Why married women are fatter

Why are married women heavier than single women?

Single women come home, see what's in the fridge and go to bed. Married women come home, see what's in bed and go to the fridge.



Why is it difficult to find men who are sensitive, caring and good-looking?

They already have boyfriends. (this could be a propos hrscorp's thread: http://www.qatarliving.com/node/106471)


Sylwia, u dont look heavy :P


Good one.

Is it secret of ur body?

Have A Great Day.....

most women gain more weight after marriage, specially arabic women??? i hate that, to marry an angle then stuck with somehting else.

hmmm could it be the husband is a very very good provider?lol and the woman is extremely happy??

life's too short so make the most of it, you only live but once.......

this is a true phenominom (spell check please). Seen and FELT it with my own senses. ggggrrrrrrrr

not me! if you don't take care of your body, your husband may end up having an affair or they will leave you.

thexonic, that's because I'm special and don't do anything in accordance with the books :)

I lost weight since I got married, but women put on weight because single woman won't eat dinner every day. Men need meat, so they want to eat dinner every day, and a woman keeps him company (by eating too).

That is why.



It has something to do with GENETICS,...and

How about single middle-aged women?...like moi..whehehehe

hmmm...I would rather say volumptious than say the "F" word...yaiiks.

They/We get FAT bcoz:

- we tend to eat our kids' meals (I do..that's why i gain weight whenever I'm on vacation)just to entice them to eat more.

- As we prepare the family's meal, we taste the food as we cook it.

- During that time of the month, some women tend to eat more (ice cream, cakes, chocolates, etc)especially when mood "swings"

That I know...coz I do that :-P


Azi, you are right, most women eat kids' meals, finish them off after their kids..

I know few women who finish their husbands' meals, but these are really big :) with skinny husbands, of course!



wow, eeating all the family food, what the poor kids and husband eat? lol

Kids usually are picky and eat junk. Husbands eat whatever they manage before wives eat their food, that's why they are skinny :)



other married women are fat....and i dont know why i am not.


'Never frown, even when you are sad,

because you never know who just likes your smile'

on single stage years...

they prefer to drink Cola in a bottle (guitarlike shape)

the way their shape look alike with the bottles...

after marriage...


they choose to drink cola on a tin...

if not contented with the amount...

shifted to a 2-liter cola...

the way their bodies follows with that shape... lolz

A city that pays for a giant bilboard that says 'No Fat Chicks' would make me proud to live in....(a quote from the great Homer Simpson)

i don’t know and I hope no one will get mad at my comment. But i think it is based on the fact that single women are somehow feeling insecure so they keep up on good shape until they get hooked up, find the right guy and marry.. This is the transition point.. Where they loosen up in the exercises they used to do to stay on shape “ by the way ladies it is the first step of becoming an elephant” because they start to feel that they are more secure and Someone is loving them..

The Second step is they get pregnant which means more security and they deliver

The baby “which means to them that they are way beyond secure ... This is in my opinion actually the point of being an elephant .. Because after the first baby they are ultimately secure.. so All the weight they gain and will gain can stay because they don’t have time to work out they are taking care of the baby ”security” or the house or the husband.. And the drama will start.

I am sorry... I am not trying to be rude to anyone. And not trying to hurt or offend any of you ladies “ I know some of you well” .just be honest with your self and with us. Just think it over in your head... before you put your comment upon my comment.. And start your comment by yes you are right or no you are wrong and explain after that … just don’t attack me attack the truth. I have nothing against anybody..


aboodi, you are not rude, you are just generalizing.

You are wrong, because not all women are like that. There are some, of course, but I'd say majority of us want to look good FOR THEMSELVES (not for men), or for other women, ha ha ha.

So I am actually slimmer and better looking now than I was before I got married.

I take more care of myself now.

I go to the gym.

I like to look great.

For myself, not for anybody else.

So that's why I think you are wrong.

And I'm not attacking you, I'm just saying you are putting all women into one pot.



And Sylwia is right that you are generalizing. Or perhaps you knew someone who is like that.

You may be right...or wrong depending on what perspective you look at it....from the male's view, i guess.


hey i have seen men who got fatter with marriage so does this mean they no longer care for their bodies after marriage??

life's too short so make the most of it, you only live but once.......

check the calories of what ever they swallow afterwards ......to keep track of their weight

some fresh foods dont have any label





abodi ... you should see Sylwia and Spicemum ... they can be categorize as a yummy mummy. :D




Anbody wans a free fridge?



Eli Eli Lema Sabachthani?

Spicemom i think is correct on both her posts...esp the male putting on weight after marriage...

Also considering women have babies and find little time to excercise, esp when kids are young and very high maitenance..

As for eating kids meals, its true as they seem to pick and waste a lot of food. The trick i found is not to have my meals until they have finished, henced only eating their left overs(quite sad actually lol)and not serving myself a meal,unless ofcourse they manage to polish theirs off)..

Aboud..as for your comments, well its hard not to offend women by referring to them as elephants...

As for yummy mummies, Novi your not to bad yourself dear...you have a great figure..

I got married in 1990... wow, that was 35 pounds ago !

lol Orang Kedah ...

Nadt, thank you for your compliment ...

normally majority of women after getting married they feel more stress which I think is the major cause of gaining weight for anyone man or woman !

Another major impact for women is having babies.. during pregnancy they gain 5 - 7 stones due to taking extra food and medicines and after delivery they hardly reduce 1 - 2 stones ! then after delivering a baby they become more responsible and less time for themselves ...

I don't think so that eating proper home food (not junk foods) will impact on the body ! if your diet is good your body will remain fit. This formula fits on single ladies .. if a single woman gets stress then her chances for gaining weight are high

But as i said for married women, the lifestyle is different therefore they gain weight quickly due to stress and pregnancy !

One more reason what i understand is woman before marriage tries to maintain her body but after marriage she forgets since she knows that her body is for her partner only and she don't really care for others as she used be before marriage !

This is my observations could be wrong in some cases :-)


our fav line "you should love me for who I am even if I turn into a overweight lazy elephant"


I find it funny that Sylwia posted a rhetorical question as a joke, yet so many felt the need to answer it! LOL

Aboodi, you're not rude, just trying to provoke, with your constant referral of the word "elephant"! lol

I like Dracula's reply, "Anybody wants a free fridge?"

Sadly, if some of us gave away our fridge, we'd get even larger by eating out and having takeaways everyday! :-(

Sylwia, is it becuase of playing too much wii??? that u maintained good figure??? cuz thats not true, I play video games all night and all i see is hte opposite (weight gain) hahaha :P


Just a quick tip; stop eating, period. No food, no drink, no air. Just kidding.

My take on this if anybody cares to know, most likely its just me reading this reply by myself later on; It's truly a matter of perspective.

1. Folks get married, fine, but enjoy each other first before kids.

2. After a good basis for this love affair has been established, as long as within reasonable shapes and figures, both couples should encourage one another to stay fit. "Get fat together during pregnancy, and work out together afterwards for healthy reasons, NOt looks (ITS JUST A BONUS)."

3. Be curteous to each other and stay presentable for your mate.

4. Sex like monkeys or passionate love depending on who you ask, with your wife or husband only, not anyone else.

Make sure you talk at nights, buy flowers on payday, And shapes and figures wouldnt matter as much as long as within reason (not by the tons). Maybe, each will see their mates a yummy yummy mommy, hmm hmm, goes to the tummy, sexy sexy. :)

Well, I think dreamandsmile is smokin yummy yummy mommy, hmm hmm, delicious. Maybe not as hot as you other moms out there, but for me--smokin!

Chachang! Do I get a bonus this time if dreamandsmile reads this, lets see.

Hi honeybunny.

lmao Xonic ... Sylwia second resident is in aspire classes ... thats why lah ...

Good morning! Anything exciting lately with you?

thexonic, maybe because you play PS3 or XBox or sth like that... come and play box with me and in no time you'll be like a stick on my picture below).

Novi, you coming to new building? Do you know where it is? (Aspire, I mean)



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Morning Javi ... nothing new from me. Just same old same old ... Trying to entertain myself going out with QL crowd ... You should join QLSG once you got here with your other half.

Sylwia ... i am coming to the next building next Sunday ... hopefully i can find it.

What pic Darude staring at?

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Hey fellas, what woman are you guys starring at. Is she hot or something?

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