Never leave your child alone in the car

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Following the recent tragic news of a four-year-old girl's death after being left in a car for several hours, we decided to publish this post as a fierce reminder for all parents and caretakers in Qatar.

Just DON't leave you kids in the car alone

Parents, please DO NOT leave your children alone in parked cars under any circumstances. It is summer now and in this kind of weather children are more vulnerable to heat stroke and heat exhaustion even if your vehicle's air-condition is turned on.

Some parents don't realize that you could get heat exhaustion or heat stroke faster in a car than if you were sitting outside in the sun due to the lack of ventilation.

Your child could suffocate and die if left alone in the car

If you're running errands with your child(ren) in the vehicle, always take your children with you if you have to step outside your vehicle.

According to some studies, carbon-monoxide from the car exhaust can come in through the air-conditioner vents and long hours in the vehicle without natural ventilation means your child could suffocate and die from carbon-monoxide poisoning.

Children under four years are at higher risk of heat stroke and heat exhaustion

Take action immediately

Now that you know your car heats up faster than you think, help reduce the number of deaths from heatstroke by remembering to ACT.

A: Avoid leaving your child in the car, even for a single minute.

C: Create reminders by putting something in the back of your car next to your child such as a briefcase, wallet, or a cellphone that you will need at your destination.

T: Take acion immediately if you see a child alone in the car. Call 999 if you have to.

Take note of the above and save your own children's lives. Share this with a parent you know.

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By Nwokeoma• 1 year 8 months ago.

This parent should be charged with negligence. Which is tantamount to judicial prosecution.

By mohamed800• 1 year 8 months ago.

On a certain stage of our life, we will realize our life is left only for our kids. Therefore give first preference for the kids. There is no point in achieving any kind of milestone in our life’s unless we raise up our children properly by giving appropriate safety & security for them.

By acchabaccha• 1 year 8 months ago.

This careless act is restricted not just to Qatar. A day back a similar incident took place in Mississippi, USA when a 2-year old toddler died because of her mother's forgetfulness, I wonder how mothers could be so careless.

By IchirouTakashima• 1 year 8 months ago.

As much as it is, who ever they are...

"You only have yourself to blame"

You cannot really blame anyone here, except yourself for these kind of faults.

By britexpat• 1 year 8 months ago.

scj: Incidents like these are usually due to forgetfullness and carelessness - you can't really have legislation for such

By scj• 1 year 8 months ago.

Ministry should also draft a law, so that parents shouldn't be left with an option of leaving their kids in the car alone, anyway.

By Deleerious• 1 year 8 months ago.

As a parent of a 4 year old I was absolutely horrified to read this. This child's parents are up there with the McCann's in terms of negligence if you ask me.

I take most things light hearted but I cannot being to imagine the pain and suffering that poor child went through in their final minutes. Hot, exhausted, alone.

Just cannot think what went through a responsible parents mind to do this. Unforgivable.

Sorry this is a heavy post.

By britexpat• 1 year 8 months ago.

Sadly these cases occur all over the world... All due to human error..

Parent thinking - "i'll only be a few minutes and then getting sidetracked..

Children are precious and the most important thing in a parent' life - Take care of them ..

By Wild Turkey• 1 year 8 months ago.
Wild Turkey

If "parents" forget their child in a car they don't deserve to be called 'parents'!

By Molten Metal• 1 year 8 months ago.
Molten Metal

Thanks for the reminder to forgetful parents ...........

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