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Haha, that's funny! But don't keep it to yourself - let us all laugh:)

  1. WHAT?!!!

    Morning Folks

    So yesterday I was visiting a company, and I get the chance to visit their toilet :O)

    In fact I was shocked the I have to read a full paper to use the bathroom and I also saw another picture for what is right and what is wrong

  2. The Craigslist Ad -The Government Shutdown Seems Hilarious

    The ad reads:

    So my roommates all left because of a job thing and I need to make rent. I really think this place is great and I've been living here for a while (incumbency FTW!). I don't want to leave but the utilities are a real bitch to afford on your own. Some facts about the digs:

  3. Number Jokes

    A man is sent to prison for the first time. At night, the lights in the cell block are turned off, and his cellmate goes over to the bars and yells, "Number twelve!" The whole cell block breaks out laughing.