Arab Medical Board Residency at Hamad Hospital

Hi, I just came to know of the Arab Medical Board Residencies being conducted at Hamad Hospital and am considering the option of appearing for the exam this coming August-Sept. I am a resident of Kuwait so obviously I would have to come to Qatar on a visit visa. However I heard that women on visit visas are not inducted into the residency program. Is this a misconception or a fact.... Somebody pleeeease help me out coz I have to decide what to do and this could be a major stumbling block in this whole process......

Waiting for a helpful reply!!!!


Hello ttania_silva,what is it like that exam ? Is this for all kind medical professionals?Best regards, Nenad

Only for Doctors, Dentist & Pharmacist.

BUT, other medical professions are required of licence too to practice in Qatar by completing some documents including professional licence from country of origin.

I am physiotherapist.........

can any body give me the schedule and examination guide lines for medical test for MBBS doctors to practice in qatar

i have the same help request as lamea - Exam requirements and dates for doctors to practice in qatar

appreciate any help....                                                                                 

hi everyone!! Anyone here who's taking the NBME exams at WCMC this July? Hope to see u there! =)


did u already receive the confirmation from hmc that u were selected to take the exam. did u pay the fees and if so how much is it. i am still waiting to hear from them. please reply. thanks.

my sister in doha is the one who's paying for me... it's 800 qatar riyals.

for the medical/dental examinations.

titania.. i'm sorry to tell u but u're too late.. the last date for application was one month ago, and the list of names for the people sitting the exam has already been released...

hello every body

i need some help, i,ve so many questions about qatar medical residency at hamad hospital, what documents should i have? how can i apply for it? and when? should i get an exam or somthing plz answer my qustions...


I may suggest that you pay a visit to NHA beside LULU market at Alsadd. They have an information counter and inquire with them, the better.

thank u for ur advice apple but am not living in qatar so i wanted to know so to start my paper work for coming to qatar, do u have any idea who can help me with my questions

thank u

I would guess that you must contact the director of the residency program at Hamad in order to apply. Your employer has to give you the requirements that you would need in order to come to Qatar. It's not something you do on your own. You apply, you are accepted, your employer brings you over here and handles the paperwork.


just turn up in a starched white coat and a stethoscope round your neck, you'll pass....

thank you mandilulur

i want an e-mail for the director so i can raech him plz

Enas, tell ya what. We'll both Google the information for his e-mail and the first one to find it report back here!


You have to approach the Medical Education Department of HMC for more information. It is also available at the following URL . It doesnt matter if you are on visit visa. If you are good enough to qualify in the speciality of your choice then you'll get through and HMC will take care of the rest of the hassles. But it's real hard to get through. The exam is tough and matching process is quite tasking too. But its a good program ad provides you good opputunities

is it not possible for a fresh graduate with one year experience to work in qatar? highly confused!and what exam are we supposed to give?when is the schedule?im not a post gradute it possible that i join a hosptal which offers a training program for pg aswell?........

is that all we have to do?no exams,no hassles?...

I just want to digg this Information.How can a man as a MD make a Carrier in Hamad Hospital ?

Is the ranks just like in other gulf country or it is different ? ex in Kuwait or Saudi are Assistent Registrar , Registrar, senior registrar, specialist, senior specialist and then Consultant


I need apple email address

@ ttania silva,why would you want board certification that's not really recognized ANYWHERE in the REAL world apart from here???...want a board certified residency?,get a REAL one from the US,UK,even India amongst many other places with REAL training,of course if you have long term plans about staying in the mid-east & aren't really concerned about the quality of training & want it purely for being able to put "Arab board certified" on your CV/business card,then the Arab board makes sense,otherwise,it's a waste of time & isn't really recoginized in most places outside the GCC & North Africa,just thought you should know that,if you don't already...good luck...

Engr Niazi, How can I help u?

i will send you detail in email

if i graduated in 2005

had my intership in 2006

can i join this residency program?

and can i have postgraduate in dermatology in qatar?

if i graduated in 2005

had my intership in 2006

can i join this residency program?

and can i have postgraduate in dermatology in qatar?

Dear doctors,

We have opportunity for 2008 & 2009 qualified ENT specialized both Adults and Paediatrics. If looking for such opportunity kindly reply to me ASAP at rtispl(AT) or contact me on +91 929 157 8686.

Job location: Riyadh.


Shoeb Akbar

(Overseas Medical Recruiter)

Pls I need information on exam schedule and guidelines for MBBS doctor to do residency training in pediatrics in Qatar

hello every1.., pls would love if anyone can help me out ,..i need the requirement needed to take the qatar board exam...time of the year the exam holds , registration,amounts, how to go about payment, and what the exam looks like.


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