is "Arhaan" Muslim name?

ARHAAN a muslim name? if yes: what is meaning?


gotcha did you try searching on the net before posting??

I found this


yes, i searched on net, it is not clear , in your link its showing the meaning of Arhan or arahan.

Appears not


arhaan is a male name with Aborigine origins.

Anamezing's Meaning of the name arhaan

Meaning of the name arhaan: ruler

We also found another meaning for arhaan:

Some say there's no meaning for arhaan other than, of course, that it's the name of a Russian brute.

To use the same source as the first answer, but with the spelling you gave

Means Ruler, but does not define origin, which my earlier post suggests is Aboriginal not Islamic.

i don't think so,if you want to use it for new born ,why you don't use this site:

i don't think so,if you want to use it for new born ,why you don't use this site:

Does it have to be muslim ??

If you like it then does it matter ?

To choose a child name on the basis of whether it is a particular religions is a bit narrow minded, go for global peace and love and call them what you like.

mdq, A Muslim is supposed to give an Islamic name with a good meaning to his child and there is no narrow mindedness in it.

Surely the first followers of Islam had names that were non islamic, so most people today would have the same names, if there is a specic list that should be used, would this not be in the Qur'an or another religeous writting, in which case should this not be the place to look, if this is not the case then who decided what names are Good in Islam, who defined the names? I ask these out of curiosity to learn.

I meant no disrespect, just feel any name you like should be used, no matter what it's origins.

Beloved Brother/Sister, there is no such thing as a 'muslim' name; for one is recognized as a believer in the sight of Allah SWT because of his belief and deeds, not because of his name. The meaning of this name is "ruler" and it's origin is Indian.

And If one wishes to name their child 'Arhaan', it would be a perfectly acceptable name in Islam. If the question was 'is it a good name?', then we would advice that there are plenty of better names one may keep for their children.

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