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MoI reminds expatriates to always carry original RP cards with them
By QLReporter

There are many people in the country who, in an effort to prevent losing their ID cards, tend to keep a photocopy of it instead. However, this is a practice that could get you into trouble with authorities.

Faisal Al Hudawi, the Ministry of Interior’s (MoI) Public Relations Department Community Reach Out Office Coordinator, said that expatriates in Qatar needed to carry their original Residence Permit card with them at all times, according to Gulf Times.

“Photocopies of the Residency Permit cards aren’t acceptable. Always carry the original and show if asked by the Al Fazza Police," he said, during an Iftar organised by Sheikh Thani bin Abdullah Foundation for Humanitarian Services (RAF) for the Indian community at Al Arabi Sports Club.

If a person tries to intimidate you by saying he is a policeman or works in the CID section, people should ask them for the identity proof before proceeding further.

“If any person is claiming to be a policeman or CID and asks for your ID, people have the right to ask for his identity card. Authorised officials can have any of three types of IDs, such as the one from the Ministry of Interior, a CID ID, and the third one from the Drugs Prevention and Enforcement Department,” he said.

He further said that people should be very careful about materials they carry back from their home countries as luggage. He advocated caution against accepting baggage from people not personally known to the traveller. He also advised people to verify the contents of a bag before accepting it.

“Around 150 types of medicines are prohibited in Qatar and shouldn’t be brought in. If you want to bring medicines to be used for a long term, like a month or more, you should have a doctor’s prescription, on his letter pad and stamped by the hospital. If you need medicine for more than one month, consult it with the doctor and get the prescription for alternate medicine available in Qatar.”

People caught in drug cases often have to pay a fine of QR 300,000 to 500,000 as well as imprisonment up to 10 years.

By mayhem• 4 days 4 hours ago.

I am surprised at that. I had read that you have 24 hours to show your RP.

Can someone please confirm?

By mayhem• 4 days 4 hours ago.

I am surprised at that. I had read that you have 24 hours to show your RP.

Can someone please confirm?

By mnapin• 4 days 6 hours ago.

Kindly let us know where this list of prohibited medicine can be obtained from , because i carry medicine as i went through the brain tumor surgery along with the Doctor's Prescription and some general common medicine.


By Molten Metal• 5 days 5 hours ago.
Molten Metal

We are carrying it at all times not only this it is on our side while sleeping. This is the document which has brought us here, given a job & earning for the dependents.

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