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    Can someone advice about the best steps to take when faced with a medical emergency.

    suppose that your co-worker or family member is in need of medical assistance would it be wiser to wait for the ambulance or to drive them to the hospital ourselves.

  2. general practictioner Al Ahli


    Can someone tell me if Al Ahli Hospital has general practitioners? Can someone recommend me one? I need a referral letter and possibly some help getting an existing appointment with a specialist there earlier. Thanks.

  3. Winter is Coming!!! CRICKET?


    I played lots of cricket in 2011 and 2012 with local teams and now that I have lost all of their contacts, I like to know whether there is any local team with any openings.

    And most importantly, will there be any matches this season.

  4. Martial Arts for Kids

    Yoshinkan Aikido classes starting at JBK Compound (Salwa Road) Clubhouse on Sunday 19th October.

    Classes Sun, Tues, Thur at 4pm to 5pm and will be taught by 6th Dan Shihan (master) who is a regular teacher at the world HQ in Tokyo.