12 headed snake

Don't believe all the other rubbish threads about 5 and 6 headed snakes. This is the real deal. Spotted in Qatar just outside my house.


So you've decided to give Drac a tough time now :P Anyways...we'll have to wait for the MODs to fix the Picture....will comment later. :-)
12 head snake ? Holy Penguin :(
i cnt see the pic.
wheres the snake?
ohh rizks look we post comment in the same time, great
even i cant see the snake ...:( Smoke u better take out tat snake ....:)
What?? no snake?...i've uploaded the pic..grrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Still can't see the attachment..
ohh choozy we both hav similiar thoughts... dont we need to discuss about this seriously now...?:)
Smoke u trying to fool us u fool.....lol
please delete this thread check out the snake here: http://www.qatarliving.com/node/1062906
the one-eyed trouser snake is dangerous.
Is the snake too embarrassed to come online?
lol i_isale.... Mods plz BAN Smoke for fooling us and wasting our time...:)
smoke maybe the ur 12 headed snake is hiding in your pants and now the tittle is the 13 headed snake ....lol GOOD MORNING
choozy dont be too horny early in the morning....:)
Mine's not a cobra..its an anaconda :P
huh lol rizks and smoke okey let me check ur another post if successful
this pic is fake! :O
really??? it looks so real
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