Civilian employees in US bases
By oowiwi • 6 years 2 months ago.

How can a person locally apply for a civilian job for the US Military in As Saliyah and/or Al Udeid? I think there are job openings, but we don't know how and where to find out and apply

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By ikei• 6 years 2 months ago.

you can call

By anonymous• 6 years 2 months ago.

Well, you gotta find a military contractor or a company to work in…..there are many!

Wish you only the best, good one

By ashly1984• 6 years 2 months ago.

give me u r no

By anonymous• 6 years 2 months ago.

Hi ashly does this US air base have vacancies were civilian can work. if yes u can mail me on i m interested to work

By mjt27• 6 years 4 days ago.

can you help me to apply to get work in US base... iI wish you would... thank you

By boinkz• 5 years 12 months ago.

hi ashly.. i've worked before in Diego Garcia as a Jr. Air Terminal Operations Center Specialist.. Is there any job opening in Al Udeid? I am currently working here in Doha for a design company.. Thanks

By RIDEN• 3 years 2 months ago.

I like to join in the US base camp as a job for light driver. How to apply please help me.

By ann040511• 2 years 10 months ago.

hi how to apply a civilian work in qatar us base?