Nissan Altima 2013 gear problem

By aliali • 20 hours 14 min ago.

Did any one face a problem with Nissan Altima 2013 gear? please contact; we can share experience or take action.


Need to fix engine oil leak in Lexux 2006 RX 350

By HM_university_2015 • 2 days 7 hours ago.

Hi Everyone,I found a engine oil leak (few dozens of drops each day) in my Lexux 2006 RX350 last week and took it to Toy

1 comments mmalam1980 • 2 days 2 hours ago.

Now what?

By msn619 • 5 days 15 hours ago.

Ok last week I posted buying a used car, thanks to handsomeman I learned about metrash2 it was easy thank you, he direct

3 comments TeamNSM • 5 days 14 hours ago.

Ducati motorcycle maitenance cost

By nmrm • 1 week 1 day ago.

Hi there,recently arrived in Doha, thinking of getting a motorcycle for some weekend riding and some trackdays at Losail

1 comments nmrm • 1 week 1 day ago.

First time buying a used car

By msn619 • 1 week 2 days ago.

I want to buy my neighbors car his leaving soon, What paper works do I need or how do I transfer it to my name? 

2 comments handsomeman • 1 week 2 days ago.

Driving a bus with a car driver's license only

By Twister10 • 1 week 4 days ago.

Is that allowed to drive a 28 seater bus if I only have a driver's license indicate a car only???

5 comments britexpat • 1 week 3 days ago.


By Landiess • 1 week 5 days ago.

Good Morning All,Please I need assistance on my JEEP COMPASS 4*4 2011 model.

5 comments 5zal • 1 week 5 days ago.

Qatar Driving Theory Test / Computer Exam Booklet

By Anilkumar Sebastian • 1 week 6 days ago.

Dear All, Kindly help me with the qatar driving theory test booklet.

2 comments ahmedaslam97 • 1 week 6 days ago.

How cancel istimara and sell the number alone

By janrex • 2 weeks 1 day ago.

Hi! to all, can anyone give me an idea on how to cancel car istimara?


Car Insurance

By ayeshahnawaz • 2 weeks 2 days ago.

I have purchases a Second Hand Car, Istemara has been transferred to my name, but I haven't received any Insurance Paper

4 comments acchabaccha • 2 weeks 2 days ago.

best car a/c shop or technician

By kervie17 • 2 weeks 2 days ago.

need some help on where is the best place for checking car a/c.

1 comments AaronDz • 2 weeks 21 hours ago.

dent repair by suction

By Qabodan • 2 weeks 4 days ago.

any body know a place doing car dent repair with suction without paint


Car or Furniture body covers

By Willjp • 3 weeks 3 days ago.

Does anyone know where I can get covers made that are weather proof.

1 comments acchabaccha • 3 weeks 2 days ago.

Pajero Club Qatar

By TechP • 3 weeks 3 days ago.

Is there a Pajero Club in Qatar? I've seen a FB page called "Pajero Owners Qatar" that needs to grow a bit more.


Anyone had or knows someone who actually been there?

By Nhyari • 1 month 1 day ago.

If you have been caught driving without Qatari driving licence or know someone who had this experience can you share wha

1 comments britexpat • 1 month 1 day ago.

Idiot Drivers

By Gayan Pathirage • 1 month 3 days ago.

Today I came across with this idiot fellow who was driving on the wrong side of the road and not letting anyone pass him

5 comments acchabaccha • 1 month 3 days ago.

Traffic Violation

By Waqas afzal • 1 month 4 days ago.

Hi, Do we have to onlyl pay 50% of traffic fine /violation in case we pay up within the same month? Thanks in advance fo


Wheel Replacement

By interxavier • 1 month 5 days ago.

I want to replace my car's steel wheels to alloy wheels.

4 comments britexpat • 1 month 5 days ago.

Car Window Tinting

By Harikr • 1 month 6 days ago.

Can anyone please advise how can i get my car windows tinted? Should i need a permission from Traffic Department ?

1 comments britexpat • 1 month 6 days ago.

Emirates air line

By afzalqapco • 1 month 6 days ago.

How to get promotional code for emirates air line current offer ? Or what is the promotion code?

2 comments acchabaccha • 1 month 6 days ago.


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