World Map of


Average Breast Cup size. 


Any of these boobs is too small to see, especially with one eye!

give a link to a larger picture or post a large picture

cant see this educational important info

i tried magnifying lens still failed :(

WTH!! Come on i need to travel next week...come up with a bigger picture of this map.. ASAP!!

It is not clear. Is it sorted from big to small? Is there Africans with small size like the Chinese?

He did it on purpose, so we can keep on guessing!

well...i guess "RED" ones are with huge size

and the orange and so on..

but im confused abt the white ??

is it for Men?? :O

or flat screens?? :P

Captain thats for khaled26 types ...

Fea....loll... thanks for the correction..will remember it forever ...haha

Not allow Big Pictures......... what to do Yanniiiii.

One Idea save to your desktop and open with windows picture viewer

Fea sad Happy weekend,

I think Russians are too Big

for the inquisitive..:)

Looks like average cup size as follows:-

A Cup - Green

B Cup - Turquoise

C Cup - Yellow

D Cup - Orange

Larger than D Cup - Red

Not that I spent any time studying this ;)

And remember.... more than a handful is just a waste

It's good to keep abreast of things :o)

Looks like it is time for me to move again.

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