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  1. Traffic department remove faulty radar from expressway

    The Traffic Department has removed a speed radar from February 22 Road after detecting an increase in the number of accidents near the radar, local Arabic daily Arrayah has reported.

    The radar was located opposite Omar Bin al-Khattab Mosque on the Al Shamal-Doha side of the expressway.

  2. Qatar still one of the richest countries in the world

    Qatar continues to be one of the wealthiest countries in the world with a per capita income that was estimated at over US$101,000 in 2013.

    The per capita income has risen at an impressive rate of 7.8 percent annually since 2006 when the figure was merely 58,400, official data suggest.

  3. House rents in Qatar to remain high

    House rents in Doha are expected to rise over the next 12 -24 months despite sliding oil prices, according a real estate consultancy firm DTZ. The rise in rents, expected to be in the range of five-ten percent, will be driven by increasing population.