SEX IN PUBLIC PLACE !! (Captured hidden CAM)

Morning friends,

Seee... The Naughty couple !!!!


LoL Shahana ! U came up today with my interst
were they Caught after the sex ? :)
what kind of topics are you looking for today
It's not in Qatar so it's ok.
Bloody hell.. Gay Flies :O(
which nationalities were they ?
pooor, they don't even have a place to enjoy their privacy!
britey how did u recognize tat ? :(
YOU CRUEL BEOBLE ! Atleast, leave the insects to hav their leisure time in an open area....:(
The Car number plate is Thai? No wonder even flies, flys to bangkok for sexual pleasure?
Rofl Uk !
tinks, what is? (wink) :P
I saw this cartoon in Gulf times a few weeks ago, a women in an Abaya clinging on the wing of a flying Plane, knocking on the window where her Husband is sitting and saying.. "I thought you told me that you were going to Mecca? But why are you on the Plane to Bangkok?"
LOL tinks, God no, not the gory details!!! :P
tink detailed description.. First question were you drunk?
I thought for the serious discussion/topic before opening the thread...
DaRuDe, Am sorry for the TOPIC, Take jus funny...pls
If these flies will do that in Qatar. Very sure, now you should have found them in Gulf Times "SENTENCE TO DEATH" for doing sex in public.
Old stuff. Re-post.
DEAR Swine Flu, Older people died, we are new generation goin on... We did't see this, If you hav same most welcome... But should be previous generation as you mention "" old stuff ""
i also thought someone inside the car hahahhahahah
Baseeta, lazem nesta7mel les'3ar.
Hahaha, all these jealous people not getting any, good on the flies :-)
Snessy, Signature ......complicated one, but okey
Very bad - indecent post. Avoid. Childrens are also QL member.
kadavsk, where did you get your info that children are on QL?
Very interestingly everybdy opening this .. yy.. y.... ;-)
I mean childrens too are surfing QL. I am witness to it. By the way QL is public forum and such indecency is objectionable.
Look saeed, Mr.S KUMAR still objecting me...!!! Have anything bad on my thread?? My TOPIC IS BAD.. agreed, made nd post jus as funny. But he is.....So cruel
saeedkhan, cant u see a good CAR up there ? :(
when MODS delete this topic kadavsk then it's indecent. for moaning out loud, get a grip!
Shahana a Question ! which one is male and which one is female in tat pic ? :(
Rizk, U never leave Saeed ?? I think u both are bros in blood rltn... coz, can see all time u are together
hms hms
pictures are funny for comments are offensive. LOL
lol shahana... i even dont leave you whenever you post a thread....:)
SNM & Tinku ! Can you guyz help me out of my imagination ? :)
Lesbian ? m sure now from no were DaRuDe will enter this thread again after reading "Lesbian"....:(
Britexpat, i request you and appeal you to kindly use simple ENGLISH for me to understand plz ? :(
sure rizks, choose between a cactus and spiked steel ball
I am saddened that you should find this funny. It is not only lewd, but promotes inappropriate banter between the sexes. I urge you to cease and desist forthwith or even fifthwith.
Shahana dear, and how u know they are lesbians ? :( and why not Gayz ?
re you lesbian??? :P nice
hms hms
too much man,
here he comes......:(
Ther "gays activities" strictly restricted on public place !!
STUPID DaRuDe, Stop ur BULLSHIT question.
and Lesbian activites is done in a Public place ? :( Great ! Shahana, can u tell me which place and wat time these activites are going on so tat i can take my cybershot and myself there ? :)
Reiterating my point again that the picture is taken in a park in Bangkok and the flies are lady boys..:)
Rofl Shahana... DaRuDe...plz dont mind her ! lol
oh guess you are hesitating to accept that it ok we have other lesbians also on QL. Rizks will show you their topics.
hms hms
even if he minds is there any issue ?? just curious.
RIZK, If u are a LESBIAN, You can, guys not allowed
poor flies.. next time, they will get a room.. :P
Shahana here are the links for your info :
teach them how to get in the middle and stay there,.
Shahana i am a pure breed Lesbian.....:(
pls let her to add some thing different like this, dont ask many questains. she is bsy with her new venture. we are waiting with lot of expectations. welldone shahana..
cross my track and will freeze your curiosity for good.
abey saeedkhan, i didnt misbehaved yet ! :( did I ?
Rizk, Who asked 4 th link..???
hms hms
no need track u, your picture itself is sufficient, LOL
Shahana, one man who has long white beard and moustace...with long red dress and a tall CAp with a red Bag in his hand asked me to post the link.... In short Santa Clause....:)
The Animal/Insect right activists would contact you soon for "breach of privacy of these flies" :-(
Rofl drmana !!
Rizk, Try to bahave a good manner, I think you are a good gentleman, but now..... I got wat th meaning of ur sign, Tx for lot to comment me and a last bye for ever..
hms hms
comment from DR Mana.LMAO
ohh Shahana ! My Aplogizies, as this was posted in Funnies so was jokin around. Ok no more jokes....PEACE now LADY ! say Cheese ! :)
hms hms
i told u in the beginning itself that it is too much, now u see Shahana gauged in wrong sense. very bad.
lol saeedkhan... hms but i didn't really meant it ! :( Shahana, wait lemme PM
I was expecting a you tube video any ways this is is hilarious!!
you kutta makki sex spy:(
in the last pic, anybody can tell me where is the female on that position?
lobot forget about position...kindly tell us, were are the teeths gone from ur mouth ? :(
spare lobot rizks, he is a newborn baby, no teeth yet
lol SNM...
Rizk, I feel got me some gud frnds thrugh QL, an me added U as one of GOOD, But yo goin frm me bad....nd its max level. Tx 4 your all comment 4 ma threads, nd if u feel anythin bad frm me am sorry..really Sorry A LAST GOOD BYE FOR EVER !!!
dear shahana, your name and blog photo is the cause of their questains. it is look very nice together
rizks before i will answer your question...where is pajju your bro?
??? naughty camera...
Why is the camera hidden? if the sex is in the
LMAO Jackmohanlal...good point ! he he he
Only Jackmohan could figure that out.. Well pointed out the attention to detail..:)
The flies are copying whats happening inside the
lookin at the number of posters, there is no clue, how people are desperately looking for sex ;)
Cryspy ... maybe its the weather... since you have posted are also included
jack i feel honor, to follow my team captain :D
No longer mate... Khanan will captain you guys.... I will come to play if I find the time....
Animals natural instincts tickle humans (social animals)
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