MY friend have a residence permit from previous 2.5 year . now he suffered a TB. Can he go for the treatment in Rumailah? He will be deported from Qatar or they will give him the treament here in Qatar? please some one guide us he is in very trouble.


He has to go to the nearest Health Center, and if found out to be TB positive after some test, he will be refered to Rumailah TB Unit. He wont be deported. He can avail a free treatment at Rumaillah if he has a residency in Qatar. But make sure he got a valid Health Card.

Only HIV/AIDS positive are deported with or without residency.

No, he wont be deported after treatment, unless his sponsor says to do so in serious infection.

You have to take your friend ASAP as it can be dangerous for others who are with him. Treatment is good here and has to be followed regularly.

he will not be deported. He will get FREE treatment from Rumailla for SIX months.

Everyday he has to go personally and take the medicine in front of the nurses. This is to ensure the patient takes medicine daily. That is the reason they dont give the medicine to patient to be taken to home. I dont know the proecedure changed or not.

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