Qatar government asked to fix traffic chaos

Taking a serious view of the worsening chaos on Doha roads, the Advisory Council yesterday asked the government to urgently address the issue of traffic jams during peak hours.

The council, expressing deep concern, said the traffic situation was spinning out of control and causing delays to people in reaching their work places.

The council asked the Ministry of Interior to take immediate steps to control the traffic situation, the council said, adding pedestrian subways, flyovers and multi-storyed car parks should be built all over.

The council was discussing a report of its Services Committee on Qatar’s Master Plan for Development. It approved the plan with some recommendations and forwarded them to the Cabinet.

Traffic chaos was causing a lot of accidents which in turn were responsible for loss of property.

The council also asked the government to fix the heights of all buildings (commercial and residential) and provide services like roads, schools and sewage networks in remote areas to help decongest populated areas in and out of Doha.

The Peninsula

this is true that day by day traffic situation in Doha are getting worse . But for control the situation it is not only sufficient of making pedestrian subways, flyovers and multi-storied car parks should be built all over.

I suggest to re schedule office timing specially in the private company operate in 2 shift 08.00--1.00 and 04.00 to 08.00. Govt should order all the private office to run office in a single shift like Govt. Oganization

City's with a similar population, and population density, to Doha don't have the same sort of traffic problems because people in those city's are content to take trains and buses to work. Until a proper public transport system is constructed, and until people don't feel like 'only poor Asians take public transport' the traffic problem will remain. In other parts of the world it's completely normal for your kids to take the train to school, for men and women to take the train to work and for people to walk to the local shop to buy their groceries. But here in Doha everything gets in their car to do everything.

Congestion of traffic, some 8 years ago was huge in the down town areas, however after shifting of shops from Musharieb, traffic flow became smooth in that area, but with the launch of new Mushrieb project, the traffic in the down town again could be bottlenecked soon.

The long term solution also includes conversion of roundabout into signals and signals into under passes and overhead bridges that can handle large volume of traffic.

Fubar, because petrol is cheap...let's enjoy it!

Zafirah I think that you have identified the other part of the problem. Maybe petrol here is too cheap. It's too easy to drive everywhere because it's so cheap, and now we see the consequences. Horrible traffic jams everywhere. Maybe what is needed is a toll system similar to Dubai, where users pay extra to use certain roads.

Use flexi timing for govt and private offices. So that if you reach your office late by an hour compensate it by working after normal working hours..... This is applicable if you reach early too.....

Maybe Indians could be banned from driving on Sun, Tues and Thursdays, with Filipinos being banned on Mon, Weds and Sats. Problem solved!

Maybe Athiests could be banned as well from driving and living in the country to avoid traffic jam and dirty pollution in the country , Problem solved

Trucks & Buses is the main cause of traffic jam, Qatar Govt should consider the timings of these vehicles trip. They should leave & go to their respective destination as early and direct them to a designated road only + the undisciplined local driver of SUV (swerving there, swerving here).

@Rip Cord : I think you are hallucinating, all you mentioned are working here in Qatar & you suggest that kind of bad ideas?That was out of context.

Paladin, Reasoning with Rip is like playing flute to a buffalo ...................... Wed , 25.06.2014 , 09.25 hrs

You are combining two separate issues KW. There is traffic congestion, and there are dangerous road users. Traffic congestion can only be solved when fewer people use the roads and/or road capacity is increased. But as for the dangerous driving culture in Qatar, I don't know how that will be solved. I think some people are just born and bred to be rude, aggressive, dangerous drivers who will overspeed, cut people off, drive up the hard shoulder etc. I will admit however that the traffic congestion makes bad drivers here behave worse out of sheer frustration, but these are the same drivers who will drive at 160km/hr up the north road even when there is no traffic.

Khalli make your mind if you 've one ..... first you said kick the expats out now you complain about the authorities ........ you 'r mistaken , the fault lies with you but the problem is you never admit it ..... ...... playing flute to a buffalo won't get any response because she understands nothing ...................... Wed , 25.06.2014 , 09.25 hrs

KICK the atheists out from this country...problem solved

I don't think the sort of drivers who cut in front of polite, patient drivers at traffic signals, and who run red lights at roundabouts, and who don't give way to emergency vehicles, and who beep when lights turn green, and who speed outside schools, will all of a sudden become patient, good drivers if the congestion issue is solved. I think they are like that because they are selfish people who don't respect others.

Box, Much better , they should be banned from our air space also.

Kick the atheists out of the country? So every new born baby would be deported. What sort of monsters are you.

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