weekly pack of 15 that gives 30 minute free voda minutes and 250mb data. I already unsubscribed this offer before loading the monthly pack.
  2. Lovely Warning :) :) :)

    A Genius Husband gave the keys of his new car to his WIFE with a WARNING........

    "DARLING", if you meet with an accident, the newspaper will print ur AGE.... so drive CAREFULLY..!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Can you answer this?

    Money has different names depending on how we use it.

    Church - offering

    Mosque - Sadaqah

    School - fee

    Marriage - dowry

    Divorce - alimony

    When you owe someone - debt

    When you pay the government - tax

    Court - fines


    POSTING AS RECEIVED! Though it has been a long time since the first time I entered DIA in 15-August-2012, it seems like yesterday. The memories I had so far are so unique to myself.

  5. Thief..SAD :) :)

    Police asked the Thief: Why did you go to Steal 3 times in the same store???

    Thief: Sir, I stole dress for my WIFE and went to CHANGE it TWICE :) :) :) :D :D :D