Any idea about Vodafone Qatar office in Doha?

Dear all,

Can someone give me any information(location/website/telephone) about the corporate office set up in Doha by the upcoming GSM operator Vodafone?

hav fun,


unlikely they have an office...since they hvnt started operations yet

But since they've to start the initial activities (Network/infra deployment) to roll out the services within a few months, they must be starting one somewhere in Doha or will be setting up one soon. If anyone's got any idea, kindly do inform....



and can find nothing regarding coming to Qatar. If you want to check this out yourself, the address is:

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Thanx for your comments,lima. I had checked 'em already.It was really strange to see that even after winning a historic telecom bid in Qatar, neither Vodafone global website nor Qatar Foundation (The srategic partners in Qatar) website seems to have known about it!

so awaiting a reply. I will post if & when I get a reply.


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that they do not have anything on their website.!!

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Pls let me know if you find out...

" Verily, with every difficulty there is relief " - H Q 94:06

I will post back on this forum. But not holding up much hope that they will reply!!


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lima, I also sent a mail to for this forgetfulness...Lets keep a watch and please don't forget to inform if u receive any info in future about their Pre-launch office in Doha.

Hav fun..


" Verily, with every difficulty there is relief " - H Q 94:06

No problem, will do. Hopefully one of us should get a reply back.!


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Hello world! Heard vodafone has opened an office inside Qatar foundation(unconfirmed info)...No more info...Can someone help plz....Take care


" Verily, with every difficulty there is relief " - H Q 94:06

AND still not heard anything from Vodafone. haaaaaaa


Hopefully we'll hear 'em say the sim card's on sale in Qatar one fine morning!!!


" Verily, with every difficulty there is relief " - H Q 94:06

You won't find anything on the vodafone website because it's just vodafone technically.

It's like what MTC did. They licensed the name and the technology, however once the license ended, they rebranded from MTC Vodafone to Zain.

This is a QF project with Vodafone as a partner.

I'd suggest contacting QF.

I myself am trying to get a friend in who's worked for both MTC and Batelco.


What is the news in doha about when the new operator is meant to become active? This might be indicative of when they plan to start setting up infrastructure.

Its interesting that no news from vodafone!!!

they are in a huddle

Amnesia, I agree with u.But here the case is a bit different. In Kuwait, MTC's a telecom player on its own,even though backed by Vodafone.(ZAIN is still vodafone,even though rebranded.U'll get a direct link from Vodafone global site to all ZAIN branded countries)

But Qatar Foundation is not, and they'll need complete support and guidance from Vodafone.

Lets hope the consortium would end the 'silence' some day...

would be in shock after being told that you'd be working with Qatar Foundation on the new mobile license. They'd probably be trying to hire professors and lecturers thinking that they might have to train QF people on how to design built and run a cellphone company.

I havent been able to get the slightest idea why did vodafone joined QF or is it that they had no choice.

Whatever the reasons or causes maybe this bidding process shall never be called transparent and fair

hey guyz plz lemme know toooooo

if they dont know what there doing they should start advertising there name and logo should be seen so that everyone knows there coming and for them to see the market Potential.

trust me, they've got plenty of people and the buzz going around is advertisement enough until they launch



Click here for LOADS of Qatar info  I♥Q

Nokia-Siemens is supposed to provide Infrastructure for Vodafone projects as in many countries..they have started their office in Abuhamoor, I am not sure, that's what I feel...


Nokia Siemens Network A.K.A (NSN) has this office long time ago workin for Qtel SWAP project.

As per Vodafone, vendors are already selected, Huawei for Radio part, and Nokia (NSN) for Core.

Now, you have to dig more for the operator location...


Grahame Maher will be The CEO of Vodafone- Qatar

but there office will open by late 2008, so just wait for a few more month and u will hav ur asnwer

Hello ;

as per Vodafone website , Vodafone Qatar will launch its services in the latter part of 2008.

so they should have now an office in Qatar ; did any body got any info.



checked their website as well but it seemed like we're facing a wall. I read an article or two in Gulf Times but it seemed that we don't have any info/feedback regarding this...

I hear that it's going to open on September and that is because the new iPhone is comming with it..

that's what I've heared.. :)

I heard before that ericsson will be the sub-contractor of vodafone.... did anybody know the office of ericsson.. so that we can ask ericsson where is the office of vodafone???

That they will launch in November.

Now think back To Khaliji's launch with all that "Orange" crap - it was only a month or so before, and they had no office. Patience dear friends.


"If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

Vodafone is on the way.. my friend's dad works for Vodafone and he has been busy traveling to and from Qatar (from UK) to get things moving.

Don't worry, it'll be up and running soon.


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Its in BMW showroom building on Suhaim bin Hamad street, beside Honda showroom.

Huawei is the vendor not Ericsson

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I am working in Qatar for a Travel agency, and Vodafone Qatar is one of our corporate companies buying airtickets through us. Their office is located in City center of Doha( on 15th Floor of Comercial bank building). If you are in Qatar you can call 180 and ask for vodafone telephone and fax number.

RGs Pradip

I tried calling 180 but they told me they have no number for Vodafone in Qatar :(((((

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dear all,

thanx alot for the information u wrote here & i hope u keep us up to date about vodafone as there s alot of people who r looking forward to get any contact of vodafone Qatar..

mr.pra123 can u give us more details about that building n the city center please..i live n Qatar but this "commercial bank building" s not a clear i hope u can provide us the telephone number or a clear discription of this building it would be greatful..

I would like to work for vodafone, if you get any new information please do not hesitate to inform me.

Thank you

They have setup an office in Wset Bay area in one of the Towers .

Don t recall which one .

Can someone in Qatar confirm this number?

I believe 180 is the telephone directory number?

it is the new commercial bank building near the post office and corniche. level 15. i have been there multiple times, that is all the info you need to get there.

it is not in the city centre, as the previous person stated, it is in the city however

there is a vodafone site for Qatar but there are no details. it just says "coming soon" >

this is Vodafone Qatar e-mail for whom are looking for working in it:

it's not even QF, vodafone is rather with QSTP.

..and network jobs are going on since long time ago, but not by Vodafone itself. There is another company who is doing it.. but.. i am not sure whether i can disclose their name..


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is the email id correct

yes it is

can you PM me with the name of the company plzzz.

Regards //

Hi all.

Vodafone Qatar P.O Box is :

74057 Doha Qatar.

Regards //

can u give d recruiting company's details by PM please?


Dear All,

for vodafone you can refer to QF office for the time being.

Their offies will be located in the new tower coming next to City center and they will move mid 09 there and will take 2 floors.


Hey People,

Alright people..every 1 is really bothered about the place for applying their C.V's at Vodafone Qatar... is the offical email ID of Vodafone Qatar..& their office temporary office is situated at commercial bank building.


Keep sending your C.V ..they need u =)

Can someone give me any information(location/website/telephone) about the corporate office set up in Doha by the upcoming GSM operator Vodafone?

Dear JEP

The office of Vodafone Company is located at Commercial Bank Of Qatar Blg Just opposite of the Main Post Office at West bay 15th floor

For details contact with me



Hi Hassan,

How can I apply? I heard job opportunities recently. Vodafone has in fact launched interview scheds in the Philippines this coming December. Should I venture into that or is there a better way? Please advise me. Thank you!


If you are willing to join Vodafone in their Customer Service department. I have got the address and contact details of a local consultancy doing hiring in Doha.

Anyone wanna join Vodafone can contact me for further details.




hi, do you have an email contact?

I guess few days back, People Dynamic placed an ad in Gulf times. I got a call from Malati and she asked me to attend a pre-interview session.

Inshallah i'll be meeting Vodafone hiring team tomorrow.

Address and contact details of People Dynamic is mentioned below :

Al-Sadd street, Drop at Commercial Bank

Next to CBQ building Pearl Tower. 3rd floor.


People Dynamic consultants hiring for Vodaphone


Client vist and interviews on 27th Nov 11AM.



any chance we from the Philippines could apply directly instead of going to recruitment agencies? Please help. Thanks!

You mean with out attending an interview in Doha, you want to join Vodafone. I guess this is not possible.

Actually Vodafone is operating in India. So when a vodafone customer calls the contact center(customer service) number his/her call lands-up in India. For Arabic speaking customers, they have a contact center in Egypt.

So you might be asking why they are hiring customer care representatives in Doha. Basically, the customer care executives(nearly 50-70) are being hired for the corporate clients,big-shots,billing disputes,complaints etc functioning from Doha.



Hi Hussain, i think jayeftee wants to know if there is a way to apply directly to VODAFONE without applying for any recruitment agency like People Dynamic.

By the way,are there other positions being offered by People Dynamic aside from customer care representative?



hi hassan, just wanna know if Vodafone's office @ 15th/flr Commercial Bank Building is open for walk-in applicants?Would you know any specific person connected to Vodafone with whom we can send our CV? Your help would be greatly appreciated.



go to qatar foundation... i hear ther is one office for Vodafone... see my friend i do not have time to go to there... if u want to there tell me... ok bye bye

Yesterday when i reached Commercial Bank tower to attend an interview for Vodafone. A lady (Vodafone employee) took us to Qatar Foundation and had a session.

Inshallah i am pretty confident that from a bunch of 14 i'll be selected for the post of Cust Serv Rep.

My dear friends, unfortunately i forgot to take their direct contact details. And even they said that People Dynamic will provide me further details related to HR interview. So i guess, they are hiring thhrough consultancies rather going by themselves.



good to hear that hussain.congrats! anyway if in case you've got to know other opening aside from customer care rep please let me know..thank you so much in advance.


Surely buddy smhiley..... If everything goes well and after joining Vodafone i will let you know about other openings too.



thanks alot... got the real good news from him,,, ur lucky by the way... tnx for the info and good luck!

even i gave my interview yesterday..

what salary are you expecting ?

Hi guys, I'm frm chennai, India, Working in Call center for 2 years, I heard that Vodafone qatar is goin to conducr an interview in chennai in d 2 week of dec, I sent my resume to d above email add but I havent recd any reply, I am very much eager to join with Qatar fodafone,, Help me people..

I hv a plan to come to Qatar in tourist visa to search for a call center job, Since I hv 2 yrs exp with US process,, ( one yr with Non-tech voice & one yr with Tech support voice), Will I get a job easily, Please advice people..

majority of the call centres' here (banks & local companies) require people whose are bi-lingual( English & arabic), however vodafone is looking for people who can speak englsh as of now.I have 3 years exp in an intl call centre in bangalore,& have been working here for past 2 years in an advertising firm.try your luck in chennai, i had my interview yesterday .letz keep our fingrs crossed. best of luck ....

Hi raja ;

it is recommended to have recommendation ( WASTA ) before you come , but is not necessary as all is under GOD's control .

if you have US passport , it will facilitate also a lot of things for you , the Job Hunting is one of that things.

Kind Regards //

Thank you for d info sanzqa, In chennai we dont get that much pay, that's y I'm planning to work in gulf countries, unfortunately I don hv anyone to help me over there, is there any one to help me???? ma email address is raja.mohammedd/-at-/

As far as the vendor or product provider of the technology for Vodafone Qatar is concerned, it nor NSN, neither Huawei that have been selected at the final stage. The company that will provide definitively the tech is Alcatel for both the Radio and Core technologies (2G & 3G). For iPhone freaks, it will be working very fine, no worries.....

Hi Sanzqa.... Congratulations. Hope you will get selected. I do got an e-mail from Ppl Dynmc stating i have been selected but no where they mentioned about compensation package.

Everyone is expecting Vodafone to pay far better than the current companies in Qatar as they are entering a new market and attracting talented pool and retention would be one of the biggest challenge for HRs.



i called already their office, i spoke to someone and asked also idea of their offer. she said its around 6K but a friend of mine told me that her friend has been offered a package of QR 8K.

Chai could you please ask your friend to contact me. As even i came to know that they are offering 6k. But i think 8k is an excellent offer.



wow maaaaann ,, 8k is too good ... i hope i make it... :)

hi frendz..I am new here..Do any of u guys know whether Vodafone qatar is recruiting for any Tech jobs(Hardware realated)other than Customer support. Is the interview for Customer Support all over?? or still any1 can send their CV's? If yes to which mail id or should we need to go there directly and submit? Plz help me frenz out there...

I have no idea about technical positions. Talking about Cust Serv, you can contact people dynamics at 4322269 and ask them to provide an e-mail address where you can forward the CV.

Any further assistance, please contact me.



yes they are in doha and have a office in the new commercial bank building by city center they will also be in villago this friday at 5:00 in there store there by the quick sliver store .

Can we apply or submit our cv in their office in commercial bank? thanks home sick

i'm a sri lankan..just want to inform you that interviews for vodafone are curruntly in place ,till 12th of December 2008 ( in sri lanka .of cource )

Vodafone Qatar will turn on its network on 01/03/09

Vodafone Qatar is waiting for Qatar Financial Markets Authority approval to commence the Initial Public Offering

Vodafone Qatar's numbers will start with 7.

hope this helps

good day !

ty frenz....I am basically an Electronics & Communications Engineer. so can u guys help me with any links or email ids where i can submit my CV for applyin to a job in this field.....?

Why are they recuiting from sri lanka ???


live n let live

Dude... people from subcontinent comes cheap and they posses excellent skills. I had couple of friends from Colombo, SL. They are pretty good and takes their duties pretty seriously.

I guess Vodafone is hiring people from India too. Does anyone have any idea regarding this????



Infact.offer is really high and it's equal to international wage standars.and obviously you will see some perfect and dynamic sri lankans.

They will recruit only the best.

by the way people, they are recruiting from doha and India (COK) through people dynamic. people dynamic is the authorised recruitment agency for vodafone.

and visit

yeah yea produde i can imagine how high ....

the sal they are offering here is not less than 6k+accomodation,

how much is that in SL Rupees ? 1,50,000/- ?????

plzzzzzzzz tell me mate...

live n let live

Is the recruitment all over or still are they collecting CV's from applicants.......? Can any1 of u know whether they r recruitin for tech posts or juz customer support......?Can u guys plz temme the email id to which i must forward ma CV.......?????

"Only that in U which !$ ME can hear Wot I am sayin...."

yes ,me also checkd in site ..but !!! nothing on that..

i tried to send mails to this id but its showng error message as 'please check address'.plz help me on this ASP...

can anyone help to give complete contact details of vodafone recruitment centre includng email ,,?

sorry ali , looks like recruitment is over for call centre staff .the only e-mail you can send your cv's to is , and this is only for CUSTOMER SERVICE EXECUTIVES... best of luck...

live n let live

Oh my God!!! I told several people that joinus@vodafone is incorrect and they dont have any website currently for Vodafone Qatar. Hiring is still goin on.

Guyzzz you can contact People Dynamic for any queries related to hiring(customer service representatives and sales consultants). I got the phone number of people dynamics as 4322269.

Just to help those who deservre to be a part of Vodafone customer service team, i can provide them assistance.



how u doing man .. ??

lsn im sure the offer will be more than 8k..

u knw y ..

coz now im getting 9k and they called me and they asked me alot of questions about me on the phone and i told them about my salary ..

then they told me oky u have interview next day ..

so dont worry it will be more than 8k


Hey i called up in that number(4322269) and they gave me a number of ihorizon technical support. When i called to that number, some1 told me they dont know anythin about vodafone...

"Only that in U which !$ ME can hear Wot I am sayin...."

anzal ya its ihorizon who interview us for vodafone and this onther number 4322185

but y they told u we dont knw anthing about vodafone !!!??

Noway buddy.... If ur basic is 8K currently, then they might say you "Ur expectations are too high and we can give you just 6K as basic". But i pray, you may get an offer of 10K at least ;)

I guess iHorizon dont want to entertain everyone in regards to hiring.

Check the link below for complete contact details of People Dynamics.



Hussain can u add me plz ...

i have added you as a buddy in QL.

You are mistaken i may be right on 6k equal to RS.150k..but as i said they will offer a international standard wage. infact , i didn't compare the curruncy behaviours in a particular country.

i do not know the job, you have apllied for.but what i can tell you is they are offering 15k+10k for Store Managers and 12k+10K for Team leaders Plus perfomance bonus.i've been Travelling all around the world .as far as compensation concern it's a fair and reasonable wage to start with.

'Think Of You As Special.No One Can Play Your Role Better Than You. But Have No Regrets As Well As SARCASM.May Be Your Talking To Someone Who Is Special'

Exactly.... they are offering 10K to team leads and 6k to a cust care rep(the position i applied for and got selected). I am not converting it in any other currency and as my intentions are to bring my parents here in Doha to live with me, surely this is not a satisfactory compensation.

One of my friend worked for Vodafone in Dublin as a cust care rep and he said i am being paid half the amount he is earned. Probably this is because of cost of living and many other factors.

End of the day, i have decided to go with Vodafone as i need to go to India ASAP due to some unavoidable situations. So, thank you guys for all your support and advise.



SORRY 4322269 and ask for malithi or Sally.Working hours 8.00a.m-5.00p.m. Mail your CV to

Currently having opennings only for Customer Care Representatives and Retail Advisers.

Wot happened to me was i called in between eid holidays , so the call got trabsfered to some temp guys who doesnt know bout this...neways if any of u r lookin for a career t vodafone, plz mail ur CV to the maild id mentioned above or call directly to that number....

"Only that in U which !$ ME can hear Wot I am sayin...."

Hello... i am new here... i am Chennai, India... Chennai has the second highest call centers after Bangalore...i got a mail from a local consultancy stating the interviews will be held on Dec 10th and 11th, but i checked my mail only today... Will i be able to apply directly? Pls help me on this.. i have about 3.5 years experience in BPOs.. customer service basically... ANZAL u seem to be very knowledgeable in this regard... could u pl help?

welcome aboard , anyway check with them , i heard thers many vacancys still available so plzz go direct and check : allthe best

Hello... i am new here... i am Chennai, India... Chennai has the second highest call centers after Bangalore...i got a mail from a local consultancy stating the interviews will be held on Dec 10th and 11th, but i checked my mail only today... Will i be able to apply directly? Pls help me on this.. i have about 3.5 years experience in BPOs.. customer service basically... ANZAL u seem to be very knowledgeable in this regard... could u pl help?

hello hussain

Yes they are very much hiring in India... i got a couple of times, by the time i called them back.. they told me that they had only 60 openings and they rcvd thousands of resumes.. that is the demand here.. people are willing to work for anything from 5k qatar riyals... i have applied again.. keeping my fingers crossed.. Insha allah, it shud work...



people are willing to work for 5k Qrs ?

Man !!! charmin , i think people there shld be more aware of the cost of living here ...

Am not saying 5k is less , but its definetly an Avg sal..especially considering the fact that we have to do shifts..

Hussain, am confused now, if they are hiring people from India & Srilanka , why have they called us then ?

best of luck anyways charmin .....

live n let live

do you have any idea if they have openings for marketing / marketing communications?

:) thanks in advance!


Again i would rather say, they could get effective labor ar cheaper cost from Asian subcontinent. In Doha, they probably just want to show that even people from Qatari nationality were given chance to get jobs.(a very wild guess).

Best of Luck Charmin :)




hey charmin...

Well i am at qatar rite mebbe i can giv ya info about qatar recruitment. People Dynamics is recruitin for vodafone at qatar. Either u can call them directly in (00974)4322269 and ask for malithi or Sally(Working hours 8.00a.m-5.00p.m qatar time) OR u can Mail your CV to If shortlisted they ll call u or get in touch with u via email.neways ALL THE BEST BUDDY.....

"Only that in U which !$ ME can hear Wot I am sayin...."

thanks so much everyone for letting me know about the openings... Have sent my resume thru email..thanks again guys...



Vodafone is recruting from 8 countrys.

I guess you are mistaken Mr Produde... Vodafone is not restricting themselves to hire from 8 countries.

If a candidate is deserving, then surely they are providing a chance by asking the guy to prove his metal during the interviews.

I guess Vodafone is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminates on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, creed, looks etc...

Best of luck guys.... I'm flying back home n see you soon in Vodafone office.



Hussain... when does u r training start ??

live n let live

They said i'll be on board from Feb 1st.



hai can i come and attnd vodafone is clsd?

hie Hussain,

i have read all that u guyz have wrote.plz tell me 1st of all are they taking people??r they taking girls??

Oye bubbli...Ofcourse they r.... lol ;)

Ali buddy...Yes Ppl Dynmcs is still callin candidates to come n attend interviews. So i think still positions r vacant.



Man why do u think Vodafone will discriminate on the basis of sex. On the other hand, i see cust care rep is more suitable job for girls.

Just give a try u never know what's there in the kitty for you.



do they recruit it engineers? i have 5yrs experience in the field ... may be you can reply the email address or website.

i have been called for the final intrvw at vodafone office next week , "no way" hope to c you from there buddy.

bealex call ppl dynamics ..

live n let live

any new news...?

have you received any news from that company (vodafone)..?

did u passed the interview?

hie hussain

well i did go 4 d interview n she said dey will let me knw on sunday if i got through or let see i feel i might get.but can u please tell me whats next coz it seems there is another interview by the vodafone team.


well i am returning to India and enjoy my vacation there before i start with Vodafone.

I'll be asked to provide documents in the mid of Jan. So as ok now, nothings new.

Buddy i'm not being over-confident, but Alhamdulillah i have got offer from every firm i attended an interview. Do you still have any doubt ;)



its office in the old tower of qtel honey

its office in the old tower of qtel honey

its office in the old tower of qtel honey

well, congrats to you then.

i already send my applications through email.

is there any chance for Indonesian, to join with them (vodafone)?

and since i'm still at indonesia now, will they interviewed me too..?

i mean, is it possible to interview by phone or email?

'coz its impossible for me to go there, just to be present at the interview... :(

*except if they already accept me as their employee, ofcourse.

Thanks man... But i have know nothing about just telephonic interviews. I have been through personal interviews and can assist you in regards to that.

I guess its difficult to assess anyone for the post of sales rep / Cust sev only on phone/e-mail.

Best of luck buddy.... :)



i can see that..

it sounds impossible to interview someone only through phone/email..

i really2 wants to work there.

kindda bored here.

do you have any other way for me to get there, working with them?

or.. can you help me to convince them?

i have 2 years experience in customer service

1 year as a Team Leader of Customer Service

more than 2 years working as a sales executive.

do you know when will they close this opportunity?

and, do you know other positions (except the customer service)?

Thx b4



OMG!!! u worked as a Team lead and then wanna start again as a CSR here. Its surprising.

Buddy if u wanna try ur luck here, then y dont u come on a visit and give a shot.

Hiring will stop once they get the number of employees they are looking for. I guess by Mid-Jan its gonna be filled.




i'll take it as a compliment.

thx anyway.

well, i oredy worked as a TL in my country.

not as a TL in other country...

and.. if i hv to start all over again, it'll be oukay for me.

as the way it works, they'll give me another chance as a TL if i works well. :)

ofcourse i wanna give a shot.. but.. the ticket, its so expensive. and i hv no relations there. what will i do after i arrived there..? and.. place to stay?

hufh. what a hard gambling..



AFTAB BHAI Says......

R they(VODAFONE) still recruiting?

Iam gonna visit Qatar in Feb,

and planning to apply for this job,

currently working as CSR for Vodafone NZ....

since 1 and a half year....

any chances of me getting in?

Undoubtedly you stands a chance to be selected as a CSR with Vodafone Qatar. The only thing you need to stress in front of HRs here is in regards to your understanding about gulf consumers.

Give a try buddy, i'm sure you are one of my potential colleague. :)



AFTAB BHAI Says......

Thanks for the encouragement,in regards to gulf consumers my mother will help in as she has done this for last 10 years in qatar,she runs a manpower recruitment agency known as Al-Waleed manpower on Doha,she will definitely help in this,as she is the one who actually wants me to settle there,

any way will see when i come there,

hussain can you please give me your contact number so that when iam there will contact you,if you don't mind.

Aftab bhai.... I would love to talk to a friend like you. Gimme a buzz at 00974 6269817.

In regards to your mother, she is absolutely correct. I like to say, Doha is a place where you can stay with your family and enjoy a happy married life.

Any assistance required, i'm just a call away.



AFTAB BHAI Says......

Thanks a lot,much appreciated.

will get in touch when i get there?

I am leaving NZ on 23rd and will be in India for couple of weeks and then to Doha,

see you there.

Thanks again.

hi guys,

I am new here, I would like to ask if anyone knows if vodafone is recruiting any fresh graduates. I don't have any experience yet, i just did my training in Qtel. I am an electrical engineer and I am searching for a sales engineer position.

one more thing, shall I apply to the email mentioned on ( ), or is there any other email address?


AFTAB BHAI Says......

I think there are still vacancies in VF,

i got email from people dynamics asking me email by CV to as i asked them the same question that you asked,

and yes that is the correct email address and the only one.

Good Luck.

Hi Guys

I hold a degree in comm. Eng. and working currently in Dubai.

Do I stand a chance to get hired by FV?

my family live in Doha and want to be with them

please help

Their main office is in CommercialBank plaza at the cornishe

AFTAB BHAI Says......

Hi yasmeen,

I think you do have a chance,

why dont you try sending the CV to

Good Luck

Vodafone Qatar address:

Vodafone Qatar office in City centre of Doha, 15th Floor, Commercial Bank building,

Vodafone Qatar P.O Box is :

74057 Doha Qatar.


6,000.00 QAR


187,674.34 LKR

But if you are getting a family accomodation...its good then

As per new rule Min sal for family visa is 7k

live n let live

I heard that their befits are great.

what do you mean by min salmust be 7K. Is it the package or just basic???

I am planning to bring my parents here and this might create some problem for me.



Not sure if its the basic or total package, i read it in Gulf times the other day .

Are you planning to bring your parents through visit visa or for permanent residence ?

by d by , You still here ?? , i thought you were back home ?

live n let live

I see alot of things happening around in Qatar for Vodafone operations. I am an Oracle Certified Professional - Database Administrator and just wondering if Vodafone is hiring IT people right now. Could anyone help me finding out what vacancies are available in VF!


Ali Ahmad

I dont know if its better to bring them on permanent visa or visit but in any case they have to be with me.

Yeah man.... a lil delay in visa procedures. Inshallah i'll leave soon.



can anyone tell the recrtment is ovr?whn..?if i cme dirctly by visting cann i attnd intrvws?

The hiring process is still goin on. Few of my friends did attended the interview and was very disappointed since they feel that only girls are being selected now.

As you see, they are not conducting walk-in interviews. You have to fix an interview before you come to Doha. My advice will be, please talk to People Dynamic and ask them to schedule an interview so that you can come and attend it.




Can anyone help me for finding teamleader level jobs in planing to come thry by visiting..?

can anyone hlp me to find team leader level jobs in telecom..plz..!!

i call this number but they say the hiring is over... why mayubhussain?

me also called to this numbr tody..thy told the same.can anyone to help me to find out telcom jobs since am plang to come by visiting..

HI, do u have the number of People Dynamic? Hope you can reply. thanks

thnx pinki..yes am having numbr..and calld thy told rectmnt is can i find out telcom jobs in qatar..since i am plang to come thr by jan last and prsntly working as team leader in my own country.plz help me..

can anyone to help me to gv infrmtion on how many telecom operators in qatar ..nd whts website addrss..and telecom recrtment plng to come by visting ..

thnks well in advance to all freinds..!!

uummm...the website doesnt give much details except for the email id !!

i sent my CV ....but got no call or anything yet...i'm thinking of going directly to the VODAFONE office and handing my resume to some1 there.....

any1 has done this yet ??

if yes

then guide me .... :)

for me....customer support/I.T related jobs are cool :)

I heard they have office at one of the Bldg. at West Bay 10th floor...

can anyone dohelp me for findng telcom jobs..hvng exprnce on 4-5 years as team plng a visit to qatar..plz..

thnx well in advance to all..!!

Well then its ur bad luck or i can say they might be avoiding non-GCC guys.

I am pretty sure that Vodafone is still in need of talented pool. Howerver, if the employees sitting here in Doha need to be bilingual as well as good at both the langs.




I had 2 interviews with Vodafone "Qatar" in the last 2 weeks and I received a call before 2 days from Qatar and they informed me that I was accepted, they said that they will send me more details but till now I received no mail, I am wondering why but I think that I need to wait more.

Actually I need some information about life in Qatar, is it expensive? anyone can help me.

Here you can check out when Vodafone will come to Qatar. The article says that won't be open to the public until the end of 2009, but they will start operations in March 2009.

Comercial bank tower plaza at Cournich

In the Cookies of Life, FRIENDS are the Chocolate Chips

I will arrive soon in Doha and i was wondering if you can tell me what does it meat 8k, 6k...nk?

k is used for?


so by this.... 8k=8000, 6k=6000.... nk=n000 ;)



hussain me on my requst to find job...plz

Do you know there is going recruiting for Vodafone qatar

and its linked with Spanco gks company

and it's address is

spanco gks

near ubl bank

after ain khalid round-about

salwa road

openings for customer agents

best of luck

go and try

Could you please provide me Spanco gks contact details.



thank you hussain

You can find the office in the commercial bank tower in al Dafnah aria

I’m not shore witch flour is it but one of my friends visited theme there

Good luck fining it


i neeed information about vodaphone for applu.

they didnt start officially yet?

Hi Mayubhussain,

I'm from the Philippines and I'm working at one of the Prestige Call centers here in my country as Customer service Representative for more than 3 years now, i'm really interested in working at Vodafone Qatar, any infos u could share me? Are they still open for hiring agents?

Need to know , please reply.

Thanks and regards.

Have a great day>

My dear friend... i recently come to know that just one position is open and that too for a junior (entry level).

I guess you can forward your CV to vodafone and wait for their call. If there are any more vacancies in future they will surely contact you.



Wset Bay area in one of the offic

Wset Bay area in one of the offic

I want to attend Voda fone Customer Care Interview,Bt i dont know the exact place.I alredy going that commercial bank building bt they told me they were changed to Qtar Foundation.Where is the exact office???

Vodafone Qatar, located in the QSTP (Qatar Science and Technology park) building,

if anyone want to apply, email


or you can visit the Vodafone stand in the career fair, last date 16th april 2009

i have been reading the forum and i thought that you have been a great help with your posts.

and i hope you wont mind me asking if vodafone is still hiring customer service representatives here in doha. (i heard that they started their operation last march, and i hope its not too late for my application)if they are, how much is the salary and where is their office? is there anywhere i can submit my resume online?

your help is highly appreciated.


A company called Vodaphone Qatar , wants its customer base in Qatar only of a certain Bank,.These company will not last for 2 years, whoeverits consultant are only making their profits.Qtel make money while the Sun shines.

Vodaphone make a disaster while Sun goes down.

Hi, Im from Egypt, Happy Ramadan everyone :-)

About 15 days ago Voda called me for an interview Qatar project! I have got a call yesterday telling me that I am accepted in the 1st interview and they want me for another interview ''Business Interview'' !! Assessment of three section!!!! thats what they told me!

If anyone here knows about this assessmet I would appreciate it if u tell me what is it about and how to prepare for it.

Many thanks


Where are pple gone! :))

This site been quite helpful for me, thanks everyone....

The assessment was held by tow HR from Qatar, an Irish guy n Portuguese girl, it went very well, if anyone wants to ask about the assessment processes n criteria just voice out :)

Traing will start sep.27th its a virgin call center 1st wave claas "A"

Many thanks





i neet a job and I have a driving License and one year driving experience in Qatar and Worked as 2007 - 2010 at family lan multi computet services shop

at Muntazah Doha – Qatar.

Hello, everyone. I'm currently exploring an opportunity with Vodafone Qatar and though I have not gone through the first interview yet (which they said will start sometime in 2 weeks) I am particularly interested to learn more about their culture.

Perhaps a current Vodafone employee from Qatar can give me a sense of how it is to work there, like how are the people, dress code, values, etc.

Thanks much.


Vodafone's physical address is in Education City, QSTP.

Unit 202.



dear hussain asak,

dude i have recently come to qatar looking for a job in vodafone, qtel or any call center..plz advice me pal plz bhai very badly in need of job plz..

Mohammed Imran Ali Khan

Address: Villa Number – 75, Muglina, Near VIP Round about, Doha, Qatar. Tel : 00974-70123903 E-mail :;

Seeking appropriate assignment in Human Resources / IT / Office Management/BPO


Graduate with 4 years of total experience in Human Resources / Secretarial / Office Management. Worked as HR Site Coordinator Assistant with Kharafi National, Kuwait. Proficient in handling regular office jobs, Administration etc.


Since (December 2010 – Till the Date) with Genpact International Service India Pvt.Ltd as Sr. Tech Process Developer


1. Process Title: I-Yogi Technical Support (sales)


 Troubleshooting the customer Hardware & software issues on call (US/UK/Canada)

 Documenting the case as per the solution steps.

 Escalating the case if required.

 Guiding the customer with the system specification if he is willing to buy new system.

Since (January 2010 – July 2010) with Dell International Service India Pvt.Ltd as Sr. Tech Support Analyst.


2. Process Title: Dell XPS Hardware warranty Support.


 Troubleshooting the customer Hardware & software issues on call.

 Reminding the customer about the warranty extension and follow-up on that case.

 Documenting the case as per the solution steps.

 Escalating the case if required.

 Guiding the customer with the system specification if he is willing to buy new system.

Since (August 2005- September 2008) with Kharafi National, as HR Site Coordinator Assistant (Actual Designation Secretary)


3. Project Title: Facility Upgrade and Relocation of Underground Process Piping for Kuwait Oil Company GCs & Booster Stations (Project -1264).


 Coordinate Airport Pickup for New Arriving Employees

 Responsible for submission of Application & related Joining Documents

 Coordinating with Administration Unit & Project in arranging Medical for new arrival

 Coordinating with Administration Unit & Project in send employees to Bahrain to change employee visa from Visit to Work. And in getting Visit Visa for Non Manuals

 Coordinating with Administration unit to get the required documents from the employees in order to Stamp / Renewal / Cancellation of their residency

 Coordinating with Accommodation Unit for the new arrived employees accommodation.

 Conducting Exit Interview for Manual & Non-Manual Employees.

 Routine secretarial / clerical works such as typing, filing, mail distribution, screening phone calls etc.

 Preparing all forms of Communications to provide information to Supervisors and Communicate with other Department.

 Developing and maintaining constructive and cooperative working relationships with other departments and agencies

 Ensuring events, processes and all relevant documents comply with Company procedures, policies, regulations & standards


2006 Graduate (B Com). Jiwaji University (Gwalior)


 Completed MCSE / CCNA / LINUX / MS Exchange Server 2003 in year 2007. (With Certification)

 Window 2000 Server / 2000 Professional/ Windows NT/ Windows XP/ Windows Vista/ Trouble shooting.

 Advanced Learning Course in MS Office -2003/2007

 D.T.P with Screen Printing


Date of Birth : 20 Oct. 1983

Passport No # : H - 5777042

Martial Status : Single

Languages Known : English, Arabic (Speak/Read), Hindi, and Urdu.

I hereby declare that the particulars furnished above are true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

(Mohd Imran Ali Khan)

is there any vacancy in vodafone for telecommunication engineer

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