Stomach reduce after delivery

By Kunjappu

Anybody can advise how to reduce the stomach after delivery, as my wife's stomach did not reduce after delivery.

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By fefee• 8 years 10 months ago.

can you pls tell us how many months it has been since your wife delivered?

some people i know use belly band to tie their belly. it dost not go back on its own. ur wife needs to do some sports. she should maybe start with a 3-5 days a week walk on the cornich or so.

personally, it took me at least 4 months to get back in shape. ( i walked every day at least an hour or 2)

if your wife is still breast feeding, pls advice her not to worry much about loosing weight, cus most important is to eat healthy and breast feed the baby with healthy breast milk.

good luck

By Expat Sueño• 8 years 10 months ago.
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Expat Sueño

Give it some time. . .remember that it took nine months to stretch and grow, so it might take nine months to get back to normal. Even in the best cases it takes at least a 4-6 weeks for a new mum's tummy to go back to the way it was.

By anonymous• 8 years 10 months ago.

Lol..Well..ask her to have a proper diet and exercise regularly after she recovers!coz she cant skip meals as she has to BREAST FEED the baby!so exercise!

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