Keto Diet

By Rozita

Hi guys,

Is there any Keto support group or clinic in Qatar?


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By Molten Metal• 3 days 7 hours ago.
Molten Metal

Roz, We all know hope sustains life. Please keep your focus on the positive side, ignore the unwanted botheration from any quarter. Good luck from MM.

By acchabaccha• 4 days 2 hours ago.

Don't expect any reply as the practice of giving false hopes is nothing new from this person which has been taking place for several years now. Don't be hopeful. joys..............

By Molten Metal• 4 days 3 hours ago.
Molten Metal

Roz, Yes there may be one as my neighbour has mentioned it in the last week, will confirm from her by tomorrow night. Be hopeful, joys ......

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