Arabic WLL

Hallo to everyone,
I am new here.Before few days I got online interview from Arabic WLL.Is anybody know something about that company?What are salaries for middle management?


never heard that company here.

wait for others feedback.

The name of the company given is wrong. Please correct it

ARABIAN PETROCHEMICAL CO., WLL. It is full name of company from their official web site. Here is the link of the company visit this site.

I think that they are some criminals, because this company exits as Doha petrochemical company with same web site and pictures.Some people said that they want money for resident visa.Price is around 1700 USD.

Im also in the same predicament as you have stated with regards to receiving an email from Arabian Petrochemical co. WLL for a job position. They are also requesting for money. I also find the two similar websites suspicious. Can you confirm that this is a fraud?

Many thanks

Called me and me the above-mentioned trade wherever he wants to contact travel agency arranging my documents ..... and the rate is 1700USD .......xaxaxaxa

Call them on the phone and advised us as to your impressions .....

Finally be large fraud

Hi guys, can you just spread the word that whoever is using the following company names (Arabian, Arabic, Doha Petrochemical Company) are a bunch of FRAUDS!

They will call you relentlessly and ask for the visa money for family visa they are charging $2750 US and for a single work visa its $1370 US and wanted the money to be deposited via Western Union so that they money would not be traced.

Beware of this guys: Michael Adebayo, Engr Ahmed Khaled and company CEO President Engr Mohammed Osman. They are using agencies such as "The City Travels Bureau" and posting as Chief Immigration Lawyer.

They are using the tel number: (974)74494259.

So just be careful with this guys!

I don’t understand why such fraudulent companies are allowed to rip off people in board day light!

This is same fake site ;)

So it means that this is just a scam and no truth? coz i also receive contract from them...

Hello, I have read your post and I want to be sure about this because I've also received a contract form from them but told to contact with "The City Travels Bureau" for work permit visa process.

please answer me because i do not live in Qatar and not familiar with working permit visa process and fees.

i also receive same of it immediately i check it here i was dis appointed to see lot of post with the same problem...worse peolpe ...

Engr. Ahmed Khalid

Human Resources manager


Address: P. O. Box: 1144,

Industrial Area, St 25, Gate 19

Doha - Qatar

Tel :(974) 744 94269

Fax :(974) 410 00660

this is the addresss.....why do they do this to us....put them in jail !

maybe the address is a fake as well as the PO BOX

And the Phone numbers more than FAKE.

And by the way any company in the world asking a potential employee to pay for the VISA and paperwork is ILLEGAL/FAKE and should raise your awareness before being robbed.

And for sure the travel agent is a FAKE as well, most likely handled by themselves.


Same like you gays,also received a contract package and asked to send money for the work permit-1370USD.It is very suspicious potential Employer to ask Employee to pay any expenses.I checked them - it's a fraud.The addresses given in the site doesn't exist in Qatar.

Be careful with this company!!!It's illegal to ask money for visa or anything else .

Regards to all

they are a fraud, here is what they sent me along with a phony questionnaire:

Interested Candidates should email us their completed questionnaire to

this email:

Good luck! as you take steps to the right path in building your career.


Eng,Ahmed Abdullah

Human Resources Manager


Address: Jamaa Street

Al Dafna Area

P.O. box: 22087


Tel:(974) 744 94269

Fax:(974) 410 050456

Hello, I just find out this page,have to admit, very helpfull) was checking the company that i got email from. Qatar National oil.....

fraud company, email address, everything. don't waist your time. Plus asking me to fill out some funny questionnaire


Eng,Ahmed Abdullah

Human Resources Manager


Address: Jamaa Street

Al Dafna Area

P.O. box: 22087


Tel:(974) 744 94269

Fax:(974) 410 050456

Did someone know about Police Hassan Feda of Qatar Police? Because he called me last month and told me that they are arresting Mr. Michael Lachut of City Travels Bureau because many people are complaining about him, because he gets money from them about visa and work permit.

Hello, everyone did anyone know about Sgt. Ronald Kenneth of Interpol? He told me from E-mail that he is from interpol and that they already arrested Mr. Michael Lachut of City Travels Bureau.

(fortunately, we were able to arrest Mr. Micheal Lachut, but unfortunately, one of his assistant was able to escape, but we were able to arrest other members of his group which their original names are: Micheal Oluwaseun, Gabriel Italo, Collins chukwu and Azeez opeyemi originally from west Africa, Ghana).

Anybody know the names mentioned here?

Sgt Ronald Kenneth

Law Enforcement Officer

Online Head for Interpol Unit

Tel: +447012925534

One of my friend received the email from CITY TRAVELS BUREAU -

TOTAL FEE IS US$1,370.00 (One Thousand Three Hundred and Seventy US Dollars ONLY)

WITH FAMILY YOU WILL HAVE TO SEND US$2,750.00 (Two Thousand Seven Hundred and Fifty US Dollars ONLY)

Send above total fee (US$1,370.00) strictly via western union or money grams to the attention of the our chief co-coordinator, visa processing attorney:



ADDRESS: 18 Al Musheireb Street,



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