which is the national animal of qatar




Yes, It is Oryx

I think the white oryx, hence Orry the Asian Games 2006 Mascot.

Sheikh Khalifa, the present Emirs father founded a white oryx breeding programme which has been continued and is a major success story in conservation.

Everyone says the oryx, but I've never seen one. I think it's the JackAss, you see so many every day.

yes it's oryx... but i've also never seen

LOLz Sandman :D

qatar people call it as ory

LAND CRUISER..................

It's Oryx and its Arabic name is 'Maha' 'مھا '

It's Oryx! - But you won't see it around......You'll see it only inside Doha Zoo.

It is definitely the gracious oryx which is also the symbol of the exquisite Qatar Airways..

Yes it is Oryx

you can see it in zoo

or any farm house for sheikhs

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