Is there a Hash house Harriers in Qatar?
By Arranlass • 7 years 1 month ago.

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I'll be over in Qatar next month, id there's a hash I'll arrange my trip around the hash.

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By GodFather.• 7 years 1 month ago.
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Yes there is. The Qatar Hash House Harriers QH3, The Hash run is on a Monday. Which mostly runs in the desert out of city locations.

There is also the Doha Hash who mostly run within the City.

If you need more information. Please PM me or Baldrick2dogs..

On On

By baldrick2dogs• 7 years 1 month ago.

Damn you UK - you beat me to it ;o)

By anonymous• 7 years 1 month ago.

I think theres also a hash in Bahrain. Just check in the GDN or listen to the radio, sometimes its mentioned on there.

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