Eram Engineering....

Can anyone please give me some info about Eram Engineering in Qatar, and who the sub contract for. Also where is the work location and what are the working conditions.

Thanks a ton.


Never heard of this company, dont think its a reputed company. You sure you got the name right?
Yeah GG, My Uncle got a call for interview for it, online thay say they do contract work for QP, not much more information. Thanks, and how are you this evening GG? Take care all..... " I have a mind that ticks like a Clock, and like a clock it regularly goes Cuckoo "
Thanks. Very informative. I will keep this in my mind for future business :) Ban Spoon Feeding not Me
Tel: 488 00 38 Fax: 488 00 68 Marketing Department email: website:
Check following link
Please Contact Eram Engineering - Qatar Eram Engineering PO Box. 20795, Doha, State of Qatar Tel. : +974-44887134, Fax : +974-44880068 Email :
Eram engineering company w.l.l - Qatar is the branch office of Eram Group and HO at KSA. Present Location: Near Immigration Roundabout, Luqta Area – Doha-State of Qatar New office in Garand Hamad Avenue, 4th floor, Suite # 403, Grand Hamad street (Bank Street), Doha-State of Qatar PO Box: 20795, Doha, Qatar Tel: (00974) 44880038 Fax :( 00974) 44880068 E-mail: Eram Qatar focused in- • Technical personnel’s Services (Engineers & Inspectors) • Uninterruptable Power System (UPS) Supplier • Maintenance Contractor • Trading & Contracting For More Reference:
I heard that The management in eram qatar is not gud .. nd somebody told me its in the blacklist ...also But ERAM saudi is good.. so plz check before u join there
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