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The latest news and updates from around Qatar. Feel free to share with the community.

  1. Weather forecast: Prepare for strong winds and dust

    Strong winds and poor horizontal visibility due to dust have been forecast by the Meteorology Department, prompting the Supreme Council of Health (SCH) to advise residents, particularly elderly people with asthmaand lung ailments, to stay indoors and avoid direct exposure to sand and dust.

  2. Qatar coast guards save lives of 11 fishermen

    Coast Guards rescued eleven fishermen who were out at sea for a fishing trip after their boat capsized following Wednesday's heavy sandstorm.

    10 of the 11 on board were Asians while one was Arab, according to a report by The Peninsula.

  3. Another sandstorm to hit Qatar today

    The weather bureau has forecast strong winds accompanied by dust that may hit the country early this afternoon, and the windy conditions may continue until late today.

  4. Man rescued after 36 hours at sea

    A man who was in a fishing boat that capsized in the sea off Messaieed after Wednesday's sandstorm was rescued early yesterday, nearly 36 hours after he fell off the sinking vessel.

    The boat began its fishing expedition minutes before the sandstorm that engulfed Qatar at around 9.30pm.