Best company in Qatar


Which would be the best company to wrok for in qatar?

Please share your thoughts...



Top Comapnies in Qatar

first 2 are


Then QNB


Imz Imz

There are certainly many good companies in Qatar, but unfortunately none are Qatar origin. If you really dont want to work I would suggest you join a Q-Company. Enjoy your life, screw up your career.


i think its QP ....i noticed all people here shows a great impression when they know u work in QP.

I think there are a lot of private + International comp which are better than QP


The best companies in Qatar are the international companies such as Shell, ExxonMobil, Occidental, Maersk and some others.

The problem with the local companies is that they can fire you anytime whereas the international companies tend to keep people as they have trained them from scratch so laying them off is not an option.

Moreover in the Q-Companies you will not be learning anything and just sitting idle.

I definitely agree with Imz in this regard

Imz Imz

Trust me, I know a lot of ppl from Q- Companies who do shitall work at office, coz the've got nothin to do, i'm sori to say but I cant work in that environment, keep slacking your work or somethin. If u c the work at Q-Companies, you are gonna laugh your asses off, although I nvr did get an offer from Q-company but even If I do get an offer, I'll make sure I join a Q-Company If I feel like not working and that would b when I'm 50+ lol!

Shell, Exxon Mobil,Oil co. obv are the best to work for but in case you dint get them you could also think abt co. like Schlumberger, BakerHughes, Weatherford, etc i.e. Oil service co. these are the co. you'd b proud to work for.

Dont forget ppl from these co. are hired by QP's RASGAS and all, and I personally believe b'coz of these ppl only the QP and RASgas sort of companies are alive, otherwise they no more than any local shit co. here.

i'm actually seeking for job in to follow my husband there any time now...i need help from you if there is any vacancy for admin post in qf...u can email to me at

i really appreciate if you could help me

no body mention Qatar Gas ooooooooo

and Qatar Financial center

and all the Gas Companies ...........

How about Rasgas...Is it good? I have applied for a IT job there, but not sure if I should take it.

2 reasons for been skeptical:

(1) Localisation

(2) Outsourcing. Maybe they will hire me now on Rasgas Payroll, but late outsource their IT to a 3rd party which will be a pain.

Just some anxious thoughts, appreciate all he help to correct the same.

Does anyone heard of Al Muftah Group? Any impression on their treatment with their employees and how about salaries?

Ill appreciate any reply.

Barwa real estate is the best, great salaries, good timings, chances for education and development, friendly atmosphere...etc

what about ccc (consolidated contractors company)?

no one has mentioned it!

come on guys.. i signed with them and i will start packing soon :S

QP, QG, and Aviation have the best chance of getting a good salary with the chance of a good future.

hamlet,   do you work for barwa?



hi DaRude,


I just want to ask why QTEL is on the top of your list :) Just curious. Thanks!




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Hopefully I can find a job in Qatar

A boy from Kampung

I just wanted to know about finding a job in IT in Qatar. I am a Palestinian and hold the US citiziship + an American degree. Thank you!

there are many good companies in Qatar and it is good to work in the American companies becuase the harder you work the better is your promotion. some local companies treat you like a slave. companies like Ahli bank where they treat their staff as machines.

the Carlyle Group

The best company one should work for is a company that gives youthe best package........a great working environment and some real meaning of work satisfaction.


I work for a company not mentioned in any of the thread above, but boyyyyyyyyy i love working in Qatar with what I am getting. Hehehehehehehhehe and not to forget .....getting to go home for Home Leave every 3 months all expense paid.


This is life LOL

Does anyone heard of Stream Qatar - Salam International?

How stable is this company, are they paying their employees on time?

Thanks for your inputs

Even Iam curious to know why Darude mentioned Qtel at I know 2 people at Qtel willing to Join my company...also, my company's Administration is fully occupied with QP's ex-employees..!! lolzz



"Before God we are all equally wise ' and equally foolish" - Albert Einstein

yeah Stream is good for Sr. Employees and Managers,, I dint see them very good with their junior staff.

anyways,, why dont you consult friendly with anyone working there.



"Before God we are all equally wise ' and equally foolish" - Albert Einstein

lolz... alMuftah is not good for anyone..!!



"Before God we are all equally wise ' and equally foolish" - Albert Einstein

QATAR CENTRAL BANK is the best! lolz nyahahah


Mallu ppl only preferred

private and international companies are much better?

wake up!!!wake up!!!wake up!!!wake up!!!wake up!!!wake up!!!wake up!!!wake up!!!wake up!!!wake up!!!wake up!!!

PUBLIC WORKS AUTHORITY (ASHGHAL) the best and Top company in Qatar.

But the employees of Ashgal really suxx !!! :)


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lol rms :)

you can see the result of the recent Career Fair... how many people were attracted to what companies.



"Before God we are all equally wise ' and equally foolish" - Albert Einstein

you can see the result of the recent Career Fair... how many people were attracted to what companies.



"Before God we are all equally wise ' and equally foolish" - Albert Einstein

Wat u buggerz doing in a 2Yrs old thread ?

U bloody ghosts....:)

Best company is the one who has employed you! Negative comments about Q-companies and their work culture come from the people who want to get into those companies and could not succeed.

the best one is Microsoft.

then all those which are in QSTP...


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Is your father working in ASHGHAL Rms.......??

Nice experience

Ooppss !!

Suhail .. cool man .. he was just kiddin .. he know some employees from Ashgal . thats why ...

i was just simply asking him...Ashghal is a best company i have few friends working there....So was inquiring..

PAJJU..!! No hard feelings ..!

Suhail .. watever, i never ask simply abt anyone father on public thread ...

Based on the Employement Contract they sent me, it seems that their Salary Package is quit low for an engineer position and their benefits as well for a Grade 14.

i think the best comapany in qatar are those company with " Qatar " in their company name as the first word not the last the second the " first ".

emmanken1976: what company u referring to? with Grade14, it makes me think u r talkn abt it??! or are you referring to Stream Qatar??!



"Before God we are all equally wise ' and equally foolish" - Albert Einstein

NOMS :- Seems you local fro qatar.

I ama hrProfessional and lokking for job in qatar. ycan you help me out pls or advise?



how about the Al Jazeera networks? i heard they offer great packages..


If anybody can share some info about working environment of CBQ and how is the company etc.That will be great.

Thanks in advance.

I heard most numbers of Filipino worker are going to Giant Store but this company cheats all of their workers,in terms of accommodation,salary and bonus.....

advise from seeking jobs here...try to check the company profile for company before you grab it


Dear all,

Just wanna ask, do u have any friends or contact work with Germany, Hochtief in Barwa Commercial Avenue Project.

If so, need some advise on the condition and working

environment over there. Tq

if u r qatari all company is gud

if not my company is best :P

try to join any goverment company like qp qtl qatar gas qatalium qatar still many more

Nothing is as much as as gud than running own business.So study the market and start a gud business.enjoy the life in hash bush style.All the best !!!

Hello all,

I am working in Qatar from last 4 years in local qatari company, Can I apply any Qatar govt. company like, QP, Qchem etc. If i selected then Can I join? Is it manadatory to get NOC from my present Employer? If they deny to give NOC then what to do? Please advise

It's depend on the field

in such... Oil & Gas - better to work with QP/Qatargas

Am interested in working in Qatar.I have work experience in telecommunicatin.I was wondering how good Qtel is and what are the chances of having a good career progression

How's the company? Do u consider it as one of the best company in qatar? Hop i can get info... thanks

I would to join any qatari gov company, i am a health and safety officer. will any body help regards this to join.

QNB tHe beSt :-)

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The best is Fay International Construction WLL which is a new established Turkish Company

if any one know JBK group in qatar, a qatari company , i wanna start my carrier as Network engineer and i placed in JBK now, please advice me...plzzz

that's very correct.QP engineers don't know what's really actually happening around them.They are supported by MNC's .That's why qatar is very keen on retaining westerners

me and my friends company

I came from the UK NHS and am absolutely 100% happy working for QP, I feel valued and like the way things are done. I have been here for 4 years and have nothing but good to say about them.

hii to all

i am normal girl from syria and i got a job offer in the interior design field company called artland so do any one know about it?

or what is the best companies in my field?

thank you all

i forget to say the company in qatar :)

What about qatar there anyone who can tell me if it is a good company to work for and how do they treat their employees

Hi, This is Shinos, recently arrived from London, looking for job in HR. Saw your post, eventhough pretty old, thought of asking you how is the market and where to apply. Can I ring you, if yes plz get me your number or contact me in My num is 66990105



Mobile: 77760012 , 77336630


Respected Sir

Having achieved many goals in my career as an HR and Admin / Marketing Executive, I am interested in expanding my professional horizon by seeking new challenges in the area of HR and Admin / Marketing System. I am interested in a position in your esteemed organization.

I have enjoyed a reputation of Multi talented ness and have the ability to work under any circumstance of the company. I hope you will give due consideration to my application.

If given an opportunity to serve your esteemed organization, I shall perform my duties to the best of my knowledge and ability.

Thanking you,

Yours Truly,


All are good companies as long as you want to be a part of it...

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