How many Romanians are in Doha?

Let's get together...!
Leave a contact no or email adress if you have some Romanian blood...:)


Didn't we do this last month ?? I am an honourary romanian because I fell in love with Nadia Elena Comăneci . However, if you search the site, you will find that there are a few..
If there are a few... is good to meeet all of us at least sometimes... For this we need to have some contacts... You are welcome, even Nadia is in US now :)) you mised her!
are not allowed in Doha then how did you land here?
already sucked all the romanian blood. What remains is too less to be considered
Drac became qatari now, he changed his blood. where are you hidden bandit! "quand on parle du loup, on voit sa queue!"
No way! Serious??? So, can you give me a ride in your white LC?
Norocul meu ca nu suntem cu unul mai putin. Am scapat ca prin minune dintr-un accident de masina.
I just came back from Villagio.. Asked 223 people. Not one Romanian :o(
Drac said: . . Stiu. Ma duceam spre casa si am vazut accidentul pe viu! Kia albastra si stilpul cazand..:( . .
the most beautifull redhaired lady there. My wife has gone shopping....
Did you asked the owner and GM? :P And the guys with Dacia ?
inca nu au dat de individ. nu stiu ce sperante am. oricum urmatoarea masina daca nu e tot sorento va fi hummer cu bullbar si bare de torsiune
. . britex: - we are smoking "Carpati" (no filter) easy to find us! :P . .
Drac said: . . "quand on parle du loup"...start climbing upper on your bamboo :) . .
Doi pe-o craca!
There was a Dacia parked in the VIP car park, but i thought it belonged to a local :o(
Drac said: . . "Ochii lui Dobrin" . .
a chinese clone. Those poor qataris does not have enough money for paying the maintenance of a Logan.
for the picture of a label. I couldn't find it.
Translation: . .Classifieds: Dacia 1310, good condition, swap with...tzuica (local alcoholic drink) . .
Aparaently, it belongs to a Count Alucard from Bucharest..
N-au vrut s-o ia in programul am dat-o si eu pe ce am putut....
Drac I prefer la Renault 12 :)
Drac said: . . "Care e pentru voi cea mai frumoasa amintire . . “Copilarie cu cheia de gat”. Si eu fac parte din aceasta generatie, iar copilaria … e formata din clipe pe care n-am sa le pot uita niciodată şi pe care eu le voi asocia intotdeauna cu bucuria de viaţă, cu liniştea unei vieţi de poveste (chiar daca nu a fost usor)..." . . SUPERB ESEU AICI:
Ah.. The key to the Dacia.. Shame the clues are in some foreign lingo..
Pranzul cu suc :CICO"- cu sticla cu ursuletul pe ea si pufuleti galbeni sarati la punga mare transparenta... THE BEST...
dezumflatul rotilor la masini si furatul de zarzare
Drac said: . . carucioarele de lemn cu rulmenti cu bile (servo-directie si frana asistata de/cu "Usureii de Dragasani") . .
Mancatul de coji de bube si de rame...Carabusi legati cu ata de papiota si facuti "elicoptere"...Trasul cu cornetele de hartie in broaste...statul la cozi de orice fel(cea mai exotica a fost coada la chibrituri!)...O tempora!
Drac said: . . rofl...Kantarina pentru fete facuta din elitrele carabusilor de mai tocate! . .
Ptiu Drace! Pe asta n-am stiut-o... :P
Drac said: . . Eugenia- cea mai ieftina femeie: 65 bani! :P . .
First come down and we will find for you a Dacia... . . .
Gata, m-am prins! :P Multzam fain Dracula! . . .
. . :P . .
WTH!!! LOL. so I can not be discreet with you Drac!
10 Things We Love and Hate About Romania . . . 10 Things We Love: . 1. Fresh tomatoes and cucumbers - the vegetables here are amazing! Organic is the norm; we're hoping the small farmers will survive the mass production revolution. 2. telemea - fresh sheep or goat cheese that melts in your mouth. 3. kindness of strangers - we've met many people who considered us their guests and wanted to genuinely help us. 4. generosity of friends - We've decided that friends are absolute necessary ingredient to a comfortable living here. 5. haystacks - they dot the countryside, giving the place a fairy tale feeling. 6. folk art - traditional costumes and houses are beautifully decorated, even functional, ordinary everyday items are richly decorated. 7. patience with bad Romanian language - Romanians are pleasantly surprised when a foreigner speaks their language. 8. the Carpathians - the mountains are beautiful and for the most part undeveloped and wild. 9. hitchiking - this is an effective and inexpensive way of transportation in some parts of the country. We've used it many times in Bistrita. 10. young, smart people with lots of ideas and curiosity about the world around them. . . . 10 Things We Hate About Romania . 1. bureaucracy - people who are unwilling to think outside the box and always point to some higher authority. 2. bad service - rude waiters, even people at the tourist information kiosks are sometimes rude. 3. evil taxi drivers - only in Bucharest, so far; they will charge you double the fare if they sense you're a foreigner (that's if they even want to take you in the first place; they won't even bother for a short ride) 4. abandoned cars - they're everywhere, blocking the sidewalks, parked on the streets, a real nuisance and an eye sore for the entire country. 5. cigaretteSs - we've never seen so much cigarettes on the sidewalks. Could it be related to the fact that in Romania 46% of men and 24% of women smoke regularly? 6. pollution - from diesel fumes to cigarette smoke, your lungs will be put to the test. 7. driving - we still can't figure the driving rules in Bucharest, perhaps because so many people tend to ignore them. 8. pretentious bars, cafes and shops - places where well connected Romanians go to see and be seen. 9. uninspired architecture - entire neighborhoods of ugly, communist era apartment blocks 10. things that sorta' work - low-quality, locally made goods; and there are no exchanges and refunds.
Români de sânge este de dulce! da ma mai mult
============================================= " Failure is Not an OPTION " =============================================
Hope there blood are still Intact... ============================================= " Failure is Not an OPTION " =============================================
OH! you forgot DRAC!
Drac said: . . Yeah..FU "Doggy Styleeeeeee"!!! . .
How many Popescu? and how many Chivelescu/Albescu Draculescu....
How many Popescu? and how many Chivelescu/Albescu Draculescu....
I love the Balkan Girls!
Drac said:19 . . Dracula, tomici, radulein ,Bursu, juliana_ro, mata hari, larissa99, stress_in_babel, cata.ang, laurana, Kaiiria, Craitza, Gica Contra, maria din romania, cristina_ro, george dumitru, micu_ale,Erica Ionescu . . .
1. Count Alucard (Count Halacard) 2. Mata Hari 3. Geeka C 4. Laurana 5. Bursu 6. Mrs. Ionescu. 7.
Welcome Mrs. Ionescu
Drac said::P . . chup rhao,Mr. Edifisescu . .
se mai intalnesc Romanii in Doha?
natalis use romanian language only in Romanian Group .
lol..bugg-off, edifisescu! :) .
ok..I do Romanians meet in Doha? I am here for a while and I have just met 1...If there are reunions please let me know..I'd like to join
bună! o să mă alătur şi eu grupului de români din Doha în curând :) am şi nişte curiozităţi: cum e viaţa în Doha? Am înţeles că avem ambasadă în Doha. Cum se procedează în legătură cu "luarea în evidenţă"? Mă interesează asta îndeosebi pt vot.
Hello How r u>? What is ur language???? I dont know ur language??? Can u reply me if u dont mind....
hlmns if u are in a Romanian Group it's so hard to understand that my language is romanian??? And I think u're a little bit offtopic ;)
i m reallly sorry i dont understand romaian language.
Where r u from ?? Where r u working in Qatar?
Hello to all Romanians here in Doha, Qatar. Can you guys help me with my problems? I am a Filipino guy living in Qatar and i have a Romanian friend who wants to go here and he is looking for a job. can anyone help us to solve it out? he said that it is more better if i get a help from you all. my mobile is #66559140/#77226229. We are hoping for your kind consideration guys. Thank you! keep safe and stay blessed.
Buna, Gasesti Romani si pe cele 2 grupuri de Facebook: Comunitatea Romanilor din Qatar si Romanians in Doha. Si Romani in Qatar sunt in jur de 1500 inregistrati oficial la Ambasada. In mod sigur mai sunt si altii care nu au reusit inca sa se inregistreze. O zi buna!
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