Is there any good VOLLEYBALL COURT here in Doha?

By girbaud0631

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By DaDude• 4 years 11 months ago.
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Hi there.. if you wanna play in a recreational volleyball league, try www dot qsportsleagues dot com

over 3000 sports loving members and counting!

Join as an individual or a team...all skill levels welcome . league start in october 2012

By yzrabie• 4 years 12 months ago.
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Hi, I am a member in QF and I can reserve free and very good indoor Volleyball court, please contact me if you are interested, as I am a volleyball player and I want to play.

By shajitomy• 5 years 1 week ago.
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Yah..but only indoor courts..

By qatarlover2• 5 years 1 week ago.
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Please call Mr.Ashiq Ahmed (Gen. Secretary- VOLIQ) on 55451510 for all Volleyball related matters in Qatar.

Call me on ///// 7796***9009.

By Basil_qatar• 5 years 1 week ago.
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Try the volleyball court in the Qatar Volleyball Association in New Salata, its part of the Al-Arabi Club Buildings .... but I'm not sure if it can be booked by public

Also if you know someone in QF (EC), they can book the court there for free ...

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