Health card Hamad Hospital

What documents do you need to apply for Hamad's health card? Where can you apply for the card? Can I apply at the hospital?
I am tring to get in the women's hospital, called to get an appointment but lady said need to get a health card and open a file and then I can call for an appointment.
Any ideas?
Thanks much.


You will need your passport copy and RP copy, and 2 passport sized photos. Application Form must be completely filled up. You can get the form from Hamad Hospital.

Thanks a lot tess, this info is really helpful. Now do you know how do I get to the women's hospital. I'm new to the area and not familiar with roads. I'll be coming from west hilal area.

you have to apply health card at the nearest health center in your place(hilal),probably at abu hamour health center or airport health center,i am not so sure which one is nearer to you.

you must go to the nearest health center where you live or get a form in hamad ask them which health center you can apply, bring with you a copy of your passport, QID, a proof of address(rent, water, or electricity bill) , photo, and 100QR. If you are under husband's sponsorship, you also need to bring a copy of his health need to go only in the will only take approx 15 mins, (in my case)

no need to get the form from Hamad .Health Centers has application forms too.

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