Qatar Brazil 2014

The Qatar Brazil 2014 Year of Culture formally opened to a vibrant performance of centuries old Brazilian Capoeira martial art yesterday at the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA).

Qatar Brazil 2014 is the third consecutive Year of Culture launched by QMA, following Qatar UK 2013 and Qatar Japan 2012.

Four-member Capoeira Dubai troupe presented an entertaining show which combined dance, acrobatics and music.

Qatar and Brazil have enjoyed close cultural and educational ties in recent years with the launch of several initiatives and high-level visits exploring future collaboration in those areas. Both nations share a passion for football that will guide several activities in the upcoming year.

One of the major events of this Year of Culture is We Speak Football which celebrates Qatar and Brazil’s shared passion for football.

We Speak Football is an international exhibition that will travel around the globe for the next nine years, with its first stop in Joao Pessoa, Brazil in May this year and its final show in Doha in 2022.

One of QMA’s flagship exhibitions, Pearls, will be on display at Museu de Arte Brasileira- Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (MAB-FAAP) in Sao Paulo, Brazil from July 18 until September 28. 

Among other activities for the early part of this year are the Brazil Cinema Showcase organised monthly in partnership with Doha Film Institute and an exhibition by Brazilian photographer Caio Vilela to open at Katara Art Centre on February 15.

Through the past Years of Culture, QMA has built lasting legacies between Qatar and the people of Japan and the UK.

Launched during Qatar Japan 2012, the $100m Qatar Friendship Fund continues to help Japan rebuild after the devastating 2012 tsunami.

In addition, an ambitious partnership between the British Library and Qatar Foundation continues to digitise more than 500,000 pages of historical documents following Qatar UK 2013.

Source: The Peninsula

Is it because Brazil the spritual home of Football will be hosting FiFa 2014 world cup?

Games & fun should not be mixed ....

Mon, 23.12.2013 , 08.30 hrs ...

Games are NO fun....semi-dressed Samba dancers are fun ! :)

One should avoid temptations of looking for moving / shaking human parts ..... or you risk loosing the focus of this precious life ...

Mon, 23.12.2013 , 08.56 hrs ...

so we can see u dancing in lungi which will be added extra fun :)

I love Samba dancing :O)

MM, we know how eager and happy you are from inside to see the samba dacers ! :(

Rizk, Men must realize ..... that they can be in the control of their minds .......

Worldly charms will stop ones progress ....... So it is wise to count profit & loss ...

Mon, 23.12.2013 , 09.15 hrs ...

Blank Stare

i remember the cartoon samba...:P

MM..i think rizk did not understand what u said hence he mentioned blank stare and u got 1 report...but those who understand appreciated u and got 2 likes out of which iam one of those who gave 1 like

Culturally appropriate???????????????

How could a person who likes sports & is health conscious will waste his valuable time on watching body movements of the strangers ... ?

Mon, 23.12.2013 , 10.28 hrs ...

BOXBE, That's the sad part when people refuse to see the truth .....

Thanks for your appreciation .....

Mon, 23.12.2013 , 10.29 hrs ...

Why did no one tell me about the Qatar UK 2013 Year of Culture. I missed it :O(

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